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My Life. By Karla Hernandez. Born in Anaheim, California Full Mexican Had 2 Shih-Tzu’s for more than half of my life Never been to jail Have been arrested twice Lucky to have 4 really good friends Have been Catholic, Jehovah’s Witness, and Mormon Leo ( rawr )

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My life

My Life

By Karla Hernandez

Fun facts

  • Born in Anaheim, California

  • Full Mexican

  • Had 2 Shih-Tzu’s for more than half of my life

  • Never been to jail

  • Have been arrested twice

  • Lucky to have 4 really good friends

  • Have been Catholic, Jehovah’s Witness, and Mormon

  • Leo (rawr)

  • Gained 52 lbs. during pregnancy

  • Can bend left forefinger all the way backwards

  • Hate hearing people chew or gulp

  • Favorite color is blue

  • Never been tanning or skiing

  • ADORE chocolate

Fun Facts

Finance shopping guru
Finance Shopping Guru

I like clothes.  You would never know this though, because I lack style. I’m not good at budgeting my money.

Note: the numbers for this chart are made up, but you get the idea.

My education
My Education

I used to hate school, I only went because my mom would kick my patootie if I didn’t. I did fine in elementary. I stopped dressing like a boy when I started 7th grade. I hung out with the “gangsters” in school and by the end of the year, I ended up on their bad side, so I told my mom I couldn’t go back to that school. I went to Elk Ridge Middle School in 8th grade and got expelled by February. I then went to Matheson Jr. High and I loved it. I found myself my first boyfriend; my parents didn’t like that. So, I went back to Jefferson for 9th grade and everything turned out fine.

My education cont d
My Education- Cont’d

My first year of high school, I was popular; “Mean Girl” popular but without being mean. I wasn’t going to class though, and I was falling behind in my credits. As a result, I slowly started attending my classes and I was discovering that I was pretty smart. By my senior year, I felt invincible so I started partying again. Then, that’s when my two favorite teachers pulled me back into school and helped me graduate. That’s why I want to be a teacher. I hope to pull a student back into school like they did with me.

Family in numbers
Family in Numbers

Fun fact: I was the first one to have a child on my mom’s side of the family.

Mother 37
Mother- 37%

That incredibly handsome little fellow is my son, Maximiliano Ezra Ponce. He is 20 months old and the love of my life. I’ve always wanted to be a mother and now that I have my little guy, I feel like he and I have our own world where I fit in perfectly. He’s my nook in life.

Cook 28
Cook- 28%

I love cooking. Especially when the food I make turns out SUPER delicious instead of just your average delicious. My favorite meal is breakfast so naturally, I know how to make awesome pancakes, waffles and omelettes. I’m Mexican, so I make a lot of tacos, burritos, pozole, and ceviche. I would love to learn how to make Thai food; it’s my second favorite after a good ol’ hamburger and French fries.

Maid 18
Maid- 18%

I would be lying if I said I didn’t mind cleaning; I hate it. I get mad sometimes because it doesn’t matter how much you clean, it always ends up dirty again! But, what can you do? It has to be done! I do most of the cleaning during the week and then on the weekends my mom will help me.

Student 9
Student- 9%

I am currently studying to be a teacher although I’m not sure what grade I’d like to teach. Right now, I’m pretty set on teaching English in High School. I hope to be a mix of my two favorite teachers: Mrs. Morrow and Mrs. Mollerup.

Wife 5
Wife- 5%

As you can see from the previous chart, I am only 5% wife. We met on a blind date when I was 17 and we’ve basically been together ever since. We’re not really married, though. The ring you see in the picture was actually bought for $10 right before our first family photo shoot. Needless to say, we have issues, but he’s a good guy.

Break up to make up
Break-up to Make-up

The months we were actually together varied from year to year. As you can see, 2011 was rough for us; that was the year I was pregnant. 

My life
?- 3%

What does the question mark stand for? Crazy. That’s right, I am 3% crazy (the percentage can be argued.) Ever heard of “crazy in love?” I’d like to meet one person who hasn’t done something crazy in the name of love. We all need to be a little crazy in our lives, that’s what makes us able to dance and sing with our children, or have the guts to go skydiving. Cooking! Only crazy people dare to play with fire! Is it crazy that I admit I’m a little crazy? Or crazy to think that you are not? 