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Studievalg. What is Studievalg?. Studievalg København Studievalg Sjælland Studievalg Fyn Studievalg Sydjylland Studievalg Østjylland Studievalg Midt- og Vestjylland Studievalg Nordjylland. Studievalg Midt-Vest – a small unit. 11 employees, 1 student assistant and 1 leader

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what is studievalg
What is Studievalg?
  • Studievalg København
  • Studievalg Sjælland
  • Studievalg Fyn
  • Studievalg Sydjylland
  • Studievalg Østjylland
  • Studievalg Midt- og Vestjylland
  • Studievalg Nordjylland
studievalg midt vest a small unit
Studievalg Midt-Vest – a small unit
  • 11 employees, 1 student assistant and 1 leader
  • Our gymnasiums/youth educations: 11.485 students
  • Studievalg nationwide consists of approximately 100 employees in total
  • Everyone has to be educated in education counselling or at least be scheduled to take the education
  • Guidance: face-to-face, telephone and email
where do we belong
Where do we belong?

The Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education

VIA University College

Studievalg Midt- and Vestjylland

political measures of our guidance
Political measures of our guidance

Obligatory teaching 3 times during 3 years of school

Extended services:

  • individual guidance

- pupils book a meeting/they are encouraged to book

  • group counselling

- pupils are selected through a questionnaire of selfevaluation

  • 75%
  • aresupposed to make do with the obligatoryteaching
  • 25%
  • aresupposed to have extendedneedsbeforechoosing
  • Extendedneeds – 6 categories:
  • Educationforeignbackground and social conditions
  • Dysfunction/handicapped
  • Insufficient learning and studyprerequisites
  • Unrealisticexpectations
  • Foreigners (non-Danisheducation)
  • Incapable of making a decision and latebeginners
higher education

2 år


3½-4 år

3 år


2 år





Higher Education

3 år


3 år


3 år


2 år


2 år


1½ år

Professionsbachelor-uddannelser (overbygning)

Universitets-uddannelser m. fl.



difference in authority
Difference in authority


  • Noauthority to call in persons for forced interviews
  • Anonymousguidance (wecan not trace persons)
  • Voluntary


  • Authority to call in persons for forced interviews and education plans
  • Registered guidance (names, birth dates etc.)
  • Obligatory
collaboration with the uu
Collaboration with the UU

  • An example:
  • The UU are supposed to teach the compulsory school children how to use the national website for educations. The page is a basic tool in our guidance as it contains knowledge about education on all levels of the system as well as interviews, job articles, inspiration tools and a lot more.
  • More:
  • Yearly meetings with UU
  • A presentation to UU of our latest initiative: group guidance.
  • Goals:
  • geographical closeness and knowledge of the area and the persons offering guidance in the area
collaboration with guidance counsellors in youth educations
Collaboration with guidance counsellors in youth educations

The schools’ responsibility

  • Help pupils through 3 years of school
    • control of fear of exams
    • social and proficiency difficulties
    • study techniques
    • check missed classes
    • personal interviews to enhance motivation and partication

Political goal: 95% of a year’s pupils should graduate from a youth education

Studievalg’s responsibility

  • Inspire and motivate to make a choice as well as asking questions to begin a process of qualifying the choice of education
  • Inform of rules about higher educations and the application process

Political goal: 60% of a year’s students should choose a higher education

uddannelse uden gr nser educations without borders
Uddannelse Uden Grænser – Educations without borders

Free entrance – obligatory for our pupils

1. and 2. of February 2012 in Herning Kongrescenter (4.000 pupils a day)

A large education arrangement with presentations of specific educations and market booths for almost every higher education institution in the country.

Six hours obligatory participation and registration for presentations in advance.

Meet your possible future educations face to face!

How to use Uddannelse Uden Grænser

  • Talk to the education’s counsellors face-to-face
  • Talk to Studievalg Midt- og Vestjylland’s counsellors face-to-face
  • Listen to presentations of more than 70 educations
  • Also presentations of how to receive support in a higher education with autism-disablities and other dysfunctions
  • Become inspired!
how do we get young people to select the right education
How do we get young people to select the ”right” education?

The focus is always on the individual!

  • The study counsellor from Studievalg never has her/his own agenda. Of course we correct mistakes, prejudices and try to affect unrealistic thinking.
  • The counsellor is a tool who asks the right questions and motivates further reflection concerning interests, strengths, weaknesses, personal barriers and goals as well as job possibilities.

Goal: to make the pupil capable of taking good decisions concerning education.

how do we get young people to select the right education1
How do we get young people to select the ”right” education?

We ask questions that matter!

(1988, Karl Tomm, canadian professor in psychiatry) – my translation:

Uncover the area (function: supportive)

How…? How far…? When…? Who…? What is the cause…?

Expand (function: supportive)

Ask about relations, differences, more/less, other periods, possibilities, metaphors, advantages and disadvantages

Test (function: controlling)

Ask questions about the future, barriers and consequences, questions that confront, ask to others opinions

Conclude (function: controlling)

When will you…? How will you…? What comes first…? Who will you…? Where do you want to…?

  • The transition process from UU to Studievalg is not always visible to the pupil
  • Our presence once a month is often up for debate – enough/to little?
  • Maybe some percentages of the 75% also need an individual conversation to have an expert’s view of the realism of his/her plan – ressources to do this?
  • Our six categories are fluid and we tend to develop our own understanding of some of them
  • Questions and your views