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Primavera Highlights During COLLABORATE PowerPoint Presentation
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Primavera Highlights During COLLABORATE

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Primavera Highlights During COLLABORATE - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Primavera Highlights During COLLABORATE.  Primavera Key Note : Making the Most of Your Oracle Primavera Investment Dick Faris, Primavera Co-Founder & Oracle Senior Vice President Tues 9:15 am Room 102B

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primavera highlights during collaborate

Primavera Highlights During COLLABORATE

Primavera Key Note: Making the Most of Your Oracle Primavera Investment

Dick Faris, Primavera Co-Founder & Oracle Senior Vice President Tues 9:15 am Room 102B

Overview and Roadmap of Primavera Contract ManagementMon 2:30pm Room 101B

Oracle Primavera Enterprise Project Portfolio Management Roadmap Tues 10:30am Room 102B

 Oracle Primavera Executive Q&A Session Weds 4:00pm Room 102B

 OPSIG Welcome and Membership Meeting Weds 5:00pm Room 102B

 OPSIG Kiosk Booth #230 –meet the OPSIG Board and join. Membership is FREE!

 Oracle Primavera One-On-One Support Clinic. Sign up at the Primavera Pavilion to schedule your session.

 More Primavera Education, Collaboration, and Participation at!

 All COLLABORATE content will be available at beginning May 1st.

Oracle Primavera Special Interest Group



Tracking Project Issues with P6 Web


Brian Criss, PSP

DRMcNatty & Associates, Inc.




  • Overview of the P6 Issue Module
  • Administration of Issues
    • P6 Client & P6 Web
  • Adding new Issues to Projects and customizing output
  • Case Study example



General Overview of Issues in P6 Web

  • Issues represent known problems within a project which require either action or visibility within the organization.
  • Project related Issues can be viewed from any of the following areas within P6 Web.
    • Dashboards
    • Project Workspace
    • Issues tab from either the Project Menu or the Portfolio Menu
  • Issues represent areas for input of text information similar to the functionality of Notebook topics.
  • Much of the functionality related to structuring of Issues is contained solely within P6 Web (not administered in P6 Client).



Issues or Notebooks??

  • Benefits of utilizing the Issue Module
    • Superior Organization of information once entered into the system.
    • Customization of Issue codes allow for the tracking of Organizational specific requirements.
    • Customize entry screens enabling administrators to control what content is required for the entry of the issue



Sample Issue Views in P6 Web

Organize Issues in Table Format or Chart Issues within P6 Web



Administer Issues in P6 Client (version 7 and earlier)

  • Security
    • Users are required to have the proper security privileges to Add, Edit, or Delete project Issues.
  • User Defined Fields
    • Create UDF’s in the P6 Client to enhance reporting and organization capabilities
    • UDF Text fields support up to 255 characters



Issue Administration P6 Web

  • Issue Codes – Issue codes allow for flexibility in grouping and sorting as well as filtering of project issues. Enhances the ability to organize the Issues in a meaningful way.
  • Issue Forms – Issue forms define the information that appears on the “Add Issue” page, administrators can control the information captured for any new issue that is added within the project. Create issue forms to standardize issue information specific to your organization
  • Issue Form Categories – Issue Form Categories allow organizations to structure the custom Issue Forms

Create Issue Codes in P6 Web

To create or modify Issue Codes, choose “Issue Codes” from the Administration menu.

1. Choose “Modify” from upper right portion of the menu screen

2. Choose from options to add a new Issue code or add a new value to an existing Issue Code


Create Issue Codes Values within P6 Web

Create Issue Code Values to help organizations classify the content of the information. Issue Codes allow for grouping and filtering options of Issues contained within P6


Issue Forms

Issue forms enable P6 Web administrators to specify what information is necessary to provide complete information related to an issue.

1) Customize entry from by choosing which fields to Display

2) Identify Required fields which need to be completed in the form

3) Add Issue Codes and User Defined Fields to organize information


Sample Issue Form

General Fields Identify basic information

Assign appropriate Issue Codes

Enter information for User Defined Fields

Enter Text Description


Assign Issues to Projects

  • Once Issue Forms have been created, they are assigned individually to projects in P6 Web.
  • Open a project to which Issues will be assigned to and select “Issue Forms” from the main menu.
  • Select the desired forms from the available list and move to the section for “Selected Issue Forms” using the arrow keys.
admin functions with p6 r8
Admin Functions with P6 r8

P6 r8 provides for all administrative functionality from within a central location. Security and Issue User Defined Fields are all found in P6


Create New Project Issue in P6 Web

Select “Add and Issue” and select the desired form to be completed.

Issue forms can be developed specifically for various types of issues and all forms assigned to the project become available for users to log project information


Customize Issue Information

  • In the Issue View, choose “Customize” to modify and create displays of the information.
  • Options for Grouping and Filtering include “Status”, “Priority”, and “Resolution Date”
  • Options for Grouping and Sorting include Issue Codes and User Defined Fields (created in P6 Client)

Customize View of Issues in P6 Web

  • Columns – Allows for customization of displayed column data
  • Filter – Limit information displayed in the view
  • Group – Choose to group Issue data for ease in viewing and reporting
  • Chart – Create Histograms and Pie Charts of Issue information.
notify project stakeholders automatically when issues have been created or modified
Notify Project Stakeholders Automatically when Issues have been created or modified

1) Users may be automatically notified of new of modified Issues

2) Notifications are set up under the Global Tab on the Preferences screen

case study energy utility
Case Study – Energy Utility
  • Energy Utility expressed a desire for Project Managers to log project information into a centralize system for management visibility.
  • Four main topics were defined for which information would be entered as required by the project
    • Issues / Risks / Decisions / Lessons Learned
  • P6 Notebook topics provided one option for tracking this type of information, but proved inadequate for allowing additional structure to the information for management reporting.
  • P6 Risks were evaluated, however, similar to Notebook topics, did not allow for the required structure for management reporting.
  • P6 Issues were developed to account for all management reporting requirements including detailed text information, priority, proposed resolution dates, responsible party, etc. The Issue module also proved to be scalable to any additional requirements as they became known.

1) Issue Categories were used to classify the four primary types of information to be entered into the P6 Database

2) Issue Forms were created for each of the Issue types and assigned to projects by the P6 Administrator


Issue Codes were developed to satisfy executive reporting requirements

User Defined Fields were created in P6 Client for inclusion in the Issue Forms


Once Issues are entered into the system, Executive reporting can be performed using a wide variety of Grouping and Filtering to accommodate management reporting.

Contact DRMcNatty & Associates, Inc.Corporate. 877.367.7990Facsimile. 877.367.7999web.

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