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Grupo International, Inc.

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Grupo International, Inc. Introduction.

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  • Our Company, Grupo International has gone from a research company to an International Company, offering products and services from Pharmaceutical Research to building an international highway - or just picking up that specially needed tool to complete the job.

Ramon Richard MoraPresident, CEO









rimart stores
RiMart Stores

RiMart may be one of the fastest growing tool chain stores in Mexico- opening at least one new store a month and supplying to both the local retail markets as well as to large commercial users. The RiMart stores are typically small stores scattered throughout the city, with larger warehouse stores supplying their inventory and fulfilling their large orders directly. This combination of small stores and a “hub” warehouse concept has kept costs down and growth up. Another distinctive advantage is due to the Company’s vertical integration of building materials and manufacturing facilities.

rimart s progress
RiMart’s Progress
  • RiMart currently owns and operates 12 retail stores. They carry and stock a variety of small hand and electric tools, electrical parts, PVC, and supply special orders for local builders and developers.
  • RiMart has recently started to grant local concessions to qualified individuals

who wish to operate the store as a business opportunity.

rimart s advantages
RiMart’s Advantages

● Size:  Small, but efficient stores that can offer the consumer a wide range of savings.

● Opportunity:  Ease of an entry level business in cost and locations.● Association: Grupo International can assist at every level of its business structure in its stores and concessions.

block manufacturing
Block Manufacturing

To be successful at block manufacturing, you need to be able to sell and deliver the product at a competitive price. Grupo International owns its own block plant which allows its stores to offer competitive prices while providing both a low cost price and immediate delivery.

raw materials division
Raw Materials Division

Grupo International operates and mines its own sand concession in Tecate near the California border. Sand has been an important and a major building material used in most construction. The Company, by having its own commercial sand source, can offer a tremendous advantage to its customers especially during high demand use. By supplying such an important building material, the Company is able to maintain a loyal customer base and attract new customers at the same time.

sand concession
Sand ConcessionSand Concession

Grupo International operates and owns  a sand concession near Tecate, Baja California that is capable of producing  2000 metric tons  of commercial grade sand per day. This sand is in high demand and is used in the building and construction business in Northern Baja and lower Southern California.  Grupo International is in the process of expanding it quantity and quality of washed sand for the year “2011”.

industrial construction
Industrial Construction

Grupo International is active in the commercial and industrial construction of houses, municipal road construction, commercial buildings, and special projects. The Company is currently bidding on several government projects and expects activity in the very near future.

real estate development
Real Estate Development

Grupo International owns commercial property for a proposed development and construction of a future beach front condominium development “Las Jollas” on the Pacific Coast – 17km South of San Diego, California. This forty million dollar project is planned to begin its construction in “2012”.

grupo international diversification
Grupo International Diversification
  • On August 25, 2010, Grupo International diversified into two divisions by acquiring Richard & Lange, S.A. De C.V.
  • The Company will operate with two distinct divisions: The first being “RiMart” retail sales, Basic Material Assets, Construction, and Real Estate. The second division will be that of Pharmaceutical Development, “Hiv-Vac”.
GRUPO INTERNATIONAL’s Pharamacuetical division will stay committed to finding vaccines to combat some of the world’s most deadliest diseases i.e. Aids,Cancer and the HPV viruses.
  • The Company’s vaccine which was originally acquired under an assignment of a license agreement which covered patents held by The University of Birmingham, UK. The vaccine completed its pre-clinical trials and is prepared to begin its Phase I trial in the United Kingdom as soon as additional funding becomes available.
  • Grupo International believes that its Hiv-Vac division has developed a unique vaccine in that it is the only vaccine that uses a multi-protein approach which covers the whole spectrum of HIV virus proteins. The vaccine contains a wide representation of virus proteins in their natural configuration but does not contain virus particles.
  • The vaccine can be easily adapted to different virus strains and its effect is believed to have excellent potential for individual protection and on-going therapy.
  • In addition, the vaccine has the potential to be both a prophylactic and a therapeutic vaccine.
growth innovation
Growth & Innovation
  • Grupo International has demonstrate the ability to find outstanding opportunities such as the most recent acquisition of Richard y Lange. Richard y Lange  has shown an impressive increased in its Capital from 50,000 pesos  (approximately $ 4,081.00 US Dollars) in “2005” to over 80,000,000 pesos ($6,530,612.00 US Dollars) in a time period of just 5 years. Grupo International will continue to pursue these opportunities and continue to grow through acquisition and investment .
  • Grupo International has made a decisive decision to build a company that has a solid foundation and which meets the investor’s needs of the future. RiMart, with its vertical integration, has structured the Company for competitive growth and for the ability to capitalize in the new growth areas of the world. The Company can now pursue its goals, now and in the future, and will look at every opportunity to increase it shareholder’s value.
projected sales
Projected Sales

Sand Sales, Block, RiMart (Retail), Wholesale

in Dollars

la jollas
La Jollas

Projected at 30 million gross profit over 5 years after construction

stock information
Stock Information
  • Grupo International Inc. (Formally “ Hiv_Vac” Inc.)
  • Offices: Nevada, United States : Ontario, Canada; Tijuana, México
  • Telephone: 702-952-3998, 705- 446-7242, 011-52-664-216-8517
  • Web Pages:
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Symbol: HIVV (pending application for change of symbol)
  • Exchange: OTC-PK
  • Reporting: Yes
  • Auditors: “SF Partnership, LLP” Toronto, Canada

“Grossler, S.C. Auditors y consultores”

  • Security Attorney: Jody Walker ESQ.
  • Shares Outstanding: 18,481,000 (8,000,000 new Richard & Lange)
  • Restricted: 16,353,342
  • Estimated Float: 2,127,658
stock history20
Stock History
  • 6 Months