devotion sense of belonging to the society n.
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Devotion Sense of belonging to the Society

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Devotion Sense of belonging to the Society - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Devotion Sense of belonging to the Society. NC 410-411. [ 813] - Means that unite the human instrument with God. virtue , goodness , charity pure intention of the divine service familiarity with God in spiritual exercises of devotion

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813 means that unite the human instrument with god
[813] - MeansthatunitethehumaninstrumentwithGod
  • virtue, goodness, charity
  • pureintentionofthe divine service
  • familiaritywithGod in spiritualexercisesofdevotion
  • sincerezealforsoulsforthegloryofGod, notbenefit
  • „Theseinteriorgifts are necessary to makethoseexteriormeansefficaciousforthe end whichisbeingsought.“
nc 410 devotion to the sacred heart
NC 410 - Devotion to theSacredHeart
  • gratitude and devotionto theSacredHeartofJesus
  • to celebratesolemnlythefeast
  • to renewtheconsecrationsofthe Society:
  • SacredHeartofJesus (1872)
  • ImmaculateHeartoftheBlessedVirgin Mary
nc 411 sense of belonging and responsibility for the whole society should be manifested through
NC 411 - Senseofbelonging and responsibilityforthewhole Society shouldbemanifestedthrough:
  • knowledgeofour spirituality, ourhistory, oursaints, ourapostoliclabors, and ourmen...
  • Ignatian mobility and flexibility ... In helpinganyregionofthe Society (NC 411)
  • haveathearttheconcernforvocations (NC 412)
the sacred heart of jesus


and the Society ofJesus

gc 31 d 13 religious life in general
GC 31, d.13: Religiouslife in general
  • ... spirituallifeisparticipation in thelifeofthe most holyTrinity... (206)
  • ... itinvolvesthewhole man and hisactivities... (207)
  • Itdoesnotconsistonly in individualactsofdevotion, butought to animate and directourwholelife, individual and community, togetherwithallourrelations to otherpersons and things. (207)
gc 31 d 14 prayer
GC 31, d.14: Prayer
  • Ourentirespirituallifeis in ChristJesus. (211)
  • TheSpiritualExercisesofourfather St. Ignatius are boththeheritageofour spirituality and theschoolofourprayer. (212)
  • TheExercises .... are a method in thepedagogyof love ... ofthe most pure charity towardsGod and towardsone´sneighbor. (Arrupe: Rooted and grounded in love, 12)
gc 31 d 15 devotion to the sacred heart of jesus
GC 31, d.15: Devotionto theSacredHeartofJesus
  • GS 22 - Incarnate Word :

Christ „thoughtwith a humanmind, acted by humanchoice, and lovedwith a humanheart“ (238)

  • Pius XII, HaurietisAquas, 1956:

Devotion to theSacredHeart ... paystribute to „that love whichGod has shownusthroughJesus, and isalsoexerciseofthe love wehaveforGod and forourfellow-men“ (239)

gc 31 d 15 devotion to the sacred heart of jesus1
GC 31, d.15: Devotionto theSacredHeartofJesus
  • GC 31: ... more effectivelymakethe love ofChrist, whichfindsits symbol in thedevotion to theSacredHeartofJesus, the center ofourownspirituallives,
  • proclaimwithgreatereffectbeforeallmentheunfathomablerichesofChrist,
  • and fostertheprimacyof love in theChristianlife. (240)
gc 31 d 15 devotion to the sacred heart of jesus2
GC 31, d.15: Devotionto theSacredHeartofJesus
  • To set asideunnecessaryaccretions and adaptit to contemporaryneeds, makingit more intelligible to themenofourtime and more attuned to theirsensibilities. (241)
  • Recommendationto Fr. General to encouragestudiesforthatpurpose. (242)
gc 32 d 4 our mission today
GC 32, d.4 - Ourmissiontoday
  • ... Wemustfind a new language, a new set ofsymbols, thatwillenableus to leaveourourfallenidolsbehindus and rediscoverthetrueGod... (75)
adolfo nicol s s j
AdolfoNicolás, S.J.
  • Letter to thewhole Society from 12 April 2010 (BeatificationofBernardodeHoyos)
  • DeStatu, Nairobi, 2012
pedro arrupe s j
PedroArrupe, S.J.
  • In HimAlone ... OurHope(Dublin, 1983)
    • Consecrationprayer, pg. 39
  • OneJesuit´sSpiritualJourney(St. Louis, 1986)
    • Interview
    • Rooted and Grounded in Love (1981)
la storta
La Storta
  • „He had resolved to remain a year, oncehebecame a priest, withoutsayingmass, preparinghimself and prayingOur Lady to bepleasedtoputhimwithherSon. And beingoneday in a churchsomemilesbeforearrival in Rome, and makingprayer, hesensedsuch a change in hissoul, and hesaw so clearlythatGodtheFatherwasputtinghimwithChrist, hisSon...“ (Autobiography, 96)

Consecration formulaP. Arrupe,1972 (La Storta) 1/4

  • EthernalFather, whileIgnatiusprayed in theChapelof La Storta, youwishedas a specialfavour to acceptthepetitionwhichfor a longtimehe had made to youthroughtheintercessionofOur Lady: „To beplacedwithyourSon“. Youassuredhimalsothatyouwouldbehissupportwhenyousaid to him „I willbewithyou“. YoumanifestedyourwishthatJesus, beareroftheCross, shouldadmithimashisservant, whichJesusaccepted, addressinghimself to Ignatiuswiththeseunforgettablewords: „I wantyou to serve us“.

Consecration formulaP. Arrupe,1972 (La Storta) 2/4

  • We, thesuccessorsofthathandfulofmenwhowerethefirstmembersofthe „CompanyofJesus“, repeat in ourturnthesamerequest „to beplacedwithyourSon“ and to serve underthe Standard oftheCross on whichJesusisnailed by obedience, withsidepierced and heartopenedasthesignofhis love ofyou, Father, and ofall humanity.

Consecration formulaP. Arrupe,1972 (La Storta) 3/4

  • Werenewtheconsecrationofthe Society to theHeartofJesus and wepromisethefullestfidelity, askingforthegrace to continueservingyou and yourSonwiththesamespiritandthesamefervourofIgnatius, and hiscompanions.
  • ThroughtheintercessionoftheVirgin Mary whoacceptedIgnatius´ petition and beforethecrossfromwhichJesushands over to usthetreasuresofhisopenHeart, wesaytoday, throughhim and in himfromthedepthofourbeing:

Consecration formulaP. Arrupe,1972 (La Storta) 4/4

Take, Lord, and receive all my liberty,my memory, my understanding,and my wholewill,whateverI have and possess.

Thou hastgiven meall these; To thee, O Lord,

I restorethem; all are thine; disposeofthem

in anywayaccording to thywill.Give me thylove and thygrace,forthat is enough for me.

(On theFeastoftheSacredHeart, ChurchofGesù, Rome, 9 June 1972)