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Welcome to 4K

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Welcome to 4K
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  1. Welcome to 4K Meet your Teacher Night!

  2. Contact Information • School – 309-4300 • Home – (785) 227-4283 • Email – ellen.kampfe@usd305.com • Class Website – www.usd305.com/meadowlark/Teachers • Email is best first choice for contact and school phone is the next best choice. (Please do not e mail if you are upset, a phone call or face to face visit is best.)

  3. Assessments • Chapter Tests, Unit Tests, Reading Surveys (BRI) & Fluency, STAR • District CRA’s • Kansas Math & Reading Assessments • MAP

  4. Classroom Connections • Sign or initial and return daily •  means completed in class • Homework policy in planner 1. Homework will be any work that is not finished in class. 2. Read 20 minutes from your AR goal book every night. 3. Fill out your planner daily and mark the “finished box if you finish it at school. 4. Take your homework folder and planner home every night. 5. Any unfinished homework will need to be done during recess the next day if you choose not to do it at home. 6. If you have two days in a week without your homework done you will write a “need to know note” to your parents. 7. Corrections need to be done if the grade is below a C. 8. If you are sick, your homework will be on the bench to be picked up.

  5. Spelling • 20 basic words and about 5 vocabulary words from the reading story • List will be posted on the class website • Bonus words used as an incentive for some students • For every words over 5 correct on bonus an extra credit point may be earned. • Some students may have a shorter list.

  6. Reading • Accelerated Reader • Books with red labels • STAR test will be used for setting student goals. • Students are required to pass an AR test on a chapter book every 2 weeks. • KU reading • Students will be responsible for keeping track of their KU reading kept in safe folder at school. • Read for 20 minutes every school night

  7. Class Work • Take notes • Investigations, project-based learning • Will have to study for tests • Most homework will be work not completed in class • Sod house project, Volcano project State box project

  8. Miscellaneous • Birthdays • Contact me with a note or email • Summer Birthdays-1/2 birthdays • Please limit treats to one per child • See the district guidelines • Book Orders (optional) • Make checks payable to the book company • Bus Riding • Send a note or call the office to report changes • Sick Days • Homework will be placed on the bench in front of the office (No mechanical pencils in 4th grade)

  9. Snacks from Home TREATS IN THE CLASSROOM Bringing cupcakes, cookies or candy to help your child celebrate special occasions is considered a tradition for most parents. If your child has a severe peanut allergy, diabetes or other special diet needs, then classroom treats can be a cause for concern. This school year, our district is requiring all treats brought from home be pre-packaged. While home-baked goodies taste wonderfully, they don’t usually include labels. Food manufacturers are required by federal law to clearly state on food labels any ingredients that contain protein derived from eight major allergenic foods, including peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, milk and soybeans. Labels also state the amount of carbohydrates which is important in managing diabetes. While food allergies may affect only a few children, accidental ingestion of allergens can be a life-threatening situation to these children. Approximately 30,000 consumers require emergency room treatment and 150 Americans die each year because of allergic reactions to food. Still confused about what to send when it’s your child’s turn to send treats? Refer to the list on the back of this page. Thanks for your cooperation. SALINA PUBLICSCHOOLS District Office l 309-4715 1511 Gypsum l Salina, KS 67401 Cindy Foley, MS, RD, LD, Director cindy.foley@usd305.com

  10. Cereal bars such as Kellogg’s Nutri Grain or Quaker Oats Chewy Granola Bars • (avoid peanut butter varieties or trail mix types which usually contain nuts) • Rice Krispy Treats • Animal Crackers • Teddy Grahams or other shaped graham cracker treats • Baked chips and Sun Chips • Pretzels • Whole-Grain or Multi-Grain Wheat Crackers (avoid peanut butter filled crackers) • Fig Newtons • Quaker Oats Quakes Rice Snacks • Raisins and other dried fruits • Juices that are 100% real fruit juice with no added sweeteners or sugar • Hunts pudding cups • Individual packaged fruit or applesauce cups • NOTES: • Avoid foods which require refrigeration. • Send food and beverage items which meet the following nutrition guidelines: • Each packaged item should have 200 calories or less, 5 grams fat or less, and 30 grams carbohydrate and/or 35% added sugar by weight. • This list is not meant to be all-inclusive. • Packaging size makes a difference. Select small portion sizes and avoid large sizes. Recommended Snacks

  11. Schedule Math Block–10:55-11:55 Tier-2:00-2:30 Reading Block–12:50-2:45

  12. Meadowlark Life Skills • Posted in the classroom • Used in daily instruction by all teachers

  13. 4K Class Rules • Use your Life Skills • Follow the Golden Rule Treat Others the Way You Want to be Treated • Respect Everyone and Everything

  14. Grading Scale 100% A+ 99%-90% A 89%-80% B 79%-70% C 69%-60% D 59%-  F

  15. I am looking forward to working with you this year!!