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  1. Plagiarism

  2. Plagiarism is worse in the electronic world because of…. • Information overload • Ease of cutting and pasting chunks from the internet • Unreliable quantity of information on internet • Difficulty in summarising and synthesising large quantities of information

  3. Using the words or ideas of others and presenting them as your own. It can range from deliberate cheating to accidentally copying from a source without acknowledgement. Plagiarism is….

  4. Common forms of plagiarism • Downloading an assignment from an online source and submitting it as your own work Some cheat sites are…… A-1 Term Papers,, Free Essay Network, The Evil House of Cheat,, School Sucks, and The Paper Store

  5. Common forms (con’t) • Buying, stealing or borrowing an assignment and submitting it as own work • Copying parts of books or articles and submitting as own work’ • Copying, cutting and pasting text from electronic sources and submitting as own work • Using the words of someone else and presenting them as own work

  6. How can we prevent plagiarism? The following are good sites to understand what is plagiarism • Avoiding plagiarism (this one has a quiz) • Plagiarism: what it is and how to recognize and avoid it

  7. To avoid plagiarism you need to….. • Make notes in point form • Cite paraphrases and quotes correctly • Create bibliographies according to accepted formats A good example of citation freeware is Citation Machine

  8. Plagiarism may be suspected if there is…. • Unusual formatting or it does not match what is required • Signs of website printout page numbers or dates, unusual use of upper/lower case and capitalization • Use of advanced vocabulary, sentence structure or jargon • Bibliography: ? incorrect citation style used • Unique phrases are located using large search engines like Google • The essay is found by browsing websites providing readymade papers

  9. So remember to….. • Make notes in point form • Put in quotations everything that comes directly from the text • Paraphrase, but do not just replace or rearrange a few words (remember to cite) • You do not need to document common knowledge. These are facts that are found in many places and known by many people eg Melbourne is the capital of Victoria • Do your bibliography and make sure that it is linked to citations within your essay TIP: do not leave doing your bibliography until the last minute – record as you go, especially if you are using internet sites

  10. References • Avoiding plagiarism, viewed 26 April 2009, • Citation machine, viewed 26 April 2009, • Examples of cheat sites, viewed 26 April 2009, • Plagiarism: what it is and how to recognise and avoid it, viewed 26 April 2009, • Syba signs 2003, Plagiarism for teachers (ppt)