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Business Review. Current Performance. Sales slightly below budget - down Eur 1.3m but 5.6% (Eur 10.5m) below last year Selling price improvements of 1% Profit Eur 0.5m ahead of budget and 3.6% up on last year Overheads down Eur 4.9m on same period last year

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current performance
Current Performance
  • Sales slightly below budget - down Eur 1.3m but 5.6% (Eur 10.5m) below last year
  • Selling price improvements of 1%
  • Profit Eur 0.5m ahead of budget and 3.6% up on last year
  • Overheads down Eur 4.9m on same period last year
  • Manufacturing savings of Eur 4.2m achieved
  • Headcount fallen 502 since last June -8.8%
total ppm on o e 1 customer
Total PPM on O.E.-1 Customer

June : 234 PPM

Cum : 297 PPM

variances from budget
Variances From Budget
  • Forecast capital spending higher by Eur 6.9m reflecting approved projects that were budgeted centrally by the Business Line
  • Cash flow over budget by the higher capital spend
  • All other items remain ON BUDGET
risks and opportunities





Not Yet







Not Yet



Not Yet

laminated sidelight development
Laminated Sidelight Development
  • Development effort has addressed the need for non cylindrical sidelights, not feasible on the Witten gas hearth, and the newly confirmed requirement for a 1.6/0.76/1.6 construction
  • Simplex mode operation of the APBT furnace has been shown to give the best combination of shape control, temper stress and optics for 1.6mm semi-tempered doorlights, compared to full APB and CPB processes
  • Future capacity/investment planning is now being finalised based on:
    • Witten gas hearth for cylindrical
    • Simplex glasses from various existing APB’s for non cylindrical
    • dedicated, single chamber, vacuum bag pre-laminating units to enable cut back of IR reflective film required for corrosion resistance without edge bubble
solar reflective glazing processable ir reflective coating evaluation
Solar Reflective Glazing: Processable IR Reflective Coating Evaluation
  • Cutting and bending trials undertaken with PPG, Cardinal and our own (based on toughenable low e) coatings on rectangular blanks
  • PPG and Cardinal shows discoloration due sodium bicarbonate separating power used during bending. Use of Celite (silica) powder appears to overcome this.
  • Pilkington coatings suffer pinholing unless zinc/tin oxide is used in the coating stack (patent issues)
  • Trial now planned prior to August factory closure using silica powder on Selas 4, processing both PPG and Cardinal blanks
  • Study of PPG’s zinc/tin oxide patents being undertaken together with N.A. patent attorneys to try to identify any weakness, and to clarify Cardinal’s freedom to supply their proposed stack, which also contains zinc/tin oxide
  • Latest communication from Cardinal is less clear that they wish to supply commercially
    • rising US demand for LowE2
    • concern about meeting pin hole specification after shipment over long distance
heated coated status
Heated Coated Status
  • Preliminary bending tests of surface 2 printed T3000 windscreens, pre-fired on a toughening roller hearth, were successfully carried out on San Salvo Selas 4.
  • Tooling has been constructed to apply coating in line with the busbar on T3000 and first evaluation samples coated on G87, with printed busbar and obscuration band
    • Samples currently being laminated ready for heating tests
  • Further tooling being constructed for X74 and DC S Class windshields, to enable customer prototypes to be made
  • Modelling has shown that splitting the coating can overcome heating non-uniformity problems due to telepass windows, etc.
    • Laser techniques are being explored to provide the split. Lines down to 1 - 30 micron are possible (less than the eye can resolve).
  • Working initial prototype with surface 2 print and manual line deletion will be evaluated over the next three months
  • Much work remains to be done to check long term coating stability, based on Electriclear experience
manufacturing standardisation
Manufacturing Standardisation


  • To identify and implement best known manufacturing processes and practice across all European sites in order to
  • Optimise our manufacturing performance
  • Present a Pilkington Standard to our customers
manufacturing standardisation1
Manufacturing Standardisation

Benefits of Standardisation

  • Improved yield
  • Improved uptime
  • Improved quality (ppm)
  • A Pilkington Standard
  • A common vision
  • European support
    • €€€€€€€
manufacturing standardisation2
Manufacturing Standardisation

Potential savings Eur 80M

  • by improving all plants to current best performance
  • does not include developments

Standard Manning

Manning Saving


Start point

July 2001


(Start p. - Target)





















control issues audit reports
Control Issues/Audit Reports
  • Operational audit of PAESA completed - Result: Adequate but some action required
  • Operational audit of San Salvo to come later in the year
renault x74 windshield warranty concern
Renault X74 Windshield Warranty Concern
  • Bubble and Delamination faults reported on ~ 15 windshields in service
    • Bubbles on green
    • Delamination on coated
  • Main cause found to be trapped air from pre-nip operation
    • stock parts being bake tested to avoid further poor glass supply
    • process improvements identified
    • in service parts risk evaluated as 0.2~0.5% (140,000 fitted)
  • Investigation of delamination effect on affected coated glasses indicates additional adhesion concern
    • rapid adhesion degradation at pvb/coating interface by sunlight
    • not picked up by accelerated testing; this seems to be due to the high temperature in the test rebonding the coating to the pvb during the test
    • now working to understand product implications in service
      • external impact/breakage properties
      • whether competitor/PNA windscreens with longer service history have similar behaviour
  • Urgent actions underway to look at alternative top coats with stable adhesion to p.v.b.
risk assessment

Budget Time

  • Probability
  • H
  • M
  • H
  • L
  • M
  • Impact
  • H
  • H
  • M
  • M
  • M
  • Now
  • H
  • M
  • H
  • L
  • M
  • Large market downturn
  • Price increases not achieved in full
  • Purchase price increases
  • Restructuring related disruption
  • Manufacturing targets too tight