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Business Class Software Solutions

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Business Class Software Solutions. Tony Farrell Software & Peripherals Business Manager. Agenda. Addressing customer pain points Deployment Connection Protection Support Disposal Integration with our software partners Opportunities for extra revenue.

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Business Class Software Solutions

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business class software solutions

Business Class Software Solutions

Tony Farrell

Software & Peripherals Business Manager

  • Addressing customer pain points
    • Deployment
    • Connection
    • Protection
    • Support
    • Disposal
  • Integration with our software partners
  • Opportunities for extra revenue
challenges in the pc it environment
Challenges in the PC IT environment
  • Reduced IT Budgets
  • Increased productivity pressures


Data Migration

Increased Security Requirements

Universal Network Access

Corporate Green Objectives

Deskside Support


ThinkVantage Technologies – Highly manageable tools for productivity, security & cost savings

ImageUltraBuilderGet out of the imaging rat race!

Productivity Center

One-touch access to TVT’s & more!

Access Connections

Seamlessly switch all the things that change when you change locations!

Client Security Solution

PC Security at your fingertip!

Secure Data Disposal

- Wipe your hard drive clean!

Power Manager

Manage your company’s green profile!

Strategic Partners





Rescue and Recovery

Your helpdesk behind the blue button!

System Migration Assistant

Move from your old system to your new one in a snap!

Update Retriever

Manage all driver, BIOS, and TVT updates

lenovo imageultra builder
Lenovo ImageUltra Builder
  • A fee-based TVT
  • Saves time and money, increases productivity
  • I.T. departments to deploy fewer images—often only one—across their enterprise.
  • TBR –> can deliver deployment savings in excess of 50% while significantly reducing deployment time.
  • Reduction in expenses related to testing image compatibility
  • Elimination of high costs involved in rebuilding numerous images from scratch.
  • Simplifies the process and makes it more efficient
  • Adds speed and efficiency to your network and business.

System Migration Assistant 6.0

  • What does it do?
  • Quick and easy migration of data and settings from your old system to the new one
  • Full customization gives IT complete control
  • What is New?
  • Compatible with Microsoft Windows Vista & Windows 7
  • Improved handing of firewalls during the
  • migration process

Rescue & Recovery

…simple user interface


A pre-OS environment for recovery…

ThinkVantage Rescue and Recovery


ThinkVantage Productivity Center

A personal assistant for your PC that won’t interrupt your day.

  • What does it do?
    • Built-in self help
    • Automated maintenance

ThinkVantage Productivity Center Customization

System Support

Common Problems

I can’t log in to my PC (passwords)

My PC isn’t running well or seems to have a virus

I can’t connect in Windows

User Support – On Line

Click Here to start

User Support – Direct

Before You Call…


thinkvantage power manager
ThinkVantage Power Manager
  • Easy Power Management
  • Centrally-managed power usage agendas – Active Directory compliant
  • Extremely easy-to-use slider control to shift from high performance to high efficiency

Never typed,

Never cracked…

…never forgotten!

Password Manager

client security solution
Client Security Solution
  • Safeguards data by using dedicated security hardware (built-in Trusted Platform Module) to protect passwords and digital certificates.
  • Hardware is combined with software to securely manage passwords and the users logon credentials
  • Leveraging biometrics.
  • Fingerprint readers on ThinkPad models, and fingerprint keyboards are optional on ThinkCentres, ThinkStations, ThinkServers
  • Hardware Password Manager
  • innovative, fee-based feature called Hardware Password Manager (HPM).
  • Centrally manage all the hardware passwords on a PC
  • Using standard Active Directory password management in Microsoft® Windows®.
hardware password manager
Hardware Password Manager

The security of hardware passwords…

…the manageability of Windows passwords!

Full hard drive encryption with native Windows password management and reset

  • Best available security – no memory freeze vulnerability
  • Seamless integration with active directory
  • No compatibility issues of software full-drive encryption
  • No performance hit – this is hardware-based encryption
  • Easy to use – reduce helpdesk calls and costs
  • BIOS settings protected from users

The SecureDoc For Lenovo

  • The Leading Disk Encryption Management Platform for Lenovo Notebooks that Supports Heterogeneous IT Environments
  • A full-disk encryption (FDE) solution for management of self-encryption Opal hard drives
  • Lenovo ThinkPad laptops now be among the first PCs to offer Opal FDE drives for an enhanced level of security and manageability for IT administrators.
  • SecureDoc also delivers fully-managed software encryption for PCs without FDE hard drives.
  • Integrates with ThinkVantage tools such as Rescue and Recovery.
  • Comes with an enterprise-class console to reduce administrative costs to manage data security profiles and monitor thousands of end-point devices running on Windows, Mac, or Linux platforms.
  • Learn More
winmagic for lenovo solution
WinMagic for Lenovo Solution
  • WinMagicSecureDoc for Lenovo launched February, 2011
  • SecureDoc for Lenovo manages all clients from a single console
    • Software encryption for any client
    • Opal management for any PC with an Opal drive
    • Hardware Password Manager on Think PCs with self-encrypting drives
  • Differentiated Lenovo Features
    • Compatibility with Rescue and Recovery
    • Full support for UPEK fingerprint reader

Update Retriever for Administrator

Search for drivers by model & updates for all your Lenovo systems


ThinkVantage Administrator Tools:

  • Utilities for central administration
    • Access Connections Profile creation / distribution
    • Rescue & Recovery & Client Security Solution central policy control
    • Power usage agenda creation / distribution
    • Fingerprint setting central control
    • Update Retriever / Thin Installer for custom control
    • System Migration Assistant
    • AutoLock
  • Implementation Guides
  • Customization tools including “Blue Button
  • http://support.lenovo.comand search for “TVT admin”
why lenovo software
Why Lenovo Software?

ThinkVantage Technologies

Lenovo-unique Integrated Software

Reduce PC Operating Costs, Improve Security

Unique features only available from Lenovo

Powerful tools - free on Lenovo PCs, fee for others

  • Stronger PC security
  • Simple Connectivity
  • Reduced Hardware Failures
  • Crash Recovery & Resilience
  • Reduced Power Consumption
  • Asset Tracking

What if I have a mixed PC environment?

  • Many ThinkVantage tools are available for non-Lenovo PCs
    • Modest software license fee
    • Free on all Lenovo platforms
    • Average cost likely lower than any competing solutions
  • Available for fee:
    • Rescue and Recovery
    • Access Connections
    • Image Ultra Builder
    • System Migration Assistant
    • Productivity Center
    • Secure Data Disposal
thinkvantage strategy windows 7 and beyond
ThinkVantage Strategy – Windows 7 and Beyond
  • Client Security
  • Power Manager
  • System Migration Assistant
  • GPS
  • Continue to “embrace & extend” the Microsoft architecture
  • Ultra-fast boot times with all TVTs loaded (~20 seconds)
  • Maintain high-value mature ThinkVantage Technologies
    • Access Connections
    • Rescue and Recovery
    • Image Ultra
    • System Update
  • Discontinue TVT utilities with Win7 overlap
    • Support XP for transition period, no port to Win7
    • Products affected:
      • Presentation Director
      • Camera Centre
      • Message Centre
  • Drive new innovation content
    • Replaced Productivity Center  ThinkVantage Toolbox
    • Hardware Password Manager
    • Simple Tap: multi-touch experience

Install Now

Selectable TVTs

  • Features
    • Users can select which TVTs they install
    • Key value is customer choice
  • Benefits
    • Customers still get valued TVT capability
    • Ability to keep high system performance
    • Improved battery life.
    • Less impact to boot and shutdown times from preinstalled TVTs
    • Say no to bloatware!

What’s special about Windows® 7 Lenovo Enhanced Experience PCs?

The Lenovo Windows® 7 Lenovo Enhanced Experience PCs are:

FASTQuicker boot and shutdown times than standard Windows® 7 PCs (or Vista or XP)

Built for BusinessRobust hardware, productivity and mobility features

SecureSelf-encrypting drive, hardware password manager, fingerprintreader, full-function backup & recovery manager


What is Enhanced Experience 2.0?

Lenovo Enhanced Experience 2.0 is a new generation of the Enhanced Experience certification launched in October 2009. It includes improved Windows start-up performance, and enhanced features for business and multimedia use.


* Refers to IdeaPad Y570 with RapidDrive


Faster start up and shut down

Lenovo Enhanced Experience 2.0 PCs deliver faster performance compared to a typical Windows 7 computer*….




Time taken to shutdown from Windows.

Time taken to wake up your PC from sleep mode



Time taken from power on until boot complete (defined as CPU no longer being used to load Windows 7 and start-up applications).





Average Competitor Win7 PC

Average Lenovo EE2.0 PC

Average Competitor Win7 PC

Average Lenovo EE2.0 PC

Average Competitor Win7 PC

Average Lenovo EE2.0 PC

* Compares averaged data from Lenovo EE2.0 PCs with averaged data from 42 competitor products of similar configuration. For more details on the testing methodology please refer to the appendix of this document. Performance will vary by model and configuration.

lenovo more layers of security than any competitor
Lenovo: more layers of security than any competitor
  • Hardware
  • Encrypting drives
  • Integrated Fingerprint reader
  • Intel Anti-Theft (AT) technology
  • Trusted Platform Module (TPM)
  • Bios
  • Hardware Password Manager
  • BIOS port locking
  • Fingerprint authentication to BIOS
  • CompuTrace by Absolute in BIOS
  • Software
  • CompuTrace &
  • CompuTrace AT
  • Rescue & Recovery
  • Password Manager
  • Client Security Solution
  • Sophos Safeguard
  • Enterprise
  • SophosPrivateDisk
  • Symantec Security Suite
  • (preloaded & 90 day trial)
  • Options
  • Privacy Screen Filters
  • Cable locks
  • USB keyboard with Smart Card reader
  • USB keyboard w/fingerprint reader
  • Self-encrypting USB drive
  • Self-encrypting solid state drive





computrace for lenovo
CompuTrace for Lenovo

Executive, Financial, & Research data is high value

  • Offers remote data delete, GPS tracking, IP forensics
  • Over 70% asset recovery rate

Computracew/Intel Anti-Theft

Intel® AT Detection Mechanisms & Action:

The system keeps track of an IT-determined number of login failures in PBA

Works even when no network available

ExcessiveLogin Failures

PC must rendezvous with Theft Management Server periodically.

Local timer keeps track of this activity and triggers a response upon expiration (per IT policy),

Local Timer


User notifies loss/theft to Server

PC is flagged in central server.

PC Calls Home regularly and receives ‘poison pill’


PC becomes inoperable

OS will not boot

Only Reactivation Screen is available

PC Disable

what about tablets
What About Tablets?
  • Computrace Mobile Basic for Android

Asset AdministrationManage IT assets, monitor changes in asset information including user identification, physical location, alerts, and installation of hardware and software that may not comply with government or company regulations.

Data & Device SecurityAccurately and remotely delete data on missing devices and produce an audit log for proof of compliance. Communicate to end users by freezing a computer and displaying a custom message. Access and retrieve files from a device regardless of its location.

GeotechnologyUse GPS or Wi-Fi technology to track assets on an internet map. View current and historical locations. Create geofences that will trigger alerts if a device crosses a predefined boundary.

Theft RecoveryThe Absolute Theft Recovery Team will forensically mine a stolen computer over the internet, determine the location and work with local police agencies to recover the device.

safeguard enterprise
SafeGuard Enterprise

What is it?

Comprehensive data security: centrally managed by a single console

PC Full Disk Encryption

Data leakage prevention

Network encryption

Data LeakagePrevention (DLP)

Removable Media



Port Control

Vista BitLocker Support

  • Removable media encryption
  • Port Control
  • Management of MS Bitlocker

Full DiskEncryption

sophos lenovo unique value new in sgn 5 35
Sophos & Lenovo Unique Value New in SGN 5.35

Single Finger Swipe to Sign-on

from Power-on to Windows

from Hibernate to Windows

from Standby to Windows

No other software encryption solution has this feature

ThinkVantage Rescue & Recovery integration with Safeguard Encryption – RnR 4.21 now supported!

Extensive joint testing ensures solutions are compatible

Data Availability (R&R), Data Integrity (R&R and SGN), and Data Confidentiality (SGN)

lenovo thinkmanagement console a free solution that can easily be expanded when need arises
Lenovo ThinkManagement Console- A Free Solution That can Easily be Expanded When Need Arises

ThinkVantage Inventory and Reporting Only

Captures results of the local diagnostics Only

Out-of-band management

Partner Integration (requires partner software on client)

Client license included with IBM/Lenovo clients bought after 1 Jan 2002 (Think and Lenovo 3000 clients)

Advanced Remote HW Diagnostics

Display Management

Hardware Leasing thru IGF

Full Hard Drive


LANDesk Management Suite For ThinkVantageUpgradeable to a Performance Tuned Client Management Solution

Out-of-band management

Partner Integration (requires partner software on client)

Business Analysis &


Full Hard Drive


IP Softphone Enablement

Hardware Lease Management

Remote Display Management

Advanced Remote HW Diagnostics

Central Password Management

what about tablets1
What About Tablets?
  • Lenovo ThinkMangement Console – embedded
    • Discovery, Inventory & Wipe
  • Light Touch / Zero Touch Provisioning Tool
    • Adds Remote OS Configuration, Set Up and Distribution
  • LANDesk Mobility Manager
    • SW Distribution, OS & App Patch, Policy Management