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asos. vs. badger. Badger. ASOS. ASOS uses a very good way of communicating with all users. They have a Very good website, as they use sub headings and there is options within the site and a great range of clothing for everyone including children women men etc.

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  • ASOS uses a very good way of communicating with all users.
  • They have a Very good website, as they use sub headings and there is options within the site and a great range of clothing for everyone including children women men etc.
  • On the other hand, badger have a very bad way of communicating with their users.
  • There website is very basic and there is no flexibility, you cannot view products and are not able to see what they have for sale.
  • They don’t use sub headings to make it clear.
asos communication methods
ASOS communication methods
  • ASOS has many ways of communicating with their users, they have a Facebook, and twitter page which provides users with new information and deals on. It is also huge benefit for ASOS as they will pick up much more customers through popular sites such as twitter and Facebook.
  • They have newsletters which are updated every single day.
  • Models for each one of there products with a 360 degree view, zoom, catwalk and videos in full colour, which shows they are up to date on all the new technology unlike badger.
  • There is a chat forum available within the site.
  • Magazine which includes all of there clothing range.
  • ASOS also have a life blog.
  • Help forum
  • You can even send text messages to them
  • have a wide variety of discounts and special offers displayed all over there website.
  • YouTube videos
  • Live service update, so you can see what's going on within ASOS live 24/7 (such as how many products there selling etc)
badgers communication methods
Badgers communication methods
  • They have an online magazine that has no flexibility at all, you have to go through there magazine page by page and cannot choose what you want to look at.
  • You cannot buy online, you have to go to the shop and buy, which is a very bad method of selling and is allot of hassle for someone who lives far away from the shop.
  • Unlike ASOS, they don’t have a wide variety of clothes to choose from.
  • They have a telephone number which is at the end of the magazine, so you have to go all the way through the magazine just to find a way of contacting them. whereas ASOS provides a telephone number on the main page.
  • Send a message
a view of asos wide variety of clothing
A view of ASOS wide variety of clothing

There is a wide variety of clothing, with sub headings which makes it clear. There is lots to explore and look at. There is also a search box where you can search for the exact thing your looking for.

a view of badgers menswear magazine
A view of badgers menswear magazine

Unlike ASOS, you can only flick through pages one by one and cannot choose what you want to look at. It is a very limited to what you can look at and do in the magazine, which proves that there website is very basic compared to ASOS.

asos clothing
ASOS clothing


A zoom button

Has a watch video of the clothing which is very advanced compared to badgers.

For each and every clothing on the ASOS website they give a very clear image of the clothes with a model wearing them, a zoom button, and a 360 degree picture so you can view the clothes from all different angles. They also give a very wide description about the clothes and a price and plenty of paying methods which suite you.

badgers clothing
Badgers clothing

Badgers have a very basic way of presenting there clothing compared to ASOS, as they only show a picture with no advanced options such as zoom, 360 degree etc like ASOS.

badgers magazine also have a model for each one of their products which is a similarities, however unlike ASOS they give no information what so ever about them, no price, what sizes they do, weather they got stock left etc. And unlike ASOS you can’t even buy online when it is an online magazine you have to go into the shop to buy, which is a huge let down.

a view of some of the discount offers from asos
A view of some of the discount offers from ASOS

ASOS provide lots of different discount offers everyday which makes customers want to buy there clothing while offers are on

a view of badgers discount offers
A view of Badgers discount offers

Like ASOS badgers also have an offer on, but only have one and don’t really update and provide new offers often like ASOS.


Both ASOS and Badgers magazine have very few similarities:

1) You can contact both websites, (ASOS has more ways of contacting) as you can only call badgers and send a message.

2)You can email both websites.

3) Both websites have models for each of there clothing, however ASOS has a much more detailed and advanced way of showing there models wearing the clothing with (360 degree view, zoom, cat walk, video etc)

4) Both websites have offers on, but ASOS has a much broader range of discount offers, and have new offers come in regularly.

These are the only main similarities as they are two very different websites with badger being very basic in comparison to ASOS.

advantages of having facebook and twitter for asos
Advantages of having Facebook and twitter for ASOS
  • There are many advantages of having a Facebook and twitter account as they are very popular websites used by millions of people across the world which picks up lots of publicity for ASOS. Within the twitter and Facebook page ASOS provide lots of detail on there website and all there offers, ways of contacting them, etc.
  • Twitter and facebook is also very useful for people using it for the ASOS website as you can get instant updates on to your phone.
  • Badger has no twitter or Facebook websites which is a major disadvantage for them, also for the people that use there website as they will not get all the updates etc as you do from ASOS.
advantages of having an online magazine and a paper magazine
Advantages of having an online magazine and a paper magazine

ASOS provide both an online magazine and a paper magazine which is a huge benefit, the benefits of this are that all customers have an option with weather they want to read through the magazine online ,or just read it as a paper magazine. Also not everyone has access to the internet at all times so it is much easier just to read a paper magazine as you can look and view products whenever you may choose to.

Online magazine

benefits of the online chat on asos
Benefits of the online chat on ASOS

It is a huge benefit for the ASOS website having on an online chat, as it gives customers a chance to talk with other customers and find out about ASOS and weather they are a reliable and good website to be using. They can find out other peoples experiences of using ASOS.

ASOS chat forum is towards the bottom of there page.

The best?

The best website by far is ASOS, it has so much more to offer from a wide variety of clothes, lots of offers and discounts on all over the website, good clear descriptions of clothing, sub headings which make it very easy to find what your looking for. search box, so you can even just search for that exact product you want to purchase, and there are many ways of contacting them and much more. There is also many ways of buying and purchasing there clothing, whereas badgers only way of buying involves travelling to there shop.

In comparison to badger it is so much more advanced with technology and offers so much more. It is a very customer pleasing website with all the ways of communicating with them and all the offers they have on unlike badgers who are basic and boring.