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Advance Directives

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Advance Directives. Lisa Crumbley, RN. Class Objectives. Define the term Advance Directive Describe 3 types of Advance Directives Explain Advance Care Plan Document Discuss where to keep your document Complete a knowledge assessment. Our BayCare Health Systems Mission.

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Advance Directives

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  1. Advance Directives Lisa Crumbley, RN

  2. Class Objectives • Define the term Advance Directive • Describe 3 types of Advance Directives • Explain Advance Care Plan Document • Discuss where to keep your document • Complete a knowledge assessment

  3. Our BayCare Health Systems Mission • That each person should be treated with dignity and respect • Our hope is that this Advance Care Plan Document encourages communication between you and your loved ones • This document will let you have a say about how you want to be treated if you become very sick

  4. Patient Self-Determination Act (PSDA) enacted in1991 • Based on the 14th amendment of the constitution, the right to privacy. Every competent adult has the fundamental right to self determination regarding decisions pertaining to his/her own health, including the right to chose or refuse medical treatment.

  5. What is an Advance Directive? • A witnessed • Written legal document • Or oral statement • in which instructions are given by a competent adult for their choices for end-of-life care.

  6. Types of Advance Directives • Living Will • Healthcare Surrogate • Organ Donation

  7. Living Will • A declaration of desire that life-prolonging procedures be provided, withheld, or withdrawn in the event one is determined to have an end-stage condition, considered terminally ill, or is in a persistent vegetative state.

  8. Health Care Surrogate • Any competent adult designated by an individual to make health care decisions on behalf of an individual should he/she become incapacitated.

  9. Organ Donation • Donating (giving) your organs can help save lives.

  10. Florida Statute 765.401 • a) Court appointed guardian • b) Spouse • c) Adult child (or majority) • d) Parents • e) Adult brother or sister (or majority) • f) Adult relative who has known the patient well • g) Close friend • h) A licensed clinical social worker

  11. Advance Directive Questions • Do you need an attorney? • Do you need it notarized? • Does it ever expire? • How old do you have to be to execute an advance care plan document? • Does it cost any money? • What if you change your mind?

  12. The Choice is Yours • The best time to write an Advance Directive is when you are healthy • Discussing decisions with your family and physician enables them to better honor your wishes • It’s never to early to discuss and complete an Advance Directive

  13. Project GRACE • Guidelines for • Resuscitation • And • Care at • End-of-Life

  14. Advance Care Plan DocumentFrom Project GRACE • Three documents in one: • A Living Will • Organ Donation • Health Care Surrogate

  15. Who gets a copy of my Advance Care Plan Document? • Always keep the original • Give a copy to you doctor, your health care surrogate, your spiritual leader, and your family. • Take a copy with you every time you go to the hospital

  16. Other Resources • Life and Death on Your Own Terms • by Lofty L. Basta, M.D. • Project Grace at 1-877-99 GRACE or on the web at

  17. When should I consider making Advance Directives? • NOW • Timing IS Everything