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kc irrigation and sprinklers

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Kc irrigation and sprinklers is a full-service irrigation company. http://kcirrigationandsprinklers.com/ We provide to any existing and prospective customer exactly what is required for a perfect underground lawn system, plus yearly maintenance as needed.

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kc irrigation and sprinklers

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    1. We providing the best and most effective underground lawn sprinkler systems in Kansas City. We are professionals in the lawn sprinkler industry, having designed and installed over 1,500 irrigation systems in the Kansas City area. http://kcirrigationandsprinklers.com/

    2. Irrigation System Repair Services Sprinkler and irrigation system repairs can be a big expense for property owners. One of the ways that Heinen helps clients is by providing experienced technical support for irrigation system maintenance and repairs. The Heinen team has years of experience in the irrigation industry and can analyze your existing irrigation system to give you the advice and expert knowledge you need to keep your irrigation system running smoothly. http://kcirrigationandsprinklers.com

    3. Sprinkler System Upgrades Needing to upgrade your irrigation system? Sometimes just a couple easy changes are all it takes to save water and money. Heinen works with Hunter Industries and other sprinkler component manufactures to offer customers new products that increase efficiency and keep landscapes looking beautiful without wasting water. http://kcirrigationandsprinklers.com/

    4. Lawn Sprinkler andIrrigation Systems KC irrigation and sprinklers, installs and maintains lawn and irrigation systems for hundreds of residential and commercial properties throughout Kansas City, including Overland Park, Leawood, Mission Hills, Roeland Park, Fairway, Mission, North Kansas City and throughout the entire metro area. Heinen Landscape and Irrigation takes pride in the quality of our work, our service and our experience with lawn irrigation. http://kcirrigationandsprinklers.com

    5. Residential Lawn Sprinklers and Irrigation Systems Heinen Landscape and Irrigation designs and installs residential sprinkler systems for homes, apartment lawn sprinkler systems, condominium lawn sprinkler systems, townhome lawn sprinkler systems, and homeowner association lawn sprinkler systems. Visit our sprinkler projects page for residential lawn sprinkler photos. http://kcirrigationandsprinklers.com/

    6. Contact us 1036 Merriam Lane Suite B Kansas City, KS 66103 Phone: 913-362-8439 http://kcirrigationandsprinklers.com/

    7. Thank you http://kcirrigationandsprinklers.com/