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Settings Management

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Settings Management. User State Virtualization for Microsoft® System Center. ** Flexible pricing for EPG size Enterprise License Agreement opportunities ** AppSense Management Suite (includes all the below)- $119/user AppSense Environment Manager - $73/user

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Settings Management

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    1. Settings Management User State Virtualization for Microsoft® System Center

    2. **Flexible pricing for EPG size Enterprise License Agreement opportunities** AppSense Management Suite (includes all the below)- $119/user AppSense Environment Manager - $73/user AppSense Application Manager - $44/user AppSense Performance Manager - $44/user Concurrent (for RDS/XenApp) and SPLA also available AppSense User State Virtualization Personalization, Self Service Rollback, User Rights Management, User Installed Applications, Performance and Data Management, Extends Microsoft System Center to decouple the user layer from any native PC or virtual desktop, capturing user-specific ‘digital personality’ into a centralized management framework, and delivering personalization with IT-defined policies on-demand to any point in an organization’s desktop and application delivery infrastructure. Current integration with System Center Configuration Manager, Operations Manager. Integration with System Center 2012 planned. Whitepaper at: Website: Global sales contact: Michael Kleef Microsoft Solution Guide Portal: Y Y Y Y No Charge Silver & Gold tiers Silver & Gold tiers Custom WW 24/7/365 WW 24/7/365 WW 24/7/365 24/7/365 Settings Management - ISV Partner Alliance Value

    3. Settings Management AppSense UV Overview and Architecture AppSense and App-V AppSense and License Control User Virtualization with System Center There are several components of User Virtualization some comprised of a either a two tier or highly scalable, three-tier architecture: Tier 1: Client Computer / Desktop The client computer contains the AppSense User Virtualization Agents. The agents monitor and control any changes that the user makes to their Windows operating system and managed applications. The agents and configuration can be deployed by System Center Configuration Manager or AppSense Management Server. Tier 2: AppSense server services AppSense provides several backend services which includes AppSense Environment Manager, AppSense Application Manager and AppSense Performance Manager. Also provided is a Management Server to deploy agents and configuration policy if the the customer is not using System Center. Environment Manager contains a personalization server role which acts as a broker between the client interaction, providing a secure channel to read and write the personalization data. Further scale can be achieved through network load balancing technologies allowing parallel services or multiple replicated databases. Optional Tier 3: SQL Server Database The Microsoft SQL Server database stores user personalization settings on a per application basis. Settings are pushed down when the Personalization Server requests the latest settings on behalf of a client computer. Any changes made on the client computer are synchronized back in real time to any app type. Self Service rollback to any point in time can be achieved

    4. AppSense Environment Manager Installation Guide AppSense Application Manager Installation Guide AppSense Performance Manager Installation Guide AppSense Environment Manager Administration Guide Settings Management AppSense recommends consulting the Installation Guides for any size deployment for each suite product. Each of the resources requires a logon to Logons can be requested for Microsoft staff via the Global Alliance Manager by emailing: • Process: • Assess • What is the desktop environment? • Who uses which application? • Migration planning • All user-focused • Analyze • Application interrogation • Where is user information applicable to manage? • In what environments? • Deploy • System Center is vital • Deliver operating system • Deliver applications • Manage the endpoint • AppSense: Personalize the user • Value: • Customers receive consistent experience across any Windows platform, irrespective of version • Using AppSense helps to accelerate Desktop Virtualization and Windows XP migration • Only AppSense can move settings from native to virtual application packages in real time without logoff

    5. Customer: Nationwide Children’s Hospital Title: Nationwide Children’s Hospital chose AppSense Summary: Nationwide had previously implemented Windows Roaming Profile, but it did not meet user requirements and required more support than it was able to provide and so was removed. Situation: Needed user virtualization solution for Windows 7 and VDI desktop deployment to support migration from Windows XP Benefit: Migration to Windows 7 and App-V. Personalized Windows 7 virtual desktops, Increased security controls, Dramatically reduced logon time. Customer Quote: “AppSense provided us with a pain free migration to virtual desktops, additionally it future-proofs our design. We selected AppSense because it was a comprehensive product that featured everything we needed” Jake Muszynski Systems Engineer, Information Services at Nationwide Children’s Hospital For More Information: Settings Management Customer: QBE Insurance Title: Leading insurance provider selects AppSense for their desktop virtualization deployment to support offshore developers Summary: Increased manageability of the desktop, decreased user logon times and supporting offshore workers. Migration to Windows 7. Situation: Offshoring solutions driving demand for Desktop Virtualization. Needed to migrate towards Windows 7 Benefit: Improved logon times, seamless migration between desktops regardless of delivery mechanism or Windows OS platform or version , Increased end user satisfaction with user personalization Customer Quote: “Our users are unable to make a distinction between when they are using a virtual or physical desktop which is tremendously valuable to us... AppSense Environment Manager allows us to give our users the desktop they are comfortable with while ensuring that IT can maintain control over the desktop and easily manage it” Ben Euers, Infrastructure architect at QBE For More Information: