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lec1 - Computer Graphics

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lec1 - Computer Graphics. Instructor : Haya Sammaneh. Computer Graphics. Computer advances rapidly Computer Graphics used in almost fields such as: Science Art Engineering Training Entertainment Education Medicine. Computer Graphics. Open GL

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lec1 computer graphics

lec1-Computer Graphics

Instructor : HayaSammaneh

computer graphics
Computer Graphics
  • Computer advances rapidly
  • Computer Graphics used in almost fields such as:
      • Science
      • Art
      • Engineering
      • Training
      • Entertainment
      • Education
      • Medicine
computer graphics1
Computer Graphics
  • Open GL
  • GLUT[Graphics Library Utility Toolkit] : combine Open GL with windows system
what is computer graphics
What is computer graphics?

Imaging= representing 2D images

Modeling = representing 3D objects

Rendering = constructing 2D images from 3D models

Animation= simulating changes over time

graphics applications
Graphics- Applications

• Graphics and Chart

  • Entertainment
  • Computer-aided design
  • Scientific visualization
  • Training
  • Education
graphics and chart
Graphics and Chart
  • Used to display simple data graphs
  • Show data relationship
  • Used to summarize statistical , mathematical , engineering and scientific data.
  • Example
    • Line graph
    • Bar graph
    • Pie charts
    • Surface charts
    • Contour plots
  • Pixel [Picture Element]: it is infinities of points with very small size.
  • Resolution: is a number of pixel per unit area
  • Higher resolution  better display
  • Aspect Ratio: is a factor to obtain equal length

Example : draw square

  • Display: have a finite number of pixels found on screen
  • Monochrome: need only one bit [on, off]
  • Color Monitor: need more than one bit [on, off, color]
1 image processing composition and morphing
1- Image ProcessingComposition and Morphing

Image Morphing: The idea is to create a sequence of intermediate images, which when put together with the original images, represents the transition from one image to the other.

Image Morphing

2 rendering
2- Rendering

Rendering is the process of generating an image from a model, by means of computer programs.

The model is a description of 3D objects.

The model would contain geometry,viewpoint, texture, lighting, and shading information.

what is an image
What is an Image?
  • An image is a 2D rectilinear array of pixels
display hardware
Display Hardware

Video display devices

» Cathode Ray Tube (CRT)

» Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)

    • Plasma panels
    • Thin-film displays
    • Light-emitting diodes (LED)

Hard-copy devices

  • Ink-jet printer
  • Laser printer
  • Pen plotter
cathode ray tube crt
Cathode Ray Tube-CRT
  • Basic Operation:
  • a beam of electrons is emitted by an electron gun and passes through focusing and deflection system that direct the beam toward specified positions on the phosphor-coated screen
  • Phosphor emits a small spot of light at each position and fades very rapidly
cathode ray tube crt1
Cathode Ray Tube-CRT
  • Need to redraw the picture repeatedly by quickly directing the electron beam back over the same screen points (Refresh CRT)
  • Refresh Rate: is the frequency of which a picture is redrawn on the screen