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Cindella. English and polish version of cinderella. A thousand years ago there was a little girl called Cindella. She was only 13 years old and was a slave Since her grandma Elizabeth died she has been extremely lonely. One.

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English and polish version of cinderella

A thousand years ago there was a little girl called Cindella. She was only 13 years old and was a slave

Since her grandma Elizabeth died she has been extremely lonely.


day she got adopted and lived in a fancy hotel called Tower of London.

She was adopted by Ms Maria

. She had three sons Lech, Rus and Czech.

Everyone took advantage of Cindella. When she was sad, she went by the river Wisła. There lived her friend, eagle. He has got one wing white and one red. Only he could really understand her.

- - I’m so miserable- said Cindella.
  • I’m also sad – said eagle.
  • - Why? – asked Cindella.

- Tatars’ arrow hit my wing

. If you take it out I’ll fulfil your three



Cried eagle

- Don’t worry, I’ll do it carefully

- said Cindella.

- Thank you for your help. You are the most amazingfriend I have ever had.

three wishes

Now tell me - what are your

- My first wish is to go to a


at the most wonderful

and expensive place: Royal Opera


I would

loveto try the delicious food they serve

such as Shepard’s pie, roast lamb, fish and chips and Yorkshire
  • pudding. My second wish is to go on the London Eye.
. - And I’ll use my third wish later.
  • - Well, I know that you’ll use it wisely. Good luck! –said eagle.
  • Cindella came back to the hotel to change her clothes The youngest brother Rus saw her. He hated her.
- Monster, what are you doing here? – asked Rus.
  • - It isn’t your business!!!- replayed Cindella.
  • - Ok, you’re rude for me! Mummy!!!!- screamed Rus.
  • - What’s going on, my dear son?- asked Ms Maria.
  • - This awful Cindella doesn’t respect me!- said Rus.
- You mustn’t leave the hotel!- told Ms Maria to Cindella.
  • Rus and his mother went out. But a girl put her dress on.
  • And she went through the window. She got in the red ‘Warszawa’( the old Polish mark of car). When she arrived to palace she saw a beautiful prince. His name was Mikołaj
Kopernik. Not long time later, she was dancing

‘Kujawiak’(the Polish folk dance) with prince.

with prince.s uddenly,

Cindella recalled the

eagle’s warning: ‘Remember when you

hear the bugle-call from

the tower of St. Mary’s Church, you have to come back to the hotel! If you do not do it in time, there will be no third wish!”

Suddenly, the girl heard the bell. She rushed to the exit. Out of the blue, her sly, evil stepbrother appeard in front of her.

“What on earth are you doing here you silly girl?”

- the boy shouted angrily. Cindella felt as scared as a rabbit in a trap. All of a sudden, the magical eagle appeared. “ Oh my dearest friend, you are just in time. I have decided to say my third wish.” – said Cindella nervously. “ I wish my mean stepmother and stepbroter
became kind and helpful people.” A second later the wish came true because instead of shouting at Sally the stepbrother apologised politely for disrupting her party and dissapeard into thin air.
One sunny day Cindella and her beloved prince got married in St Paul’s Cathedral. They lived happily ever after.