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JSM Hammer’s. Can’tTouchThis. Mid-Semester Demo. http://www.ece.cmu.edu/~ece549/spring07/team8/. Re-cap : Project Concept. Concept: This project will act as deterrence against laptop thefts, providing the owner a greater degree of security.

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Jsm hammer s

JSM Hammer’s


Mid-Semester Demo


Re-cap : Project Concept

  • Concept:

    • This project will act as deterrence against laptop thefts, providing the owner a greater degree of security.

    • The prototype integrates off-the-shelf embedded components, such as motion-sensing accelerometer, buzzer, RFID reader and tags for passive activation of the device and the Tmote Sensor.

  • Motivation:

    • A laptop owner today is unable to leave his/her laptop unattended without risk of the laptop being stolen.

    • Using our prototype system, an alarm will be activated if the laptop is being handled by unauthorized personnel.

Status Update

  • Accomplished:

    • Telos Motes can now send and receive messages to Java application

    • Accelerometer can send readings to Telos mote

    • Arm and disarm state accomplished

    • Buzzer will sound when unauthorized motion detected

  • Risk mitigated

    • R1. Compatibility between RFID reader and Telos Motes

    • R2. Compatibility between voltage regulator, RFID reader and Telos Motes

    • R3. Compatibility of rechargeable battery with rechargeable mechanism on Telos Motes

    • R4. Real-world performance of RFID reader with respect to range

    • R5. Constraints with respect to the ports available on Telos Motes

    • R6. Difficulty in finding suitable algorithms differentiating significant and non-significant movements

    • R7. Usage under different laptop operating environments

Parts and Pictures




Rechargeable battery

Telos Mote

TI RFID reader

TI RFID cards

Demo Scenario

  • Connection phase

  • Arming

  • Detect movement and sound alarm

  • Disarm

  • Detect movement and no alarm

Next Steps

  • Have RFID reader to work with Telos mote (SW & HW).

  • Password setup and password screen pop-up.

  • Integrate the components into a more compact device

Lessons Learnt

  • Sort out workspace properly and backup frequently.

  • De-soldering can be pain.

  • For accelerometer readings, we can use the Message Interface Generator (MIG) to generates a Java class representing a TOS message. This allows easier manipulation of the readings.

  • Communicating to Telos mote through UART can be confusing: format of message to send, or simply send single bytes, and initially it prints out in ASCII.

  • When encountering an extended period of doubt, its time to look for TA(s).