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P.O.L Presentation . By: Nohan Cruz. Abu Dhabi World Jiu Jitsu Championship 2011. Dedication and Mastery. Hélio in 2008. Hélio in 1935. English 9 Poetry Portfolio Annotations. After. Before. English 9 Poetry Portfolio Thesis Statements. After. Before. Thesis Statements. Before .

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p o l presentation
P.O.L Presentation

By: Nohan Cruz

dedication and mastery
Dedication and Mastery

Hélio in 2008

Hélio in 1935

thesis statements
Thesis Statements



  • By looking at “The Tiger” we can see that the title tells us that its going to be about a tiger or tigers in general. This is important because the title will tell us what the poem is going to be about.
  • By reading “American Idiot” we can see that the mood of the poem is giving attitude calling Americans Idiots for following the media. This is important because he conveys his meaning through us listening or reading. This helps us because when he uses vulgar language we automatically draw eyes to the song.
how to find perimeter area of a polygon
How to find Perimeter & Area of a Polygon

How to find Perimeter

How to find area of a pentagon

physics perception connection
Physics Perception Connection

Second Page

First Page


As they say in Jiu Jitsu “Step off the mat if you have any questions! If not get on the mat and roll(sparring)!”