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T e C h Compiler. Committed to Deliver…. INTRODUCTION.

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t e c h compiler

TeCh Compiler

Committed to Deliver…


TechCompiler Data Systems is a global IT consultancy. We deliver a range of IT outsourcing services including product development, custom software development, testing, support and QA. Our strong commitment to delivery help companies bring great products to market on-time on-budget and with confidence.

our clients

Web based CMS for managing stories and news

A product of Firefly e-Ventures Ltd., a 100% subsidiary of HT Media www.shine.com

UK based startup in personal finance management domain B2B Version of Kublax

Web based shopping solution

for Japanese market www.shopin.tv

connects education seeker

with education provider


Interactive Job Portal for US Market


Europe’s first web based personal finance account aggregation and budgeting service

Protect Online your Identity

content aggregation & distribution system www.contify.com

Web‐based system for saving and borrowing Money online for UK/Europe market

Airline Travel portal for

Indian market

what we do

Product Engineering/Custom Software Development/Testing/Support

System Integration

Web Enabled Desktop Application

Web Application


Desktop Application


Enterprise Resource Planning

Java, J2EE, Struts, Hibernate, Springs, Spring ROO,Ruby on Rails, Word Press,

Joomla, Django, PHP, Python, .NET, C++

Web 2.0


Live Multimedia Streaming


Windows/Linux/Mac OS/Unix/Jboss/Weblogic/Apache/Websphere



Frequently faced challenges in organizations (in absence of correct ERP)

Unplanned Purchases

Untraced Expenses

Under-utilized resources

Untraceable Inventory

Random Purchases

benefits of implementing erp system
Benefits of implementing ERP System

Benefits after ERP implementation

  • Increased efficiency/productivity
  • Cost management
  • Reduced operating expenses
  • Improved information flow
  • Monitored and controlled
  • expenses

Process Development

Basic workflow of a manufacturing company

Process Sustainment

Process Designing

Process Implementation

Process Scripting


A unique username and password can be created and assigned to every employee of the company

User Creation


Role can be any one of the functions .For e.g. Sales, Production, Admin etc.

Create role for user


Role can be any one of the functions .For e.g. Sales, Production, Admin etc.

The functions of a particular role can be viewed only by the person who has been assigned that role.

Role assignment


Supplier can be a raw material provider, tools provider or a petty supplier for miscellaneous use/activities. Every record can be maintained here.

Create Supplier to purchase item


Details about the supplier item can be maintained according to the type of item provided e.g. raw material or product.

Fill supplier’s item detail.


Per unit price of the items supplied can be maintained according to the item type.

Fill supplier’s price of that material


Buying order of the item to be purchased by the supplier can be created and maintained.

Purchase order detail


The delivery of the item (into the buyer’s warehouse) purchased from the supplier is created here

e.g. Buyer – Hanro tools

Supplier – abc ltd.

Delivery of item in warehouse


The item supplied by the supplier goes into the particular warehouse according to the item type i.e. raw material or product.

Entry in warehouse on the basis of purchase order


Availability of items in the warehouse ( e.g. how much item has been consumed or is left in the warehouse) can be tracked according to the warehouse type i.e. raw material warehouse/product warehouse or any other type of warehouse created by the user.

Item availability in warehouse


Lets you know that all purchases from the supplier have been received and the order is closed

Close purchase invoice


The details of the product to be made using the raw material purchased from the supplier is created here. This marks the start of the production cycle.

Production of item


The operation methods used in the production cycle is created here and details are provided e.g. the operation cost and the various stages of operation.

Production cycle used for production item


The operation cost, the duration of operation and the machines used is maintained here.

Operation used in production cycle


Gives the various stages of the operation and total cost of the production cycle.

List of operations and their cost for the product cycle


Movement of the final product from the product warehouse to the particular customer.

Movement of item from warehouse on the basis of sales order


Automatic updation of the warehouse as soon as the final product moves out so you can keep a record of how much item is remaining and how much has been sold to the customer.

Automatic update of warehouse when item is sold


(Gives you the details of the per unit quantity used in making one product)

Product Explosion

Tracks Warehouse movements


Contact us:-

TechCompiler Data Systems Pvt. Ltd.

A-82, Sector – 57,

Noida – 201 301


Website – www.techcompiler.com

Contact – info@techcompiler.com

contact us
Contact Us
  • Office Location:
  • India

A-82, Sector 57,

Noida, UP, 201301

  • Japan

2-8-6-405,Higashi Tabata

Kita-ku, Tokyo, Japan

  • Umesh Pandey
  • Skype-umpandey
  • TechCompiler Data Systems (P) Ltd.
  • E-mail: umesh@techcompiler.com