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JFK: A Lone Gunman? PowerPoint Presentation
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JFK: A Lone Gunman?

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JFK: A Lone Gunman? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Dealey Plaza - Scene of the Crime. JFK: A Lone Gunman?. President Kennedy at Fatal Shot. 2. Abraham Zapruder. 3. Smoke. 4. Railroad Workers. 5. James Tague. 6. Bullet Mark on Curb. .

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Dealey Plaza - Scene of the Crime.

JFK: A Lone Gunman?

  • President Kennedy at Fatal Shot. 2. Abraham Zapruder. 3. Smoke. 4. Railroad Workers. 5. James Tague. 6. Bullet Mark on Curb.

JFK: Was this the weapon

that killed Kennedy?

Lieutenant Day of the Dallas Police displaying a Mannlicher-Carcano to the press.

Was this the weapon that killed Kennedy?


H ow capable was this

rifle as a sniper rifle ?

Catalogue ad for the alleged Oswald rifle, a six-shot, clip fed, Italian carbine, which is not a high-velocity weapon.

How capable was this weapon as a sniper rifle?


JFK: Autopsy

According to The New York Times (23 November 1963), p.2, the President was hit in the throat from in front and had a massive gaping wound to the back of his head.


Evidence of

the bullets?

Left - Bullet that Warren Commisson claimed struck both President Kennedy and Governor Connally, the magic bullet.

Centre - Bullet fired through a cadaver’s wrist.

Right - Bullet fired into cotton.


Direction of the

head shot?

The shot from the rear - was it ascending or descending?

When the Warren Commission Drawing [right above] is turned so that President Kennedy is in the same position shown in frame 312 of the Zapruder Film, the path of the bullet is rising not descending, as it would if fired from the sixth floor of the Book Depository Building.


The Police


Zapruder Film, Frame 242.

The fatal shot splattered two motorcycle officers, Bobby Hargis and B.J. Martin, with pieces of skull and blood and brain matter. Hargis was struck so hard that he said, “I thought at first I might have been hit.” New York Daily News, 24 November, 1963.


CIA Re-enactments:

How accurate were they?

The FBI failed to use the Presidential Limousine in their re-enactment. Yet the Warren Commission claimed the re-enactment supported the Single Bullet Theory, even though, when viewed through a telescopic sight from the sixth floor window, the wounds of the President and the Governor did not line up.


CIA Re-enactments.

The Warren Commission rifle test was conducted from a 30 foot [9 metres] tower at the Army’s Ballistics Research Laboratory at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds. The sixth floor window of the Book Depository Building is 60 feet [18 metres] above ground.


CIA Re-enactments.

The view of the three stationary targets from the rifle test tower.


The Evidence of

the marksmen?

One of the three Rifle Test targets

Although marksmen hit this target five times, none of the shots hit the head or neck region.


Secret Servicemen's

reaction to hearing


Left Arrow: President Kennedy

Right Arrow: Secret Service Agent Glenn Bennett

In the photograph Secret Service Agent Glenn Bennett is looking off to the right moments before President Kennedy, according to the Warren Commission, is struck in the back. Yet Bennett claimed, “I saw a shot that hot the Boss about four inches down from the right shoulder.” Other photographs taken after the President is shot show Bennett still looking off to the right.


Crowd reactions

to the shots?

View towards the Grassy Knoll Within 20 seconds of the Assassination.


Evidence of other shots

and other directions?

The Altgens photograph.Circle 1. The apparent through –and- through hole in the windshield. Circle 2. An alleged Oswald look-alike. Circle 3. A probable assassin’s location. Circle 4. The door of the Vice President’s Secret Service vehicle is already open.


Other possible

locations for



1. President Kennedy at Fatal Shot 2. Abraham Zuder 3. Smoke 4. Railroad Workers 5. James Tague 6. Bullet Mark on Curb 7. Steam Pipe.


The Three





Three ‘tramps’ were found in a box car on the railroad immediately behind the TSBD. They were taken into custody but then officially ‘disappeared’

The ‘tramps’ were later identified as: Chauncey M. Holt, a counterfeiter; Charles Harrelson who was a notorious hit man for the Mob; and Charles Rogers, also known as Richard Montoya.

They were not tramps but had connections to both the Mob and the CIA. What were they doing there, why were they released?