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ECBOE Fall Technology Coordinator Meeting PowerPoint Presentation
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ECBOE Fall Technology Coordinator Meeting

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ECBOE Fall Technology Coordinator Meeting - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Back-to-School And Technology Planning. Melissa Shields August 26, 2010. ECBOE Fall Technology Coordinator Meeting. To access Learn360 you must log-in through the APTPlus website Student Log-in

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ECBOE Fall Technology Coordinator Meeting

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melissa shields august 26 2010


And Technology Planning

Melissa Shields

August 26, 2010

ECBOE Fall Technology Coordinator Meeting


To access Learn360 you must log-in through the APTPlus website

Student Log-in


Embed Media log-in username:

viewaptplus password: aptplus


Learn360 recommends downloading videos as a flash video when using a Promethean or Smart Board

  • Teachers can not download A&E and History Channel videos, they can stream these videos
  • Teachers can not use Learn360 videos on the ECBOE website
  • September 15, 2010, Learn360 homepage will receive a new look
slide7 glossary terms and definitions

  • Testing Window will be open from September 1, 2010 to October 15, 2010
  • New interface-SKY
new technology coordinators
New Technology Coordinators
  • Heather Blackmon– Gaston School
  • Farrah Kilgo (Returning) – Ivalee Elem.
  • Denisse Lumpkin – Southside High
  • Donna Riley (Returning) -West End Elementary
  • Any others???
  • Read /Print TC Manual (available online on District Site – Technology)
job summary
Job Summary
  • Coordinate all technology related professional development activities at their respective schools.
  • Instruct faculty on using and maintaining computers, printers, cameras, Interactive White Boards, Document Cameras, and any other devices deemed appropriate for instructional uses.
  • Assist with school technology purchases – work with District Technology Department to ensure all bid laws are obeyed and purchases are documented in Technology Plans. Also, purchases must be compatible with network.
job summary1
Job Summary
  • Share what you learn (at meetings and workshops) with others in your school. VERY IMPORTANT!
  • Spend an average of hours a six weeks working on technology related issues. There may be some after-school and/or summer hours included.
  • Submit a log (signed by TC and principal) at the conclusion of each NINE weeks (within 5 days) summarizing all Technology Coordinator related activities. During our last monitoring, they were scrutinized and helped us do well.
3 ring binder
3-Ring Binder
  • Every coordinator should keep a 3-Ring Binder for Technology each year.
  • This binder should keep hard copies of everything related to technology:
    • Your technology log
    • Original sign-in sheets from all Technology Activities
    • Copies of all Technology related Purchase Orders
    • School Technology Plan
    • Hardcopy of Technology Inventory
    • Disaster Recovery Information
    • Tech Coordinator Survival Kit
employee needs
Employee Needs
  • Novell Installed
  • Trend Antivirus Program Installed
  • GroupWise Messenger Installed
  • GroupWise E-mail Accounts Set-Up
  • Big Web Desk Accounts Set-Up

Instructions for installing these can be found in your Technology Coordinator Survival Notebook and online ( / Technology).

trend antivirus
Trend Antivirus
  • Any computer connected to the Etowah County School District Network must be protected with Trend Antivirus Software.
  • Have teachers manually check their Windows Updates and Trend settings to be sure they are updating daily.
  • It is imperative that ALL computers are protected:
    • Administrative
    • Classroom
    • Labs
    • Lunchrooms
    • Laptops
  • One unprotected computer can cause disaster!
randal s tools
Randal’s Tools
  • Available on Technology Website under “Technology Coordinators.”
  • Daryl is currently working on it to make it more user-friendly.
  • Windows 7
  • Classroom Names
  • Donated Computers
  • Netbooks

Over 5300 Registered Users

  • Ongoing Workshops Throughout the Year (in-house and district-wide)
  • Centricity2 Upgrade this Year


  • Calendar
    • All Day Events, Multiple Calendars, “Drag and Drop” Events, Sync with Outlook and Google Calendar
  • Misc.
    • Apps on Overview Page (Announcements, Calendar, etc)
    • Channel Editor rights
    • No more “You’re leaving” page pop-up messages
    • Help files are there each time you start new project
    • How-to videos to walk one through the process – won’t progress until steps are successful
    • Webmasters can unlock websites
  • Pics
    • Can resize, crop, red-eye reduction
    • Right click options, drop and drag
schoolwires reminders
Schoolwires Reminders
  • Send new teachers to “New Teacher Resource Page” on district website (under Teachers’ Corner/Website Support).
  • Please do not delete a transferring teacher’s website. We can simply move it from one school to another.
trouble tickets big web desk
Trouble Tickets – Big Web Desk
  • Teachers should send tickets to you.
  • Please use the ticket system for its intended purpose. Emails, phone calls, and IM’s are not efficient.
  • For computers still under warranty: Do not transfer ticket to CO.
    • Instead, call 1-800-IBM-SERV. They will either send a tech to resolve the issue or replace the equipment.
  • If you can’t resolve the issue…
      • Transfer the ticket to Melissa Shields.
      • DO NOT send the ticket directly to a technician.
  • If you can resolve the issue…
      • Close the ticket and include the appropriate information.
new technician
New Technician!
  • Wesley Brasher joined the Technology Department as a  Computer Hardware Technician.
  •  Wes worked as an Verizon salesperson/technician from 2006-2010 and has a B.S. degree from Middle Tennessee State University.
aup s
  • AUP’s must be signed by every employee and student.
  • This must be kept on file.
  • Both forms are available on the Technology Website under “Internet Safety.”

Lots of New Technologies!

  • Flip Cameras
  • Sound Amplification Systems
  • Netbooks
  • Promethean Technologies
    • ActivSlates, Wands, ActiView, ActivExpressions, ActivVotes
new technology course of study
New Technology Course of Study
  • Content standards and related content included in bullets in this document are minimum and required.
  • Standards (by grade level) are posted on district website under Technology.
  • Please work with your principal to make sure the Course of Study is being taught in your school.
  • Use the Scope and Sequence as a roadmap to teach the Course of Study.
  • Available online (Under Technology).
school technology plan due oct 29
School Technology Plan – Due Oct. 29
  • The school template is available on the district website (under Technology).
  • You will also be sent a copy of the system’s technology plan for review.
district technology goal 1
District Technology Goal #1




  • Students regularly make use of current and emerging technology in the learning process.
  • Teachers appropriately and regularly assign learning activities that integrate the use of technology tools.
  • Teachers use technology to gather and analyze data for improving student achievement.
  • Educators use technology to communicate with stakeholders at the local, district, and state level.
district technology goal 2
District Technology Goal #2



  • Educators will foster and nurture an environment that supports innovative uses of technology.
  • Technology resources are provided to support the learning and technology needs of the school and community.
  • Distance learning opportunities are provided to enhance learning and access to curriculum content.
district technology goal 3
District Technology Goal #3



  • Teachers, administrators and school staff are provided high quality, research-based, job-embedded, technology professional development that is aligned with local, state, and national standards and course of study content standards.
  • Teachers and administrators are provided with adequate resources to enable their participation in professional development opportunities within the district and off-site.
  • Administrators use a variety of evaluation data to make decisions related to technology professional development.
district technology goal 4
District Technology Goal #4



  • Instructional spaces, library media centers, and administrative offices have sufficient network bandwidth to support the learning, communication and administrative goals of the district.
  • Districts have implemented the required Internet security tools to enable teachers, administrators, and students convenient, useful, and safe access to the Internet.
  • Schools will have a sufficient number of Internet-enabled computers and the infrastructure necessary to support learning, communication, and administrative goals of the district.

2010 Speak-Up Results

Speak-Up Survey 2010 (Parents k-12)

Do you think your child’s school is doing a good job preparing today’s students for jobs in the 21st Century?


Yes – 47%


Yes – 33%


Speak-Up 2010 - Parents

    • What are your top 3 concerns regarding your child’s school right now?
      • Funding (54%), Too Much Emphasis on Tests (16%), School Safety (16%)
    • What concerns you the most about your child’s Internet use at school and home?
      • Meeting strangers online (67%)
  • 49% of parents who responded have a Facebook page.
  • If your child’s school allowed the use of cell phones for educational purposes, how likely would you be to provide one for your child?
    • Likely-Very Likely – 64%

ECBOE 2010 Impact Survey

Item #22.

How often do you communicate with parents using communication tools like email, online forums, instant messenger, blogs, or web pages?

technology workshops stipd
Technology Workshops & STIPD
  • Summer Technology Workshop certificates
  • Summer Technology Workshop surveys in STIPD
    • Log-in STIPD
    • Click on “My History”
    • Locate the workshop in “My History”
    • Click on Submit Evaluation
    • Complete the evaluation and click submit
thanks to our workshop presenters
Thanks to Our Workshop Presenters!
  • Chad Strawn - Glencoe Middle
  • Kathy Russell - Hokes Bluff Middle
  • Eric Lee - JSU Technology in Motion
  • Rachael Couch, Mark Snead, & Clint Brannon – WEHS
  • Charlotte Hindman & Genia Craft – Ivalee
  • Jennifer Johnson - Sardis
  • Lisa Richards & Dena Statum - JSJ
  • FarrahKilgo – Ivalee Elem.
  • Cara Whitehead – Carlisle Elem.
  • Kim White - Central Office
  • Lesley Chance - Promethean Trainer
  • Stephanie Querns – Promethean Trainer

Summer Technology Workshops

23 Sessions Offered This Summer – Over 330 Teachers Attended!!

17 Sessions Offered Summer 2009

9 Session Offered Summer 2008

ECBOE Impact Survey / Item #7

Did you participate in any summer technology-focused professional development activities in the past 12 months?

engage plu

5 Required Activities

1. Ongoing 21st Century Professional Development for Administrators

2. Conduct ENGAGE Training in Schools

3. Improve Web Presence

4. Join Ning and Wiki

5. Social Media Exposure – Facebook and/or Twitter

When you have completed the 5 requirements, please email Kim Mintz. Please do so before September 1, 2010.

technology grants 458 156
Technology Grants $458, 156
  • A+ College Ready - $31,950 (HBHS and SSHS)
    • Technology, Equipment, and Supplies
  • EETT Formula - $19,206 (all schools)
    • Podcasting Tools and PD
  • EETT ARRA Formula - $47,000 (all schools)
    • School Technology Coordinator Supplements
  • EETT ARRA Competitive - $160,000 (primarily WEHS & shared with all schools)
    • $125,00 for Equipment / $35,000 for PD
  • ARC Grant - $200,000 (WEE, WEHS, SSHS, RMS, SSE, JSJ, GES, GMS, & GHS)
    • $150,00 for Equipment / $40,000 for PD
  • Cara Whitehead and Farrah Kilgo
    • Presented at ISTE for Schoolwires
  • Lisa Richards
    • ALSDE LAMP Award
  • Farrah Kilgo
    • ALSDE Chiquita Marbury Award