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In Times Of Injury PowerPoint Presentation
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In Times Of Injury

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In Times Of Injury - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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In Times Of Injury

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  1. Article 2: In Times Of Injury This is a world full of people; people who can sometimes make mistakes. It may happen so that these mistakes end up costing you in the form of personal injuries. It may happen that you start your day as per routine, and on the roads someone loses control of their vehicle and dashes into you. You may break your arm or leg. When this happens, it is time to hire a personal injury attorney. For those of you that didn’t know, you can file a claim (personal injury) against an insurance company on your own. This works when your injuries are not very severe, and when you can spare some time to do research on how this is done. This will help you save the legal fee expenses for a lawyer, for an injury that isn’t a big deal anyway. However, for the more severe injury cases when permanent loss of limb or functionality is suspected, or when significant bodily damage has been sustained, it is highly recommended for you to get a personal injury lawyer. Here are some postulated benefits that will arise from hiring a legal aid: • Expenses – a serious injury would mean serious expenses. The person at fault should ideally be volunteering to cover your expenses for you. In case this does not happen, a personal injury attorney will help you receive compensation through legal channels. Warning – To the person who lost control of his vehicle, this lawsuit would work as a warning and prevent him from repeating such behavior, making the roads a tad safer for people to drive on. If you have been a victim of a road accident for no fault of yours, getting a lawyer could help create a safer environment. Justice – The person at fault should be tried for the errors he has made on the road, because of which you and your family have had to suffer. The case should be settled through proper legal channels to ensure both parties are heard, and that both parties get justice. The question now comes down to when you would need the services of a personal injury lawyer. Listed below are some instances where you can consider hiring the services of a legal counsel. Vehicular accident cases –In such accident cases, usually depending upon the severity, services of a legal counsel will help you get compensation from the party responsible for the mishap. Insurance company liability – when there is a road accident, the car insurance companies usually hold their stand saying that it was not the fault of the policy holder. When this dispute arises, it is only fair to hire a legal counsel to get compensation. Payment refusal – When the car insurance companies outright reject all payments, or pay only in part, it is time to hire a personal injury lawyer. For the kind of trauma you have sustained, it is only fair for things to be settled as per proper channels of law. • • • • • • For more information on Colorado Springs personal injury lawyer, visit ABOUT THE COMPANY

  2. Article 2: The Kaudy Law Firm, LLC, provides comprehensive legal help to injury and property damage victims in Denver, Colorado, and throughout the state. Founder and attorney Richard Kaudy has extensive experience in helping his clients to recover fair, settlements and verdicts in cases concerning with unreasonable, unfair and unlawful insurance company practices and behavior.