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KING ARTHUR. THE LEGEND & HISTORY. The Legend – Who ?.  the name of King Arthur - no appear ance in the Middle ages . The timeline : - documented records on all the Kings of England (W illiam the Conqueror [ 1066 ] to the end of the Middle Ages [ 1485 ])

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King arthur



The legend who
The Legend – Who?

 the name of King Arthur - no appearanceinthe Middle ages.

The timeline:

- documented records on all the Kings of England (William the Conqueror [1066] to the end of the Middle Ages [1485])

the Dark Ages ( 410 AD - 1066 AD ) - no appearance in records either

#1 impossible to provide an accurate biography of his life and history

# 2 his biographyisonlybased on a legend

# 3 documented records of the Middle Ages were scarce.

The history the one true king of the britons
The History - The One, True King of the Britons

  • not based on real historical evidence

  • Ccnnotbe verified with hard and fast facts

  • based on the books by the Medievalclerics

  • many Welsh legends & Celtic myths about King Arthur & the Arthurian Legend

  • the Welsh claim the sovereignty of allthe kingdom of Britain

  • King Arthur = "the one, true King of the Britons”

How did the legen d start
How did the Legend Start?

  • the main source of information:

    Geoffrey of Monmouth -HistoriaRegumBritanniae(1136) - fictional


    the 'Black Book of Caernarvon' (Welsh: Llyfr du Caerfyrddin) (1250) - stories and poems about the heroes of Britain in the Dark Ages + those to do with the legend of King Arthur & Merlin

    HistoriaBrittonum- Nennius

    the AnnalesCambriae

    the ChroniconAnglicanum

    the Mabinogion(Welsh)

    Fiction >> fact!

The romantic legend
The Romantic Legend

  • fuelled by theMedievaltroubadours, jongleurs &minstrels

  • the stories of the brave King Arthur, great knights, Camelot, chivalrous deeds, great battles and fair ladies circulated from court to court all over Europe

  • Theheroic images took on theMedieval clothes & fashion

  • Jousting in tournaments were also incorporated.

Making a l egend the one true king of the britons
Making a Legend - The One, True King of the Britons

  • theMedieval Kings of England turned these myths and legends to their advantage

  • King Edward I (Longshanks) - political purposes–to authenticate his claims to the both the Welsh & English thrones

  • Connections b/n Caernarvon, Arthurian Legend, Merlin, Prophecies & even Stonehenge =

    his 'legitimate claim' to the Welsh throne

  • The Tudors - credibility

Merging the history with the legend
Mergingthe History with the Legend

  • Medieval politicians strengthen the claims to both the English & Welsh thrones

  • much influence, advantage and credibility gained to connect their lineage to King Arthur "the one, true King of the Britons", his realm of Camelot and the prophecies of Merlin the Wizard

T he arthurian legends myths vs the medieval people
The Arthurian legends & myths vs. the Medieval people:

  • AncientArthurian Prophecies (the king of eraarrangedthem to be seen fulfilling)

  • The English liked connections to the old religions& life before the Norman Conquest(the magicians, wizards & the druids)

  • The connection to King Arthur – his rule ofhonour, honesty, loyalty, chivalry&valour

  • The 'one, true King of the Britons' prophecy = the Medieval Kings’ credibility, esp. in Wales

  • A romantic story of love, fair ladies, brave knights and triumphant battles = good publicity for any Medievalking

  • A link to Christianity, the crusades & the search for the Holy Grail

  • Any 'proof' of their lineage to ancient Kings = Medievalkings’ justification for their sovereignty

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