diary of the wimpy k id dog d ays n.
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Diary of the Wimpy K id “Dog D ays.” PowerPoint Presentation
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Diary of the Wimpy K id “Dog D ays.”

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Diary of the Wimpy K id “Dog D ays.” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Diary of the Wimpy K id “Dog D ays.”. Author: Jeff Kinney Date/year published: 2009 By: L esly Tirado. Setting.

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diary of the wimpy k id dog d ays

Diary of the Wimpy Kid“Dog Days.”

Author: Jeff Kinney

Date/year published: 2009

By: LeslyTirado


Most of the story takes place in Greg’s house because Greg and his oldest brother Rodrick fight a lot especially with their youngest brother . The other half the story takes place takes place in school because Greg and his best friend Rowley get beat up by the 8th graders.

c haracters
  • Greg-owner of “diary” and the whole book is based in his point of view.
  • Rodrick-he is the oldest brother of the family and his favorite hobby is to pick on Greg
  • Manny-youngest person in the family when he does something bad he like blame things on Greg
  • Rowley-Greg’s best friend he tells him all his secrets
p roblem

Greg’s dad used to have a pet dog but his dad(Greg’s grandpa) accidently ran the dog over and told his son (Greg's dad) that his dog ran away as a little boy. Then 10 years later he finally tell him the truth and says that his dog didn’t run away that he accidently ran him over. Then Greg’s dad gets upset and buys a new dog. Now Greg is stuck with a pet dog that he doesn't like.


Greg wants learn more about how to take care of a dog so he ends up learning about his new dog and finds out that he can do tricks and ends up liking him.

my opinion
My Opinion

My opinion to this book was, that it was a good book and that I liked it and that more people should read it as well.

about the author
About the author
  • Jeff Kinney is an online game developer and desinger he was named one of the best time magazine’s