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Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali

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Muhammad Ali

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  1. Muhammad Ali More Than A Boxer Muhammad Ali Wins WHC For The 3rd Time! A HUSBAND A BALL OF RAGE A WINNER A FATHER By Eamon Michael O’Sullivan

  2. Introduction Did you know Muhammad Ali won the world heavyweight boxing championship 3 times?! That’s amazing! In my opinion I think he was the best boxer ever and nobody will be able to beat him. A famous quote on Muhammad Ali is he dances like a butterfly and stings like a bee. Here is Muhammad Ali’s story!

  3. Early Life & Family • Muhammad Ali grew up poor. • His bike was stolen when he was 9 and he was recommended boxing lessons by a cop and took boxing lessons and became what he was 32 years ago. • His mom and dad were Odessa Ali and Cassius Ali Sr.. • His 4 wives and Sonji Roi, Belind Boyd who after marriage changed her name to Khalilah Ali, Veronica Porsche and Yolanda Ali. • His 9 kids were Maryum, Jamilah, Rasheeda, Muhammad Jr., Hana, Laila, Asaad (Adopted), Aminah and Khalilah

  4. Accomplishments • Muhammad Ali finished his boxing career winning 57 fights (37 were by knock out.) and losing 5 fights. • He won a gold medal in the 1960s summer Olympics. • He lit the Olympic torch in the 1996 summer Olympics. • He won 18 awards.

  5. Interesting Facts • Muhammad Ali changed his name after joining the nation of Islam in 1964. • Muhammad Ali retired from boxing in 1981. • Muhammad Ali grew up poor but became the greatest boxer yet and probably ever. • Muhammad Ali and Malcolm X were friends in the nation of Islam.

  6. Influences • Muhammad Ali had only on influence. Joe Martin. • Muhammad Ali thought Joe Martin was the best but proved himself wrong when he did better than Joe Martin. • The influences should be turned around and Joe Martin should be influenced by Muhammad Ali and Muhammad Ali should be influenced by his awesome skills. I don’t know though if Joe Martin was still boxing when Muhammad Ali was boxing.

  7. Obstacles • Muhammad Ali had to overcome segregation. • Muhammad Ali had to but refused the draft to the Vietnam war. So he was stripped of his boxing title and had to serve 3 years out of the ring. • Segregation didn’t affect Muhammad Ali as much as others but it still made him mad.

  8. Present Day • Muhammad Ali is still alive and he is 7o years old. • Muhammad Ali currently has Parkinson's Disease. • Muhammad Ali is currently married to Yolanda Ali. • Parkinson's disease stiffens the limbs which is very bad for boxers. Luckily Muhammad Ali retired before he got Parkinson's Disease.

  9. Conclusion Overall Muhammad Ali is a great person. He overcame many obstacles and accomplished many things. He influenced many people and was also the greatest boxer ever. The good thing is that Muhammad Ali is still alive!

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  11. Ending Thanks for watching my PowerPoint. I hope you look like the dude on the right. Not the dude on the left. Alien Face! Shocked Face!