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Why didn’t I buy the right insurance coverage?

They can’t sue me for that can they?. Why didn’t I buy the right insurance coverage?. OR. There is only one thing to remember today…… Rule Number One. You can’t be a little pregnant…. There are some hard fact of life you need to deal with. My assistants for insurance.

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Why didn’t I buy the right insurance coverage?

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  1. They can’t sue me for that can they? Why didn’t I buy the right insurance coverage? OR

  2. There is only one thing to remember today……Rule Number One

  3. You can’t be a little pregnant….

  4. There are some hard fact of life you need to deal with

  5. My assistants for insurance

  6. The assistant you would like

  7. But your assistants look like this

  8. WARNING: This class can cause you to drink.. This class can cause serious mood swings…


  10. Many people just get into the inflatable rental world to earn a few bucks

  11. Maybe you just want to upgrade your family car

  12. Or maybe get a faster car so you are not late to your weekday job

  13. Maybe you want a house in the country just to get away…

  14. Today’s Life Lessons We will review some claims in the inflatable and equipment rental world We will identify causes of accidents We will identify what insurance coverage’s you should have and why We will identify what a certificate of insurance is and why you keep getting asked for one

  15. Let’s look at what will ruin your business….. Infant critically injured after fall from kiddie train ride (Tuesday, March 10, 2009) - At a mall in Cutler Bay, Florida, a 12-month-old boy suffered severe head injuries when he fell 2-3 feet from a mechanical kiddie train. He landed on his head, then was partially run over by the train before it could be stopped. Rescue workers arrived to find the child unconscious and unable to breathe on his own. They began CPR, revived him, then transported him via helicopter to Miami Children's Hospital, where he was listed in critical condition. The Miami-Dade Police Department is investigating the accident and the ride has been shut down. UPDATE: The boy died from his injuries on March 17, 2009.

  16. Mechanical Swing Ride Child, 8, injured in fall from swing ride (May 2, 2009) - An 8-year-old suffered minor injuries in a fall from a mechanical swing ride at a carnival in Orangeburg, South Carolina. Investigators believe that the child was began to come out of the swing as the ride was slowing to a stop. “There was no apparent malfunction of the machinery,” said a fair spokesman, and the child's size was not thought to be a contributing factor in the accident. The ride passed a state inspection two weeks ago.

  17. Inflatable slide….. Inflatable slide tears apart, injuring teen (May 25, 2009) - In Lumberton, Texas, a 14-year-old girl was injured after falling through an inflatable slide that had ripped open from top to bottom. The girl fell 26 feet to the ground and suffered a fractured arm, a bruised hip bone, and a concussion.

  18. Inflatable Teen paralyzed after flip on inflatable ride (June 21, 2009) - In Denison, Texas, a 17-year-old boy was left partially paralyzed when he fell on his neck after a back flip while playing on an inflatable ride.

  19. Inflatable ride went flying…. (June 27, 2009) — In Middletown, Ohio, an inflatable ride went flying 40 feet into the air with an 11-year-old boy inside, who escaped serious injury by hanging on until bystanders stabbed the ride with knives, deflating it. Several other children suffered minor injuries when they were bumped or scraped by the ride as it flipped several times during its flight.

  20. Inflatable water slide…. Safety concerns shut down inflatable water slide (August 6, 2012) - A 60-foot-tall inflatable water slide in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina was shut down after an inspection revealed that the ride may have developed dry rot in one or more of its seams.

  21. Another inflatable goes flying… Another inflatable goes flying; girl falls onto roof (February 20, 2011) - In Marana, Arizona, two girls were tossed out of an inflatable jumping castle when a gust of wind carried it at least 100 feet through the air. One girl was tossed out onto the ground and suffered only minor injuries; the other was ejected onto the roof of a neighbor's house and suffered serious injuries, including head injuries.

  22. Another inflatable topples in wind Another inflatable topples in wind; 3 children injured (April 21, 2011) - At a carnival in New Square, New York, three children were injured when a gust of wind toppled an inflatable castle.

  23. Another inflatable slide collapses Another inflatable slide collapses; 5 injured (April 29, 2011) - At an elementary school in Clovis, California, five children were injured when a wind gust toppled an inflatable slide.

  24. Another inflatable slide collapses… Another inflatable slide collapses; 4 injured (May 7, 2011) - At a festival in Encino, California, four children suffered minor injuries when an inflatable slide collapsed. According to the Los Angeles Fire Department, too many children were on the slide, and there was no adult supervision at the time of the accident.

  25. Three inflatables blow away…. Three inflatables blow away with children inside; 17 people injured (June 4, 2011) - In Oceanside, New York, three inflatable castles with children inside them were blown through the air in a gust of wind. Seventeen people were injured, some of whom were struck by the inflatables once they hit the ground and started rolling. One person was hospitalized with critical injuries; the others were treated at hospitals for minor injuries. CBS News reported that the inflatables were installed by Affordable Inflatable Entertainment of Oceanside, and the company owner said that all of the inflatables were anchored properly.

  26. Another inflatable slide topples… Another inflatable slide topples; children injured (May 27, 2011) - Eight children were sent to a hospital after an inflatable slide toppled over at an elementary school in Lyons, Illinois. Some of the children fell as high as 15 feet and landed on asphalt. The victims' injuries were not life-threatening.

  27. Another inflatable goes flying… Another inflatable goes flying; 6 injured (May 13, 2011) - In Tucson, Arizona, a whirlwind tossed an inflatable castle through the air and left it wrapped around a light pole. Six children were struck by parts of the attraction and suffered minor injuries.

  28. Landing in tree across the street

  29. Another inflatable slide collapses… Another inflatable slide collapses; 5 injured (April 29, 2011) - At an elementary school in Clovis, California, five children were injured when a wind gust toppled an inflatable slide.

  30. Another bounce house blows away… Another bounce house blows away; 2 children hospitalized (April 2, 2011) - In Tucson, Arizona, 2 children suffered serious injuries after a bounce house was blown into the air by a sudden gust of wind while they were inside it. According to Tucson Police, the inflatable blew across three lanes of traffic before it landed on the side of a road. The children were hospitalized; both were expected to make a full recovery.

  31. Deadly Tent Collapse Kills One • An Illinois man was killed and about 100 people were hurt when high winds caused a deadly tent collapse outside a St. Louis sports bar, the Associated Press reports. 4/30/12 • The tent collapse happened as a fast-moving storm rolled in Saturday, after a St. Louis Cardinals game at nearby Busch Stadium. Winds exceeded 70 mph, a spokesman for St. Louis' mayor said. • The deadly St. Louis tent collapse occurred when a sudden gust of wind shattered the aluminum poles holding up the tent. Debris flew through the air as the tent was blown onto nearby railroad tracks. • About 200 people were underneath the tent when it collapsed. About 100 victims were treated for injuries at the scene, and 17 were taken to hospitals, the AP reports.

  32. 5-year-old boy was killed at the 2008 Air Show • "Our investigation has concluded that this was a preventable tragedy caused by negligent conduct," the Millers' attorney told the Huntsville Times. • Negligent Setup, Lack of Safety Inspection, Code Violations Blamed for Child's Death • The lawsuit outlines several areas where the defendants' alleged negligence caused the fatal accident: • Improper tent setup: According to the tent manufacturer's instructions, the tents needed to be pitched and staked individually, then secured with four pegs at the corners. Instead, the lawsuit alleges, the group of tents was erected in a line, with pegs securing one side, water barrels holding down the other, and no securement at the sides. To save money, prisoner labor rather than trained installers was brought in to pitch the tents. • Properly anchored, the tents should have been able to withstand winds of up to 60 mph, according to All Needz. The winds on the Sunday that Josiah died were recorded at 48 mph.

  33. 5-year-old boy was killed at the 2008 Air Show • The family of Josiah Miller, a 5-year-old boy who was killed at the 2008 Air Show at the Huntsville International Airport, has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the organizers of the air show, the Huntsville-Madison County Airport Authority and All Needz Rental. They claim that those groups share responsibility for the accident that led to Josiah's death. • According to the family's complaint, Josiah and Jason Miller, his father, took shelter behind one of the tents during a thunderstorm. Several of the tents became dislodged because they were inadequately fastened down, and a large air conditioner attached to one of the tents fell on Josiah, causing fatal injuries.

  34. So you think it won’t happen to you? Huh?

  35. ARA Reports 1 out of 10 • Incredibly, one out of every 10 injury claims reported to ARA Insurance Services results from a chair collapse. • Most collapses involve metal folding chairs with plastic seats and backs. Some accidents result from old, rusty chairs, but even newer chairs can fail. Often, the rivets are weak where the seat is connected to the frame or the rivets rip through the plastic seat. (reprinted from ARA)

  36. Table and Chairs Claims • A guest sat down on a rented chair at a large event and the chair broke. The guest alleges he tore his rotator cuff in the fall and had to have surgery to repair the injury. The rental store was not informed of the loss when the chairs were returned and disposed of the broken chair after they inspected it. • Chairs were rented for a meeting. A guest sat down on the chair and the front leg snapped and broke off. The guest fell forward onto her knees and tried to catch herself with her hands. The guest allegedshesuffered from back pain and headaches after the fall. The chair leg was reported to be rusted. The rental store had recently painted all of the chairs prior to this event and did not notice the rusted leg.

  37. Table and Chairs Claims • A section of a rented “tiki” bar and table was blown over by strong winds and struck a guest at a party. The bar was supposed to be bolted together, but it came from the manufacturer without nuts attached to the bolts — they were simply screwed into place. The rental store did not discover the defect until after the accident happened. • Tables that had been rented for an event were stacked up against a wall. A mother was letting her child crawl around on top of the stacked tables when the tables fell onto the mother. The mother sustained minor injuries. It was never determined who stacked the tables. A settlement at 50 percent was reached due to the mother contributing to her own injury.

  38. Table and Chairs Claims • A customer had the rental store deliver some tables and chairs to his home for an upcoming party. Some of the renter’s furniture had been moved out of the rooms in advance of the delivery, but the rental store employees had to move several large pieces of furniture to make room when they arrived. • The rental store employees set up the tables and chairs as directed and then the renter alleged the employees had scratched his bamboo floors and wanted the floors either repaired or totally refinished.

  39. So maybe you are getting pissed off and want to fight someone???

  40. Now its getting serious…

  41. So you want to know why we are so worried?

  42. Attorneys, gotta have them…

  43. Attorneys smile

  44. Hmmm…

  45. See any similarities

  46. Hmmm…

  47. See any similarities

  48. Lawsuit and the words “trust me”

  49. The attorneys say that it is a fair balanced judicial system…

  50. The reality is the scales are tipped against the business owner

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