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Success Factors Free Course Material

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Success Factors Free Course Material - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Tekslate Sap Success Factors training helps you to learn tasks in Successfactors, Time Off functionality, XML and DataModels, Compensation management, Set up process dashboards. This sap success factors Course briefly explain how to Manage HCM Process using SAP HCM Cloud Software.

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SAP SuccessFactors Training With Live Projects & Certification - FREE DEMO!!!

SAP SuccessFactors Training With Live

Projects & Certification - FREE DEMO!!!

tekslate.com (https://tekslate.com/sap-successfactors-training/) · by VibeThemes

Course Details

SAP SuccessFactors Overview

SuccessFactors offers an HCM suite in the cloud, covering all major process

areas. The suite is expressive in talent social collaboration, analytics and

management (https://tekslate.com/adobe-analytics-training/). The new release

is SAP SuccessFactors Q4 2016 which maximizes consistency, learnability,

usability, and aesthetic perspective.

Course SAP SuccessFactors TrainingMode of Training Instructor Led Live

Online TrainingDuration 30 hoursTimings Flexible (Our Rep will work with you

on the timings that suits your needs)Course Material Our Expert Trainer will

share you all the necessary course material, ppt’s, videos and pdf’sExamples

Trainer will cover Real time scenarios during the trainingInterview Questions

Click here (https://tekslate.com/interview-questions-on-sap-success-factors/)



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SAP SuccessFactors Training With Live Projects & Certification - FREE DEMO!!!

to see the SAP SuccessFactors Interview QuestionsCertification Click to know

about the SAP SuccessFactors CertificationSalary Trends Check to see the salary

trends here.

The main objective of SAP Success Factors

(https://www.successfactors.com/en_us.html) course is to give an basic idea on

what the real meaning of success factors is, will students able to comprehend the

ways in which SuccessFactors is designed. The trained participants can imbibe

the skills that help in increasing the visibility and effectiveness of HR

organization wide.

One of the objectives of the Successfactor course is to give you the

knowledge of what Success Factors is all about

Determine Success Factors BizXMethodology

Create user directory and employee profile

This course helps you to learn about the features and how the SAP success

factor can be used

Define email notifications

The Successfactor course helps you understand how Success Factors is

being designed

Work on ad-hoc reporting (https://www.logianalytics.com/resources/bi-


Understand EC key features and data models

The course is aimed at providing you with very good knowledge of how the

SAP successfactor functions in HR Cloud Service

Define associations and country specific configuration

Work on position management

Define business rules, manage workflows, and grant role based permissions

Understand Meta Data Framework

Learning this course helps you get a clear understanding of the several

infrastructure layouts as well as understanding of availability and



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SAP SuccessFactors Training With Live Projects & Certification - FREE DEMO!!!

Scalability, You will also learn about the different important stages involved

in setting up this process as a member of an organization.

Advanced concepts of SAP SuccessFactors Q4 2016.

PROFESSIONALS: This course is good for professionals with payroll or

recruitment experience.

ASPIRANTS: Aspirants who have a good level of experience in General Human

Resources module will greatly benefit from this course.

SAP CONSULTANT: Any SAP consultants in need of certification will find

Successfactor very beneficial.

OTHERS: People who can also find Successfactor very beneficial are those with

work force experience and working experts with good degree of knowledge in

SAP HCM modules.

There are no specific prerequisites for SAP SuccessFactors Training Online.

However, functional knowledge in LMS concepts and Learning Methodology is

an added advantage.

Self Paced Learning moves at a pace set by the learner and is cost effective. It

boosts the retention of information simultaneously to a large number of people.

Self paced training is for the people who want to go fast track and want to finish

the course in a minimal time.

On the other hand, Live Online Training takes place at a scheduled event or time

where an Instructor plays an important role throughout the learning process.

The SAP SuccessFactors Training Material and videos are carefully developed in

such a way that even a fresher can easily understand and learn the product at

his/her own pace.



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SAP SuccessFactors Training With Live Projects & Certification - FREE DEMO!!!

Classes are conducted by Certified SAP SuccessFactors Working Professionals

with 100 % Quality Assurance.

With an experienced Certified practitioner who will teach you the essentials you

need to know to kick-start your career on SAP SuccessFactors. Our training

make you more productive with your SAP SuccessFactors Training Online. Our

training style is entirely hands-on. We will provide access to our desktop screen

and will be actively conducting hands-on labs with real-time projects.

What we promise at TekSlate:

1) We offer flexible timings unlike most other mediums of training, students can

pick their own schedule according to their availability.

2) We offer free demo session, students can attend the demo session, asses the

trainer and then join the course.

3) We offer excellent course material and also share project scenarios which are

similar to what you work when you go to the corporate environment.

4) We share videos of each training session so that you can review them later as

well. The videos developed by experts make it more easier for the learning


SAP SuccessFactors Training Online Course


Learning Objectives : SAP Success factors is a quantum leap in the SAP

HCM (https://tekslate.com/sap-hcm-training) path and is cloud-based

preparation program.



3 5 2018 4


SAP SuccessFactors Training With Live Projects & Certification - FREE DEMO!!!

Topics Include : Instance Set Up, Data Model Overview, Administrator

Overview, Employees Data Upload, Picklist, Form Templates, Exercise.

Practicals Covered : This module begins by first introducing users to

what the SAP Successfactors Demo is all about. It goes on to illustrate the

Successfactors user management, User Records and Parts inside user

sheet. You also learn about User connectors and other standard

connectors, Data flow from BIZX to LMS, and Assignment Profiles.

Learning Objectives : Employee Profile has been an integral part of SAP

SuccessFactors, and Learning Management offers a specialized block.

Topics Include : Personnel Profile in details, Scorecard, Public Profile,

Respective Permissions and XMLs.

Practicals Covered : This module teaches you about Item creation and

Management, as well as Schedule Offerings — you will learn about item

creation, editing, closing and cancellation. You also learn about

Instructors item Requests, catalogs, Registration, Enrollment status,

subject areas prerequisites, Substitutes Segments and Approval Process


Learning Objectives : Security and privacy are other most important

areas for customers in Successfactors.

Topics Include : Roles Domains, Domain Restriction, Workflow Group.

Practicals Covered : In this module, you are made to understand the User

and Admin Roles Domains. You will also be made to understand the

application of Domain Restriction, Workflow group, the workflow ID’S

Entity as well as its function.



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SAP SuccessFactors Training With Live Projects & Certification - FREE DEMO!!!

Learning Objectives : A curriculum generally consists of a series of

courses whose completions are required within a set timeframe.

Topics Include : Content of Curriculum, Assignment in Curricula.

Practicals Covered : This particular module focuses on Curriculum, the

Contents of curricula, Completion status of curricula including the

Period based assignment in Curricula.

Learning Objectives : Extending SAP SuccessFactors solution with

Extended Enterprise Content Management.

Topics Include : AICC, SCORM, Communication-Launch.

Practicals Covered : This module teaches about Content Objects AICC,

SCORM, and the different types of communication- Launch type.

Learning Objectives : Introduction to Admin Responsibilities and

System Administration.

Topics Include : Basic System Administration Configuration, Custom

Column Creations.

Practicals Covered : In this module, you will learn about the General

settings of system administration, its Basic configurations, CUSTOM

COLUMN Creations and ASM.

Learning Objectives : Administrators can send ad hoc notifications from

SuccessFactors Learning to users of the system.

Topics Include : Notification templates, Notification triggers.



3 5 2018 6


SAP SuccessFactors Training With Live Projects & Certification - FREE DEMO!!!

Practicals Covered : This module help you understand what there is to

know as regards Notification templates and Notification triggers.

Learning Objectives : Transform the work experience with a complete

workforce management solution on one platform with simple and easy


Topics Include : Physical Resources, Resource Locations.

Practicals Covered : This module helps teach you about Physical

Resources, resource Locations, Equipment and Instructor.

Learning Objectives : Using Commerce within SAP SuccessFactors

Demo (Getting Started).

Topics Include : Account Codes, Base Pricing, Profit Center.

Practicals Covered : In this module, you will be taught Account codes,

COSTS and Pricing Base including Additional Costs Cost and Profit

center. You will also be taught Cost Name, Cost summary and Cost

calculation tab. This module also goes on to teach you about The

Management of Financial Transactions, how to Record learning

financial and teach you Cancellation policies.

Learning Objectives : Item Evaluation Surveys within SuccessFactors

Learning are used to gather (Reaction) feedback from training


Topics Include : User Evaluations, Question EDITOR, Report




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SAP SuccessFactors Training With Live Projects & Certification - FREE DEMO!!!

Practicals Covered : The final part of this course is based on User

evaluations, The Configuration of new questionnaire surveys, Pre and

Post exams, Question EDITOR, Creation of Exams object model and

finally Report Management.

Learning Objectives : SAP SuccessFactors Performance & Goals helps

your organization ensure strategy and give managers more control over

goal execution.

Topics Include : PM GM Intro, Provisioning Set up, Concept of GM, GM

Templates, XML $ DTDs, Global Settings, Category Config, PM/GM

Permissions, Competency, Families and roles, PM Forms, PM

Competency, PM Config, PM Objective.

Practicals Covered : Effectively managing employee performance and

giving managers more control over goal execution.

Learning Objectives : For organizations to excel in today’s highly

competitive global marketplace, succession management is imperative.

Topics Include : Pre works for Instance setup, Data models, User

Directory setup, Form templates design, Succession Demo, SOC, LC,

Talent Profile, Rating Scale, Nomination methods, Talent Pools, Ad hoc

Reports, RBP.

Practicals Covered : SuccessFactors Succession & Development helps

you identify, develop, and retain talent at every level.

Learning Objectives : Enablement of SAP SuccessFactors Carrier

Development Planning.



3 5 2018 8


SAP SuccessFactors Training With Live Projects & Certification - FREE DEMO!!!

Topics Include : CDP Overview, LMS Integration, Carrier work sheet,

Development planning, Goal Learning, Respective Templates and


Practicals Covered : Empower employees to take control over their

carrier development and planning.


Tekslate basically offers the online instructor-led training. Apart from that we

also provide corporate training for enterprises.

Our trainers have relevant experience in implementing real-time solutions on

different queries related to different topics of SAP SuccessFactors. Tekslate also

verifies their technical background and expertise.

We record each LIVE class session you undergo through and we will share the

recordings of each session/class.

If you have any queries you can contact our 24/7 dedicated support to raise a

ticket. We provide you email support and solution to your queries. If the query is

not resolved by email we can arrange for a one-on-one session with our trainers.

You will work on real world SAP SuccessFactors projects wherein you can apply

your knowledge and skills that you acquired through our training. We have

multiple projects that thoroughly test your skills and knowledge of various aspect

and components making you perfectly industry-ready.

Our Trainers will provide the Environment/Server Access





3 5 2018 9


SAP SuccessFactors Training With Live Projects & Certification - FREE DEMO!!!

to the students and we ensure practical real-time experience and SAP

SuccessFactors training by providing all the utilities required for the in-depth

understanding of the course.

If you are enrolled in classes and/or have paid fees, but want to cancel the

registration for certain reason, it can be attained within 48 hours of initial

registration. Please make a note that refunds will be processed within 30 days of

prior request.

The Training itself is Real-time Project Oriented.

Yes. All the training sessions are LIVE Online Streaming using either through

WebEx or GoToMeeting, thus promoting one-on-one trainer student


There are some Group discounts available if the participants are more than 2.

As we are one of the leading providers of Online training, We have customers

from USA, UK, Canada, Australia, India and other parts of the world.


After the completion of training, you can write exam conducted by SAP to get

certified. SAP does not allow everyone to write certfication of Success Factory,

Employees of the officical partners of SuccessFactors are eligible to appear for

exam. For more details on certification, Click here



Salary Trends

Average SAP Successfactors Salary in USA is increasing and is much better than

other products. Few such estimated salaries are presented below :



3 5 2018 10


SAP SuccessFactors Training With Live Projects & Certification - FREE DEMO!!!

Software Architect – $122,000 per year.

SAP Project Manager – $115,000 per year.

SAP Lead – $110,000 per year.

Ref : Indeed.com

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