the three branches of government n.
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The Three Branches of Government

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The Three Branches of Government - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Three Branches of Government. Pages 353-357. Three Branches. Federal Government. Legislative. Executive. Judicial. Legislative Branch. The Legislative Branch forms the United States Congress. There are two houses in Congress. Senate – 100 Senators – 2 from each state

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three branches
Three Branches

Federal Government




legislative branch
Legislative Branch
  • The Legislative Branch forms the United States Congress. There are two houses in Congress.
  • Senate – 100 Senators – 2 from each state
  • House of Representatives – 435 members

*The number of representatives depends on each state’s population.

executive branch
The President

Commander in Chief

Represents the U.S. when dealing with other nations.

Must be 35 years old

Natural Citizen

The Vice President

2nd in line to the President

Serves as President of the Senate

Serves the President

9 VP’s have become president upon the death or resignation of a president

Executive Branch
executive branch1
The President of the United States works with a group of people referred to as the President’s Cabinet.

These men or women help the President run the country. They advise and help the President.

Secretary of Defense

Secretary of State

Secretary of Education

Secretary of Agriculture

Secretary of Labor

Secretary of Energy

Secretary of Transportation

Secretary of the Treasury

Attorney General

Executive Branch
judicial branch
Judicial Branch

The Supreme Court

  • Made up of 9 judges who are appointed by the President and approved by the Senate to serve for life.
  • They serve for life so that fair decisions can be made without the worry of losing their jobs.
  • The judges are called justices.