Mrs nabozny s 3 rd grade class
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Mrs. Nabozny’s 3 rd Grade Class. Welcome Parents!. Welcome to 3 rd Grade!. Thank you for being here! This year is an important transition year for students. It will help them prepare for the move to Holland Brook School next year

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Mrs nabozny s 3 rd grade class

Mrs. Nabozny’s 3rd Grade Class

Welcome Parents!

Welcome to 3 rd grade
Welcome to 3rd Grade!

Thank you for being here!

This year is an important transition year for students. It will help them prepare for the move to Holland Brook School next year

If you have any questions during my presentation, please feel free to raise your hand, and I’ll be happy to address any comments or concerns you may have.

All about me
All About Me

  • My Background

    • I grew up in Readington and attended Three Bridges School.

    • I have a bachelor’s degree from Rowan University in Sociology with a concentration in Human Services.

    • I obtained a graduate level teaching certification from Rider University to teach elementary education.

      • 8th year in 3rd grade. Here in 1st before that


Miss thorp
Miss Thorp

  • We are lucky to have Miss Thorp, our student teacher, joining us through December.

  • Please direct any questions to me.

  • If you prefer our conversations to be private, please let me know as well


  • To give students the academic tools they need to progress to 4th grade.

  • To provide a supportive learning environment.

  • To have fun while we learn.

  • To make new friends and discover new interests.

Class content
Class Content

  • We will cover all the subjects and topics that our state believes are important for students to learn during 3rd grade. Common Core standards

  • We will work independently, with partners, and in small groups.

  • We will work with other 3rd grade classes.


  • Writer’s Workshop and 6+1 traits

  • Different modes of writing: letters, paragraphs, personal narratives, stories, persuasive pieces, expository pieces, descriptive pieces, compare and contrast essays, and research reports

  • Most writing will be done in class. Therefore, you may not see many writing products coming home.

  • Students encouraged to take compositional risks.

  • Students will be assessed on their writing throughout the year. They will be graded at all levels, not merely on finished, “polished” products.

  • Build stamina for writing

  • Encourage writing at home: grocery lists, stories, letters to family members, Kids Pages


  • New spelling program this year

  • Spending the first few weeks assessing and practicing routines in class

  • Homework will most likely start in October sometime.

  • Differentiated lists (no master spelling lists)

  • Responsibility


  • Reader’s Workshop (word work, independent reading, practice of skills)

  • Accountability for reading habits

  • Students will read a variety of pieces from different genres in our anthology. Novels will be read as well.

  • Students will meet in groups to read and take part in anchor activities.

  • Students will practice strategies good readers use in and out of the classroom.

  • Students expected to read at home…read at own pace; bookmark (no reading log) . By mid year, reading response notebook

  • Promote use of sticky notes and read to self at home.

  • Students should build stamina and stick with a book

Reading continued
Reading continued…

  • Unannounced comprehension checks (fill in the bubble) usually every other week to monitor comprehension (stories from old anthology curriculum/ grade level)

  • Raz Kids

  • Book projects and written projects (not typical book reports)

Mrs nabozny s 3 rd grade class

  • Students will continue to use the Math Expressions program. Supplemental activities and forms are also used.

  • This year, students will be provided Math Journaling time to practice responding to open ended questions. This will help them learn how to decipher word problems.

  • Various levels of assessment, not just tests

  • In class, we will play math games, use whiteboards, and have math centers throughout the year.

  • Multiplication and division, as well as fractions are a big focus

Social studies
Social Studies

  • Students will have a social studies textbook we will use to study our world. They will be taught how to navigate through the book as well as how to develop good study habits. Reading for meaning is strongly emphasized.

  • Units of study include: communities, regions (over view), geography, land forms, cultural, historical people


  • Students will have the chance to learn about many scientific areas by conducting hands-on experiments. They will be working in teams to find key ideas.

  • Topics include: earth materials, sun, moon , and stars, and structures of life (crayfish!).

  • Careful attention to detail and following directions is a MUST in order for students to get the most out of the units.

  • Use of science notebooks

  • Emphasis on vocabulary and big ideas



  • State mandated test

  • Given in the Spring (May)

  • Sections: Language arts (reading and writing tasks) and math (open ended multiple choice items)

  • Designed to identify strengths and weaknesses.

  • Detailed information will be provided prior to testing.

    NWEA (MAP):

  • Given three times a year

  • Students take on the computer…work at own pace

  • Teachers use as a guide to support students’ academic needs.

  • Parents will be provided (explained) feedback.

Other things we ll do
Other Things We’ll Do

  • Cursive: Students will use a handwriting book to learn how to write in cursive.

  • We will have many special classroom activities such as:

    • Star of the Week: We will have “Star of the Week.” I will send a packet of information home with your child on Friday as he/she is picked. The packet should be completed at home and returned to school on Monday. Each student will have the opportunity to participate.

    • Birthdays: Birthdays will be celebrated in class. Students who have birthdays in the summer or over a holiday will also be acknowledged in class. If you wish to send in a treat, please let me know in advance. Please be mindful of the snack policy as well. If you do not celebrate birthdays, please let me know. More details about birthdays are outlined in the back to school packet provided.

    • Holidays: Most holidays will be celebrated with a small party and/or craft. Parents will be asked to sign up to send in snacks and supplies. If certain holidays are not acknowledged by your child, please let me know.

    • Parent experts: throughout the year I will ask parents if they would like to come in and share/teach the class something they are “experts” in. Please contact me to have a discussion about this.

Class rules
Class Rules


  • The first, and most important, rule in my classroom is to….

  • In and out of our classroom it is important to:

    • Respect yourself and others

    • Use kind words (say something nice to someone everyday)

    • Think “happy thoughts”

    • Follow directions

    • Have good manners

    • Monitor your behavior

    • Feel comfortable and be responsible

    • Act like professionals

    • Ask, don’t tell

    • Be aware of our list of rules we create together

    • HAVE FUN!

Classroom management
Classroom Management

  • If students choose to break one of our classroom rules they will be subjected to the following consequences:

    • 1. Warning

    • 2. Meet with teacher. Five minutes off recess.

    • 3. Ten minutes off recess and phone call home.

    • 4. Severe: intervention from school guidance counselor and/or principal.

    • 5. Students who are repeat offenders may be placed on a behavior contract. Parents will be notified in such a case.


      Students will be offered verbal praise, small treat , trip to prize box for tickets stickers, and class rewards.


  • Given Monday through Thursday

  • Due the next day unless otherwise noted

  • Done in pencil…neatly

  • Occasional homework on Fridays for special projects or unfinished class work

  • Provided homework folder and agenda book. Student responsibility

  • Parents encouraged to check, but not correct homework

  • Have students make sure they have their homework materials in their backpack each night

  • Set up homework plan

  • Missing assignments made up in school or at home as additional homework.

  • Assignments that are obviously rushed will need to be redone.

  • Homework should take no more than 30 minutes.


  • If your child is struggling with homework, please let me know ASAP! Homework should not be a stressful situation at home.


  • Students aware of grading system.

  • Fractions used on tests/quizzes

  • Report cards 4 times a year. Grade given according to performance on tests, class work (graded and ungraded), participation, and effort. Varies each marking period depending on skills.

  • What’s graded?

    • Spelling weekly (starting in October); comprehension tests (usually biweekly)

    • Tests for math, science, and social studies will be announced. Study guides for tests will be provided with at least 2 days notice.

    • Unannounced graded class work (usually for math, language arts, and vocabulary) will be used as an assessment tool to promote independent practice.


  • Specials:Computers, Spanish, Art, Gym, Music, and Library

  • Snack:We will have a short snack in the morning. Please provide a small, healthy snack and appropriate utensils (if needed). Drinks such as small juice boxes and/or water bottles are welcome. Please no soda or glass bottles. Please visit the school website to view “healthy” snack choices. NO NUTS

  • Lunch:We are scheduled to eat lunch at 11:20. Children may bring lunch or buy. If a child does not have a lunch ticket or money, he or she will be issued a bagel bag. Children choose their lunch in the morning, so please discuss the menu options with your child before school.

  • Directed play:We will go out for recess directly after lunch. Please make sure your child is dressed appropriately and aware of playground rules.

  • Restroom: Restroom breaks are taken as a class in the morning, during lunch/recess, and in the afternoon. There is also a sign out system for EMERGENCIES. If there are special situations, please notify both the school nurse and myself.

  • Nurse visits: Band-aids are kept in the classroom. Nurse visits on a needed basis.

Field trips
Field Trips

  • Not finalized

  • Possible trips: Sterling Mines, Trenton State House, Planetarium, Readington Municipal Building.

  • 3rd grade picnic and 4th grade trip to HBS.

Adjusting to third grade
Adjusting to Third Grade

  • Each school year involves adjustment. The students will be growing physically, emotionally, and academically. They will be provided with the tools to help them become successful learners.

  • I firmly believe parent-teacher collaboration is a must and encourage you to contact me at any time regarding your child’s third grade experience. As we move forward in providing the children a quality education, please keep in mind the following goals:

    • Students should be responsible for books and materials.

    • Students should complete and hand in assignments on time.

    • Students should study to prepare for tests.

    • Students should participate and listen during instruction.

    • Students should always try their best.

Website reminder
Website Reminder

Contact information
Contact Information

  • Mrs. Jill Nabozny

  • Room number: 203


  • (908) 782-2141 ext. 5203

A note from the office
A note from the office..

  • Unless your child is sick, please make sure they are coming to school on time, well-rested each day.

  • If your child is going to be absent OR has a change in his/her regular dismissal, please notify the office (not the teacher) via phone or email (in the event the teacher is out, this could be problematic otherwise)

Homeroom parents
Homeroom Parents

Mrs. Heather Schultz

Mrs. Elizabeth Loew

Please check out the volunteer sign up sheets on the table. Your assistance and participation is appreciated!