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Rock It Poetry

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Rock It Poetry. Kailee Davis 2/22/14. “In Just” By E.E. Cummings. D iction:

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rock it poetry

Rock It Poetry

Kailee Davis



The diction in “In Just” is informal and simple. The speaker seems to be having a conversation about Spring and the way he feels about it. The diction is also very happy and euphonious. It lets you know that the speaker is happy and his tone is very pleasant. Words such as “Balloon man” are read quicker than the other words to give an energetic feeling to the poem.


The images in “In Just” are spring and childhood innocence. Spring is described a great deal in this poem. Spring is the time when children go out and play and have childhood experiences such as playing in puddles. The poem contains metaphors such as “the world is puddle-wonderful.”


“In Just” is a poem about the excitement and joy children feel when they are able to finally go outside after a long winter. The poem describes children playing various games and jumping in puddles of water left from a rain storm.


The language in this poem is very simple. Repetition of the word “spring” is used to add emphasis to the topic and illustrate how alive spring makes everything. The language is flowing almost like a dance.

Sentence Structure:

The sentence structure of “In Just” is calm and relaxed. The spacing is kind of odd and almost illustrates a jumping motion like a child jumping around in excitement.