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Introduction Index Numbers

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Introduction Index Numbers - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SELANGOR EDUCATION DEPARTMENT ADDITIONAL MATHEMATICS PROJECT WORK 2/2013 Name:Chen Yee Teng Class:5Science3 Teacher’s Name:Pn.Roaimah School:SMK Taman Tasik.

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SELANGOR EDUCATION DEPARTMENTADDITIONAL MATHEMATICS PROJECT WORK 2/2013Name:Chen Yee TengClass:5Science3Teacher’s Name:Pn.RoaimahSchool:SMK Taman Tasik


PenghargaanPertamasekali, sayainginmerakamkansetinggi-tinggipenghargaandanmengucapkanterimakasihkepadakedua-duaibubapa yang sayahormatiselama-lamanya. Merekasentiasamemberidorongan,sokongan,galakandantunjuk ajar sepanjangsayamelakukankerjakursus in sehinggalahselesai. Di sampingitu,penghargaanjugadiberikankepadakepada guru matamatiktambahansayaiaituPuanroaimahkeranadiamemberibanyaktunjuk ajar kepadasayasemasasayamembuatkerjakursusini.Tambahanlagi, sayajugainginmengucapkanribuanterimakasihkepadarakan-rakansaya. Akhirsekali , pengharagaanjugadiberikankepadasemuaresponden yang sudimenjawabsoalan-soalankamidanmemberibanyakmaklumatkepadakamiuntukmenyelesaikankerjakursusini.



Index Numbers

-Index numbers are statistical measures designed to show changes in a variable or group of related variables with respect to time, geographic location or other characteristics such as income, profession, etc. A collection of index numbers for different years, locations, etc., is sometimes called an index series.

Simple Index Number

-A simple index number is a number that measures a relative change in a single variable with respect to a base.

Composite Index Number

-A composite index number is a number that measures an average relative changes in a group of relative variables with respect to a base.



(a)(i)Price index :

• an index number expressing the level of a group of commodity prices relative to

the level of the prices of the same commodities during an arbitrarily chosen base period and used to indicate changes in the level of prices from one period to another.

(ii)Weightage :

• the assignment of a quota (as of members of a legislature) to a particular 

segment of the population as a special favor or concession in a proportion above that allowable on a strictly numerical basis

(iii) Composite index :

• A grouping of equities, indexes or other factors combined in a standardized way, providing a useful statistical measure of overall market or sector performance over time.


(b)Ways to represent weightage :

1.Pie chart

2.Bar graph


3.Line graph




a)Table1:Family’s monthly expenditure for the year2013

Table 1



Table 2


c)Formula of composite index (I)

d)Based on the findings, I found that the average expenses for current year is higher than the base year 2003. We spent a total of RM2100 for food in 2013 compared to only RM2000 in2003. Other expenses such as accommodation, utilities, transportation, clothing, education, and recreation also increase compared to the year 2003. This is due to the high inflation rate in 2003. After the year 2003, daily expenses for our family had increased due to the increasing of the prices of raw materials.


PART 3(a)

(i)Pay by cash

Table 4(a)


(b)I want to buy a size 32 inch SHARP television. This is because there are five members in my family and only requires medium-sized television for our living room. I choose this brand because I am confident of its quality as our family has long been using this brand for other electrical appliances in our home. Although the brand SHARP is more expensive than the brand PANASONIC, our family still can afford to buy it. I plan to buy from SHENG HENG because they offer 2 years of warranty. In addition, they also offer the lowest price of televisions compared to the other two shops.

(c)If I am one of the panel for the award, I would prefer SHENG HENG because the mean price of all types of television for both brands is the lowest compared to the other two shops. Standard deviation for the televisions at the shop is also the lowest. It shows that the prices of television offered by the SHENG HENG is reasonable and affordable.



While I conducting this project, a lot of information that I found. I have learnt the value of money. I had learned some moral values that I practice. This project had taught me to responsible on the works that are given to me to be completed. This project also had made me felt more confidence to do works and not to give up easily when we could not find the solution for the question .I also learned to be more discipline on time, which I was given about two weeks to complete this project and pass up to my teacher just in time. I also enjoy doing this project I spend my time with friends to complete this project and it had tighten our friendship .Last but not least, I proposed this project should be continue because it brings a lot of moral value to the student and also test the students understanding in Additional Mathematics.







-Additional Mathematics Text Book Form 4

-Success Additinoal Mathematics SPM,2011,Wang Wei,Dr Ng Sin Wong,OxfordFajarSdn.Bhd