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2007 Company Profile

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2007 Company Profile - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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2007 Company Profile. 2007 Company Profile. The great specialization. Alluflon designs and produces cookware that exports in more than 50 countries all over the world.

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2007 Company Profile

The great specialization

Alluflon designs and produces cookware that exports in more than 50 countries all over the world.

The company is specialized in the research and design of new and innovative solutions in order to keep track of the fast changing needs of contemporary customers.


A strong company and its growth

Alluflon is an industrial organization that has been operating in the non-stick aluminium cookware for the last 35 years.

The plants of production, warehouses and the offices are located on a surface of 40.000 sqm. of which 28,000 covered.

Alluflon employs 278 people (2006 average).

2007 Company Profile


Company biography

1970 Alluflon was founded on June 6th

1975 the roller coating plant was conceived and set up

1986 the Moneta brand and plants were taken over

1986 the Du Pont license was obtained

1996 Alluflon achieved full compliance to the ISO 9002 standard

2004 Alluflon started with a new coating technology: the OCS

(Original Curtain System)

2007 Company Profile


How to Reach Us

The offices and production plants are located in Mondavio,in the province of Pesaro, just a few kilometers from the Marotta-Mondolfo highway exit or Marotta railway station.The nearby Falconara (Ancona) airport provides daily links to the airports of Rome and Milan and major european airports.


2007 Company Profile


The Quality System

Since 1996 Alluflon implemented a certified Quality Management System (QMS) in according to ISO 9000 standards. From 2002 the QMS is in compliance with the standard ISO 9001:2000 and is fully applied throughout the entire manufacturing cycle and remaining processes (sales, purchase, etc…). Alluflon is able to follow, on demand or specific request of Customer the major and severe quality control standards nowadays know.


2007 Company Profile


Turnover 1990-2006

2007 Company Profile


Sales Distribution

30% of sales are for the domestic market , the remaining 70% comes from sales in the foreign markets.

2007 Company Profile


Technical investments trough the years

Included leased goods

2007 Company Profile


Company Brands

The company operates with three own brands: Alluflon, Moneta and Iuno Moneta. The products are distributed by its sales force in many countries.

2007 Company Profile


Moneta’s history

With a long history started in 1875 and thanks to a successful brand relaunch after Alluflon’s takeover , Moneta has become Italy’s most recognized cookware brand.

During the last 130 years Moneta helped Italians everyday in their kitchens with a series of products that became part of their habits. Now Moneta is commonly perceived as a design and big value brand.

2007 Company Profile


Families buy Moneta

Moneta is a market leader for brand awareness and market share.

Moneta is the most known no stick cookware brand in Italy.

15.4% of Italians owns at least a Moneta product.

That means that millions of Italians cook everyday with a Moneta product.

Nomesis 2006

2007 Company Profile


Families buy Moneta because they know us

With a 130 year long history Moneta is the most known cookware brand in Italy

In fact it’s the top of mind cookware brand among italian consumers

Nomesis 2006

2007 Company Profile


2007 Market Share

Hypermarkets and supermarkets

Italian Market Share


Global Market share in Italy (Mln €)


Market share (Mln €)


Market share (Mln €)

Alluflon is the second cookware company in the italian market with a market share of 17%

Alluflon is also the second company in Italy for sales in the supermarkets and hypermarkets.

Moneta brand has a 11.5% market share in supermarkets and hypermarkets.

Nielsen-Scantrack 2007

2007 Company Profile


Moneta’s ranges portfolio

Moneta understands contemporary customers’ needs and gives them a wide product offer. In fact, Moneta designed many cookware ranges conceived to help people with different needs and cooking lifestyles.

Moneta pots and pans are beauty for their design, precious for their quality and useful thanks to their performances.

2007 Company Profile


Major domestic retailers

Moneta products are available at major retailer s and specialty stores while Iuno Moneta products are available only in selected stores and wedding list specialists.

Here’s a brief list of major Moneta retailers:

Auchan/Gruppo Rinascente


COOP Italia



Gruppo Pam




2007 Company Profile


International Markets.

Traditionally, European markets are a stronghold for Alluflon.

Recently overseas markets increased their importance thanks to a series of partnerships in the USA.

2007 Company Profile


Customers portfolio

Alluflon sales are usually concentrated in the major retail chains, which are served with a specific sales force.

2007 Company Profile


Major foreign customers



Sisteme "U"


GB Supermarket


Al Campo

Albert Heijn






Tengelmann (Plus)




Ahold/Albert Stores

Tesco/ Kipa



Bed Bath & Beyond


Wal Mart-Sam's Club*

Product labeled with Tramontina brand

2007 Company Profile


Pro Approach

Nowadays gourmet food is no more consumed just in restaurants but also at home. Thousands of hobbyist love to cook classy meals in their kitchens. To prepare complex recipes they need a new kind of instruments, similar to the ones used by professional chefs.

Meanwhile TV broadcast dozen of programs about food and cooking, transforming some chefs into celebrities.

The result?

Several new series of pro-style cookware endorsed by famous chefs like Gordon Ramsay or Jamie Oliver.

2007 Company Profile


Pro Approach

PRO Moneta

Alluflon have chosen as testimonials for its PRO Moneta range a couple of young Italian chefs: Ciccio Sultano and Massimo Bottura, both awarded by the Michelin Guide with two stars.

Pro is a range of product specifically designed for who looks for professional performances in the kitchen with a state of the art technology combined with unique Italian design.

Next months the new Gordon Ramsay’s hard anodized range will be in UK stores branded by Moneta.

2007 Company Profile


Functional Approach

Alluflon studied with a survey consumers’ point of view about cookware merchandising in superstores. The results show that shoppers would like a different way to merchandise and communicate products in the shelves.

Traditional placement with products listed by diameter and shape is considered anonymous and not helpful. Consumers would like products that communicate their function, for example which way of cooking or what kind of foods certain pans and pots are suited for .

2007 Company Profile


Functional Approach

Recipe suitable for this product

Number of servings you can prepare with this pan

Product specifications

An example of Moneta “Le Specialiste” packaging

Alluflon followed consumers’ suggestions designing its new Moneta “Le Specialiste” range.

With this new approach products are merchandised for their suggested use.

In fact, in “Le Specialiste” range there aren’t pans of different diameter but, for example, a pan for 4 servings of french fries and pan for 2 servings of omelette.

2007 Company Profile


Market Segmentation

There isn’t one kind of customer. There are many, everyone with different needs, tastes and desires.

So cookware has to be designed in different ways to meet the needs of different groups of customers.

2007 Company Profile


Market Segmentation

Moneta JungleFever

Alluflon projected new ranges of products specifically intended for certain group of customers.

With Moneta Jungle Fever promotional range, Alluflon designed a set of cookware with shapes, colours and decorations intended for “first meals”.

Moneta X1 range, instead, is a new promotion conceived for urban singles, with a trendy and young look and shapes optimal for 1-2 servings.

Moneta X1

2007 Company Profile



Modern customer doesn’t want a product that works, he wants a beautiful product that works.

It means that when it’s time to design a new product a manufacturer must care as much about functional performance as about design.

Iuno Moneta Leda

2007 Company Profile



All Alluflon products are manufactured according to the principles of Italian industrial design aiming to create items that combine beauty, effectiveness and usability.

PRO Moneta

2007 Company Profile



Moneta Tentazioni

Seasonally fashion changes. Colours and decorations are substituted by others, different trends inspire every year industrial design. Even in a traditional industry as cookware production, firms must be ready to change and adapt their offer to a fast paced and fast changing taste.

2007 Company Profile



Moneta NaturalColor

In a fast changing environment Alluflon manages to keep track of this changes thanks to its proactive product design attitude and its industrial know-how that guarantees a short “time to market” for its products.

Every season Alluflon presents new cookware designed to capturing the spirit of time.

2007 Company Profile


Private labels

2007 Company Profile


“Private labels”

Alluflon has been chosen by several major retail groups as privileged partner and manufacturer of “private label” products.

Alluflon has a real ‘complete package’ service to offer even to the most demanding retailer willing to develop its own custom brand, including preliminary marketing and merchandising analysis including, for example, issues like:

Market analysis;

Product range analysis and positioning

Packaging design.

2007 Company Profile


“Private labels”

Alluflon produces "private label“ ranges for the following retail chains:




Sisteme "U"



Al Campo



other customers are served under “exclusive” brand names

2007 Company Profile


Curtain Coating

Curtain coating is a new way to varnish aluminum disc with non stick coatings.

With this system the non stick coating flows out of a slit and falls under gravity onto a conveyor belt . The result is a smoother surface and a higher thickness of the internal coating in comparison with standard roller coated application.

Alluflon uses its own patented curtain coating system called OCS in several of its new ranges.

Laboratory tests certifies that OCS guarantees better non stick performances, higher resistance to scratches and abrasions and a smoother surface.

2007 Company Profile



Induction hobs are becoming everyday more popular as the state of the art cooking appliances.

Loved by architects for their hi-tech look and by gourmands for their performances, induction is recognized as the new way of cooking.

Alluflon created a new range of products, Moneta Magnetica, for the people who want to mix the benefits of induction with the boost and convenience of non stick aluminium cookware.

2007 Company Profile


Thermal Sensors

The issues of energy saving and environmental sustainability are becoming everyday more crucials in contemporary world.

Also in cookware something could be done to avoid the waste of resources.

Alluflon designed an innovative thermal sensor “The Energysaver”, a colour change flameguard, that communicate when a pan or a pot reaches the optimal cooking temperature enabling people to turn down the heat avoiding the misspending of energy, along with perfect cooking performances.

Thermal sensor contributes also to increase the life of cookware avoiding thermal shocks and overheat that could damage it.

2007 Company Profile


Silicone Handles

Silicone is the material that is changing the handles design in cookware today.

This material with its features mixes the stay cool benefits of bakelite with the versatility of stainless steel, in fact, silicone is oven safe.

Also silicone handles with their softness have greater ergonomics and contribute to a better cooking experience.

Alluflon uses silicone handles in some of its high end produtcs like PRO Moneta.

2007 Company Profile


The production system

2007 Company Profile


The production system

Alluflon is, first of all, a manufacturing company that based its growth and success on the constant introduction of new technologies and products with the final goal to provide our customers with long term business opportunities and the end users with the best products for their needs

Alluflon uses today three separated production lines depending on the type of coating applied:

the Roller coating line

the Spraying line

and the new OCS production line

2007 Company Profile



All our kitchenware is made in pure aluminium (99,5%) suitable for food;

Depending on the use, our products span through the widest spectrum of aluminium gauges, from the lowest (suitable for bakery) to the highest (6 mm).

All our accessories, often unique in their proprietary shapes, are manufactured with the best materials, ranging from bakelite, black or colored, to silicone and the best quality stainless steel.

2007 Company Profile


Internal coating

Alluflon non-stick coatings cover the widest range of applications:

Artech® & Artech Plus®, the classic 2/3 layer non-stick coating

Durek® - the new reinforced three layer coating with an outstanding scratch resistance, ensuring the best mix between surface hardness and non-stick features.

DuPont® - Alluflon is DuPont licensee. A significant share of our product is coated with a complete range of DuPont non stick coatings from Teflon Classic to Teflon Platinum Pro on Titanium Base (Plasma Spray Technology)

Original Curtain System ® - The exclusive technology for the application of PTFE which makes the non-stick surface tougher and smoother

2007 Company Profile



Alluflon S.p.A.

Località Pianacci

P.O. Box 12

61040 Mondavio (PU) - Italy

Phone +39 0721 9801

Fax +39 0721 979810


June 2007 edition

2007 Company Profile