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La Bolduc: collectionscanada.gc/4/4/m2-1033-e.html PowerPoint Presentation
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La Bolduc: collectionscanada.gc/4/4/m2-1033-e.html

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La Bolduc: collectionscanada.gc/4/4/m2-1033-e.html - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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La Bolduc: The Dumbells:

I am the owner, or an agent authorized to act on behalf of the owner, of the copyrighted work described.
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La Bolduc:

The Dumbells:

Emily Carr: Group of 7 (Tom Thomson’s artwork): Pickford : Richard: Naismith: Arthur Currie: Prince: McCrae: Bishop: McPhail: McClung: Murphy: & Banting (Charles Best & Fredrick Banting): Woodsworth: Douglas:

Terry Fox: Gretzky: Orr: Howe : Maud Montgomery: Horton : Bondar: Atwood : Elliot Trudeau: B Pearson:

William Lyon Mackenzie King: (Bobbie) Rosenfeld: Peterson:

Shania Twain:

Should you use Wikipedia to conduct your research?

Can you think of any examples of sites that would be considered “good” research sites?

questions to ask when considering a site
Questions to ask when considering a site…

What does the URL (the address of the website or Internet file) tell you?

Is it somebody’s personal page? Look for a personal name following a tilde (~) a % sign of the words “users” “members” or “people”

What type of domain does it come from?

Government sites: .gov; .mil

Educational sites: .edu

Province/Country codes: .ca; .on; ;qc; .uk

*these are not always controlled

questions to ask when considering a site1
Questions to ask when considering a site…

Look at the author of the page

Is the author a person, organization, group, etc.

Are credentials listed?

*in history especially you want to avoid hobbyists and self-proclaimed experts!

How up-to-date is the page? Is the information “stale” (does this affect your research?)

Look at the content of the page

Does the information seem correct, is it organized logically?

Is the page a rant, extreme view, personal opinion?

some potentially useful sites
Some potentially useful sites…

CBC Archives:

Canadian Military History Gateway:

Library & Archives Canada:

Historica Dominion Institute:

The Canadian War Museum:

The Virtual Gramophone:

Canadian Museum of Civilization:

Women in Canadian History:

Virtual Museum of Canada:

what about images
What about Images….

While there are a plethora of images available on the Internet, many of them are not “free”

To ensure you are only using “legal” images, try searching these sites:

GettyImages - search royalty-free images at:

Flickr - go to "advanced search" and select "only search within creative commons" at:

Google Images - go to "advanced search" and under "usage" select images that are "labelled for reuse" at:

Stock XChng Photos - this site is also owned by GettyImages - search free images at:

how to cite textual information
How to cite textual information…

Please use the following online bibliography maker, located at this web address:

This online tool takes the information you enter and creates a properly formatted bibliography for you

If you would like more information regarding proper citation of sources, please use the following online APA style guide, located at this web address:

Once on the site, select “Reference List: Electronic Resources” and follow the citation instructions and explanations provided