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The True Entity of All Phenomena PowerPoint Presentation
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The True Entity of All Phenomena

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The True Entity of All Phenomena - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The True Entity of All Phenomena. Ryan Motoyama Linda Myring Jay Williams. Ten Worlds Mutual Possession. Hell Hunger Animality Anger Rapture Humanity Learning Realization Bodhisattva Buddhahood. Each world is endowed with all the other worlds. The Nine Consciousnesses.

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the true entity of all phenomena

The True Entityof All Phenomena

Ryan Motoyama

Linda Myring

Jay Williams

ten worlds mutual possession
Ten WorldsMutual Possession
  • Hell
  • Hunger
  • Animality
  • Anger
  • Rapture
  • Humanity
  • Learning
  • Realization
  • Bodhisattva
  • Buddhahood

Each world is

endowed with all

the other worlds.

the nine consciousnesses
The Nine Consciousnesses

The First Five Consciousnesses:

Hearing, sight, smell, touch and taste.

Sixth Consciousness: Mind Consciousness – The sixth level is the thinking mind which integrates the information we receive from the five senses.

the nine consciousnesses5
The Nine Consciousnesses

Seventh Consciousness:

Corresponds to the thinking and aware self which discerns value and is the area of motivation and intention, much of it subconscious.

Eighth Consciousness (Karmic Storehouse):

All our experiences are filtered through the initial seven layers of consciousness and stored in the eighth, which exists as an unconscious memory of all our previous actions and reactions. This influences our reactions at any given time, based on our past experiences, including those of previous lifetimes.

buddha nature ninth consciousness
Buddha NatureNinth Consciousness
  • Nam-myoho-renge-kyo – the basis of all spiritual functions and is identified with the true entity of life.
  • The fundamental, original and absolutely pure consciousness which is universal and constitutes the essence of our lives.
  • Without tapping the ninth, our destiny lies in the eighth – and is fixed.
the three truths threefold truth why we chant the ten factors three times
Kutai, Ku - truth of non-substantiality or spiritual aspect of life

Ketai, Ke - truth of temporary, physical, or material existence

Chutai, Chu - truth of the middle way, that force or energy that binds and harmonizes ku and ke.

Not three separate things.

It does not mean to steer a middle course between extremes;

It means to unify and transcend duality.

The Three Truths (Threefold Truth)Why we chant the ten factors three times.
ten factors
Ten Factors
  • APPEARANCE - physical aspect
  • NATURE - mental aspect
  • ENTITY - substance, life itself
  • POWER -inherent energy
  • INFLUENCE -influence of power
  • INHERENT CAUSE - habit of karma
  • RELATION -external cause
  • LATENT EFFECT - potential effect
  • MANIFEST EFFECT - visible outcome
  • CONSISTENCY FROM BEGINNING TO END - binds together the other nine factors