why most retailers today prefer magento n.
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Why Most Retailers Today Prefer Magento Development? PowerPoint Presentation
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Why Most Retailers Today Prefer Magento Development?

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Why Most Retailers Today Prefer Magento Development? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Released in 2008, today Magento is considered as the best open-source platform preferred by the most retailers and eCommerce development companies today.

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why most retailers today prefer magento


Do you know some of the most popular brands such as Coca-Cola, Warby Parker, Ford, Fox Connect, Olympus, Vizio, Rebecca Minkoff, and many more have something in common? Yes, all these websites are powered by the most reliable eCommerce platform known as Magento. Released in 2008, today Magento is consideredasthebestopen-sourceplatformpreferredbythemostretailers and eCommerce development companiestoday.

Magento provides almost everything that an online store would need to display products, process transactions, offer customer support and manage the backend with ease. However, it’s not a drag-&-drop e-commerce platform; it demands an excellent level of coding skills to develop the site in the first place. So, you may needtohireaMagentodevelopmentcompany tobuildafullyfunctionalwebsite. Later,youcanmanageitwithouthavingtohire anydeveloper.


eCommerce industry? Let’s findout:

Specially Designed foreCommerce

Unlike WordPress and other popular CMSs, Magento was designed to be only used as an eCommerce platform. Apart from being an ecommerce-friendly platform,Magento isalso designedtoassurethatitis easytomanageandwork with.Itcomeswith someofthemost advancedfeaturessuchas:

user dashboards multiple payments inventory

User dashboards

  • Multiplepayments
  • Inventorymanagement
  • CustomerSegmentation
  • Advancedshipping
  • Newsletters
  • Allows bundling ofproducts
  • Built-in cross-sells and upsellscapabilities
  • Freedom to Choose HostingService
  • UnlikeShopifyorVolusion,Magentoallowsyoutochoosethehostingserviceyou like.It alsoprovidesyouwiththeflexibilityofswitchinghostingserviceifyouface any issues with your existing one. This way you could pick the best hosting solution provider that meet your budget and specific requirements. Additionally, when it is time to migrate your website, there are no constraints on when and where you could host your onlinestore.
  • Default ResponsiveDesign
  • The share of smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices in globalecommerce market is rapidly evolving, and soon it will surpass desktop. Realizing the importance of mobile-friendly websites, Magento comes with HTML5 capabilities assuring that your store has a responsive design works flawlessly on mobile devices.
  • Read full article here: https://uberant.com/article/384344-why-most-retailers- today-prefer-magento-development/
  • Magento also comes with advanced analytical and tracking tool which can be customizedtomeetyourspecific needs.Itofferseverythingthatwillhelpyouput together a fully-functional eCommerce website. However, you may need to hire Magentodevelopertoturnyourbusinessdreamintoreality.