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slimy THE EEL . I am New Zealand's Top Native Predator By Daniel Makowem . Here is a family portrait What do you think?. That is me in the front. ??????????????????????. Am I a FISH or Could I be a SNAKE ? I think I am a snake!. Noooooo … I AM A FISH!!!!!! .

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slimy the eel

slimy THE EEL

I am New Zealand's Top Native Predator

By Daniel Makowem



Am I a FISH or

Could I be a SNAKE ?

I think I am a snake!

noooooo i am a fish
Noooooo… I AM A FISH!!!!!!
  • Common Name: Long Fin Eel
  • Family Name: Fish (Pisces)
  • Scientific Name: Anguilla dieffenbachii
life cycle larvae
Life CycleLarvae
  • I hatched from an egg.
  • I floated on a current towards New Zealand in the ocean for 18 months.
  • I was 1mm long and weighed nothing.
life cycle glass eel
Life Cycle Glass Eel
  • I floated to Wellington harbour.
  • I changed shape and became transparent.
  • I was about 5cm long.
  • I made my way into the Hutt River mouth and started my journey upstream to find my home.
life cycle elver
Life CycleElver
  • Wow, I changed to an Eel colour.
  • My head got bigger and rounder.
  • At night I swam further upstream with my friends.
  • I had to climb up waterfalls.
  • I was able to stick to rocks.
life cycle adult eel
Life Cycle Adult Eel
  • I am 15 years old – I am an adult :
    • I am snakelike and tubular.
    • I am darkish grey with a white belly.
    • I am slimy and smooth to touch…..yuk !!!
    • I have a fin along my back.
    • I can grow up to 2m long and weigh 30kg.
summary of my amazing life cycle
Summary of My Amazing Life Cycle

I live just over ½ my life in fresh water and the rest in the ocean!

why are we so cool
Why are we so COOL?
  • We look like snakes but we are fish!
  • We spawn in secret!
  • We are swimmers but can climb up waterfalls!
  • We hunt with our sense of smell!
more reasons
More Reasons....
  • We are secretive-that’s because we hide during the day and hunt at night.
  • We have over 100 vertebrae so our bodies are flexible.
  • We can stretch our bodies into small holes and attack.
  • We can slither across the land and dig in sand.
one more reason
One More Reason….
  • We can swim backwards and forwards.
food chain comparison
Food Chain – Comparison



  • Bottom of the food chain.
  • Predator -larger eel
  • Eat dead baby eels, ants, crabs, insects
  • The top of the food chain
  • Predator - humans
  • Eat fish, crabs, ducks, snails
habitat my home
Habitat – My Home
  • I have a really good habitat
  • I camouflage myself in murky water
  • I hide under rocks
  • I live in the Horokiri stream at Battle Hill farm (a boy called Daniel came to study meand took this photo)
my migration april 2025
My Migration – April 2025
  • Physical changes.
  • Horokiri Stream into Hutt River into Ocean.
  • 100 Days
  • Fertilise eggs and then die.
protect me please

Human kids protesting against commercial Long Fin Eel fishing outside Massey University

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  • Battle Hill Farm