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3 Wishes

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3 Wishes

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  1. 3 Wishes Christmas 2009

  2. … December 2008. At the Pediatric Oncology Ward of “Fundeni” Hospital in Bucharest we met several wonderful children who really wished thatSanta Claus visited them and brought them gifts.. a little doll or maybe a “rrr..obot”, together with the most important gift of them all: a healthier life! They instantly won our hearts and we wished to do something to bring a smile on their beautiful faces ! And because we needed many, many smiles for them, we came to you – our friends, as we knew you would also wish to somehow offer those children a happier Christmas !

  3. We sent you emails: Hello, We would like to bring some joy and happiness to the children in the Pediatric Oncology Ward from “Fundeni” Hospital and we thought that you and your friends might want to be part of this as well.. …we added some star dust and some Christmas spirit and the magic was done. Their wishes started to come true: “Hello . I have some toys I can donate. When can we meet?...” “Hi. I received your message from Raluca. I have 3 colleagues that would like to join our efforts, buy some presents and come on Saturday to offer them…” “Hi. I am Doina. I received the message from Stefan. I would like to come on Saturday…” “Hello I heard about your activity..”

  4. Our aim with the donation campaign was to keep everything between friends, to avoid as much as possible the publicity, the media and the “recognition awards”. All we ever wanted was to bring those children a small present. And thus we started to collect the “few” donations…

  5. …many acquaintances became our friends

  6. In less than 2 weeks, for the 150 children at the “Fundeni” Hospital, the Pediatric Oncology Ward: • We raised over 4600 Euros (cash); • We bought medication in amount of over 2300 Euros; • We bought yoghurts, fruit, ginger bread and other food they were allowed to eat in amount of 1200 Euros; • We donated bags and bags of clothing, toys, children books and pencils; • We bought warm blankets and personal hygene objects; • We delivered a real Christmas Tree party for them. Over 30 volunteers joined us and helped us turn the event into a real efficient and successful one. They assisted us with categorizing the gifts, separating them into bags, offering them to each child at the hospital etc..

  7. And the long awaited moment finally came! Santa Clause went through the lines of waiting children , sprinkling smiles …

  8. … listened to their whishes …

  9. And fulfilled them …

  10. … we sang them Christmas Carols!

  11. It was a Wonderful Day, a day as we all had wanted it to be! The joy on the children’s faces cannot be well described by common words. You have to see it, experience it together with them. All our efforts were absolutely worth the while and looking backwards, at the final result, everything looked like as easy as a child’s play. We thought we will make a small difference yet we realized that everything IS possible when people join forces for a greater good: fulfilling children’s whishes! THANK YOU! .

  12. 3 Whishes. That was how it all started! …and now, we want to continue

  13. This year we wish to bring smiles on the faces of children from “Victor Gomoiu” Hospital, a Pediatric Hospital in Bucharest. The number of children that will wait for their Christmas gift is around 150, with ages between 0 -18. They are in great need of: bed linens, pillows, blankets, inox plates and mugs, a TV set, a CD-player, chairs, refurbishing materials: wall paint, tools etc, materials for a water proof roof on one of the hospital wings, food refrigerators etc. Last, but not least, they expect us there to bring them joy and laughter, to sing them Christmas Carols on December 19th 2009. Come join us and help us fulfill their whishes !

  14. How can YOU help: • For any question you might have, please contact one of the organizers: : • Corina State : • Maria Constantinescu : • Bogdan Putinica : • For those of you who wish to donate money, please use the following RON account: • Maria Constantinescu RO04INGB0000999901046790 ING Bank CNP: 2750910390701 Adresa: Str S Barnutiu Nr 2, Focsani • We kindly ask you to contact us directly in case you plan to donate any larger item from the list. We will thus prevent wasting resources and overlapping donations.

  15. Follow us on Twitter at: And become our friend on Facebook: Come join us and help us fulfill their whishes !