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  1. Sea Anemone Clownfish Butterflyfish Clownfish live among the stinging tentacles of sea anemones – they are adapted to be immune to the tentacles. These tentacles sting fish that try to eat the clownfish, keeping the clownfish safe! The Butterfly Fish eats sea anemones. The anemone is protected from being eaten by the Butterfly Fish by the clownfish. It also gets some food particles while the clownfish is eating, and the clownfish attracts prey for the anemone. Cleaner Shrimp Angelfish Cleaner Shrimp The cleaner shrimp uses the anemone for protection. The cleaner shrimp eats particles (sometimes parasites) off the Angelfish and other fish. The angelfish is kept free of parasites by the cleaner shrimp.

  2. Sea Anemone Anemone Anemone Anemones are food for many fish including the Butterfly Fish. Provides a safe place for cleaner shrimp to live. Anemones use the coral as a substrate to live on. Coral Reef Fish Isopod Any reef fish may become the host to isopods, which use them for nutrients. Corals provide “housing” for many creatures including anemones. The isopod uses fish for nutrients.

  3. Coral Reefs Grouper Coral Many coral can survive because they have zooxanthellae to provide the coral with food resulting from photosynthesis. Because of the zooxanthellae’s dependence on light, reef corals require clear water. Groupers can range from about a foot long to over a meter. Sharks are one of the few sea creatures they need to worry about eating them! People hunt fish in reefs, they collect small fish for aquariums and they break off pieces of coral for collections. Sea Grouper Reef Shark Zooxanthellae Tiny plant cells called zooxanthellae live within most types of coral polyps. The coral polyps provide the cells with a protected environment and the nutrients they need to carry out photosynthesis. Sharks near a reef rely on large fish like groupers for their nutrition. Groupers eat other fish including Butterfly fish.

  4. People Butterfly Fish Butterfly Fish as juveniles are food for many larger fish such as grouper. Humans hunt fish in reefs, they collect small fish for aquariums and they break off pieces of coral for collections.