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To Trigonometry and Beyond!

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To Trigonometry and Beyond! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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To Trigonometry and Beyond!. Introduction Task Process Part 1 Process Part 2 Evaluation Conclusion Teacher’s Page. Introduction.

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To Trigonometry and Beyond!

  • Introduction
  • Task
  • Process Part 1
  • Process Part 2
  • Evaluation
  • Conclusion
  • Teacher’s Page
  • It is the year 2514 A.D. and the president of the United States needs your help. You and your team of two others are the greatest mathematicians of your time. The recent discovery of the planet Spherea has been a big debate in the past years. The president and the King of Spherea, King Orb, have made a diplomatic agreement. King Orb will send resources and new technologies to our world if we, in turn, help teach Spherea about triangles and trigonometry functions. Believe it or not, Spherea is made only of circles, there are no angles and no triangles. They would like very much to learn about these amazing concepts. The president has enlisted you and your team to travel through space, to Spherea and teach the Spherean nation all that you know about triangles. It will the mission of a lifetime and you and your team want to be prepared. It is your job to adequately prepare for your journey. Good luck and have a safe and fun trip!
  • Home

Essential Questions:

  • What is the history of trigonometry? Who were some mathematicians that helped develop it?
  • What are some of the main concepts of trigonometry? How were the theories developed? Do you understand the theories and concepts?
  • What are ways that trigonometry is relevant today? How can it be used in your life?

The Journey:

  • On your flight through space, research your specific area and become an expert.
  • When you land, meet with your team and let them know what you have found out.
  • Create a presentation that can accurately display your findings.
  • Present your findings to the Spherean nation (the class).
  • Home
process part 1
Process Part 1

The first step of your journey is obtaining your role. Decide with your team who gets what role and begin your research.

  • Historian
  • Theorist
  • Advisor
  • Home
  • Process Part 1
  • Your job as a historian is to find out all you can about the history trigonometry. This includes mathematicians, theories, and anything you can find that you think will help the Spherean nation better understand trig concepts (mainly trig functions, Pythagorean theorem and triangles). This job requires a bit of reading.
  • Use the library and internet resources to make your findings.
  • Here are some possible resources:
    • (use with discretion)
    • Home
  • Your job as theorist is to become an expert in the concepts of trigonometry. This includes the trig functions (sin, cos, and tan), the Pythagorean Theorem, and all the types of triangles and their consequent angles. It is important to understand how they work and be able to explain how to use each concept. This role requires a lot of mathematical work and problem solving so that you can explain it to the Spherean nation.
  • Resources to use could include:
    • Your book
  • Your job as the advisor is to become an expert in how trig is used in real life, and how it can be useful to the aliens. Research how we on Earth use trigonometry. Then think of ways that Spherea could use it on their circular planet. You will serve as an advisor to King Orb and his council of Cirlites in ways that they can incorporate these new ideas in Spherea. This job requires creative thinking and problem solving to come up with new and creative ideas.
  • Use the library and internet as resources
  • Possible resources:
    • home
process part 2
Process Part 2
  • Now that you have become an expert on your specific job, it is now time to meet back with your team to debrief each other with what you have learned.
  • Together you must make a presentation (perhaps a power point or a poster) to show the aliens. Make sure it is creative and colorful because the aliens like pictures.
  • After you have prepared your presentation, it is time to show it to the aliens. Each member of your team will present their specific knowledge that they have researched. Remember to use visual aids and be clear and specific.
  • Home
  • You have been on an incredible journey through space to educate an alien nation. Through this journey, you yourself have learned the history, concepts, and applications of trigonometry and have a good understanding of trigonometry as a whole. To assess this knowledge, a test will be given when you get back to Earth.

The King of Spherea thanks you for your hard work. Well Done!


teacher s page
Teacher’s Page
  • This webquest was created for a Technology and Media class at Dordt College. It is intended for a high school trig class.
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