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Best treatment for spine surgery in India PowerPoint Presentation
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Best treatment for spine surgery in India

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Best treatment for spine surgery in India
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Best treatment for spine surgery in India

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  1. What is Spine Surgery? The back pain is the common problem in nowadays. Most of the time the patient try to resolve the issues of the pain through exercise and medicine but after a time all these nuances got fail so for the good and healthy lifestyle the spine surgery is designed. Spine Surgery is basically designed to stop a motion at a painful vertebral segment which should decrease the pain generated from the joint.

  2. Types of Spine Surgery in India There are two kinds of spine surgery one is Spondylolysisand another is the Spondylolisthesis. Spondylolysis: When the lower back pain has a stress fracture in one or more than it in the vertebra and that makes the spinal column. Even the bad effect of it has on the fourth and the fifth lumbar vertebra so we call it Spondylolysis.

  3. Types of Spine Surgery in India Spondylisthesis: when the vertebra is not able to maintain the position of the spine and shifted out of the placed so we call it Spondylisthesis.

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  7. Spine surgery in India

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