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best fertility doctors india n.
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Get the best fertility doctor in India PowerPoint Presentation
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Get the best fertility doctor in India

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Get the best fertility doctor in India
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Get the best fertility doctor in India

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  1. Best fertility doctors India.

  2. What is IVF? It is the natural procedure to conceive the child but in the normal pregnancy the fertilization takes part inside the body but on the other hand the fertilization takes part in outside of the body through assisted reproductive technology. During the process of it, the sperm of male and the egg of female combined together in the laboratory dish where the embryo gets moves and after some time the embryo transfer into the uterus f female and the pregnancy developed there as the normal pregnancy. Even the procedure is not painful and the at one time two or three embryo transfer into the uterus of the female.

  3. The History of IVF?

  4. The History of IVF? One of the oldest and the most successful way to conceive the child from the last 30 years, Louise Joy Brown, is the first IVF child born at July 25, 1978 from now the IVF procedure is visible and very active in the field of reproductive technology.

  5. What is the need of the IVF procedure? The modern time has always come with the abnormalities and one of the trouble that human generation is facing is the production rate of the live birth because many from us dealing with the infertility and the reason behind it are poor sperm quality, poor egg quality and the damaged fallopian tube even the genetic disorder of the infertility are some reason that to enlarge the size of the family most of the people are selecting the options of IVF procedure.

  6. IVF methods step by step: • Ovarian stimulation and monitoring • Egg retrieval • Embryo development • Embryo transfer • Pregnancy tests

  7. Risks in IVF procedure Basically there are no particular risk in the procedure of IVF but sometime the IVF process filed because of the follicles that contain mature eggs may not developed in the treatment cycle, ovulation has occurred before the time of the egg recovery, one or more eggs cannot be recovered and the eggs that are recovered may be not normal.

  8. Indiahospitaltour An etymology of the trust Indiahospitaltour is the best destination for the health services in the fertility criteria because we are associated with the best fertility clinics in India, and all of them try to provide the excellent medical services with the personal touch.

  9. Facility of the indiahospitaltour

  10. Facility of the “indiahospitaltour” • So in the category of the facility the first one is the special services for the international patients because to have fine price of the IVF process as compared to their national makes us different from others and the baby birth certificate, FRRO exit, and the baby passport are the some facility that we are providing to the international patient and some of the IVF program are organized on the international platform are the USP o connect to the interested patients.

  11. IVF doctors:

  12. IVF doctors: We are presenting the best fertility doctor through the world because they try to deliver the best in services and all of them had already delivered successful 1000 cases and have brilliant services with including the familiarity with the latest technology and the modern equipment and all the procedure f the IVF with the alternative as well.

  13. IVF Results

  14. IVF Results • Good success rate with the ethical practice and the medical interiority are the main factors by which most of the patients has successful IVF procedure and many from them are planning to have second child through the procedure of IVF with us basically it is the best option to have multiples pregnancy. During the process of IVF our doctor and fertility experts always play an important role because we care for you

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