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  2. DNA VS. RNA SAME Backbone: sugar and phosphate group attached to a nitrogen base A nucleotide too! What is a nucleotide the monomer of? They share: Adenine, Guanine, Cytosine

  3. DNA VS. RNA DIFFERENT • RNA is single stranded • Instead of of thymine, they have Uracil (U) • RNA stands for ribonucleic acid • RNA is in the cell’s cytoplasm

  4. With a partner… DNA RNA • Name • Structure (bases and backbone) • How many strands • Where is it found?

  5. DO NOW What nitrogen base does RNA have that DNA does not have? If this strand of DNA is: ATGCC, what would be the complementary RNA strand? RNA is __________-stranded

  6. AGENDA Do Now (5 minutes) DNA Structure and Replication W/S (20-25 minutes) DNA vs RNA (10 minutes) Independent Practice RNA vs DNA (10 minutes) Comprehension Check (5-10 minutes) Transcription Notes Retake Test 4? Progress Report Questions?


  8. DNA OR RNA Has two strands of sugar.

  9. DNA OR RNA Stores the “genetic code”

  10. DNA OR RNA Has uracil as a base.

  11. DNA OR RNA Found in the nucleus.

  12. DNA OR RNA Is made up of sugar, phosphates, and bases.

  13. DNA OR RNA Has one strand of sugar.

  14. DNA OR RNA Is located in the cytoplasm or at the ribosome.

  15. DNA OR RNA Has deoxyribose sugar.

  16. DNA OR RNA Is made up of nucleotides.

  17. DNA OR RNA In this molecule A pairs with T.

  18. DNA OR RNA Has ribose sugar.

  19. DNA OR RNA In this molecule C binds with and G.


  21. Do Now

  22. Vocabulary Unit 5 Transcription Codon Anticodon Translation Amino Acid Protein

  23. Vocabulary Unit 5

  24. PROTEIN SYNTHESIS Transcription

  25. What is a chromosome? • What is a gene?

  26. WHY WE REVIEW Meet our big goal!

  27. PROTEIN SYNTHESIS Transcription

  28. PROTEIN SYNTHESIS Transcription


  30. PROTEIN SYNTHESIS Transcription


  32. PROTEIN SYNTHESIS Guided Practice -- Transcription DNA: TCA GCT AAT TCG mRNA: DNA: AAG GCT ACG TCA mRNA:

  33. 4 Steps to Remember Transcription • 1. Enzyme breaks H bonds and runs along DNA • Matching mRNA nucleotides added • Sugar-phosphate mRNA backbone made • Hydrogen bonds reform in DNA • mRNA moves out of nucleus

  34. Now answer the Q… Transcription

  35. PROTEIN SYNTHESIS In your notes… Make sure I check off before you leave!

  36. Transcription Complete this Independent Practice

  37. Homework Due Tomorrow!

  38. Kids who are done

  39. Happy Halloween! Do Now • Why do wetranscribe DNA to mRNA? • What does the m in mRNA stand for? • List the 5 steps for DNA transcription

  40. What is life? • This is one of the biggest questions in biology, which we all know is the study of life. • So, can some of the monsters we see on Halloween, for example, ghosts, vampires, werewolves, and zombies actually exist?

  41. Werewolves! This shift is supposed to happen during a full moon.

  42. Hypertrichosis A real disorder that promotes excessive hair growth.

  43. Vampires! Creatures known as vampires have been described in legends for thousands of years. All share one common attribute: they live off of drinking the blood of other creatures.

  44. Vampires! We know that this kind of subsistence is possible. In Mexico and South America, there are true vampire bats, Desmodus rotundus, that live off the blood of other animals.

  45. Renfield’s Syndrome • A psychological disorder where people crave blood. Overwhelming compulsion to drink blood because of the belief that blood empowers them. • Porphyria—skin that can’t take sunlight, turns purple

  46. PROTEIN SYNTHESIS A codon – 3 nucleotides in a row in mRNA molecule ACG UAA GUA Codon!

  47. Alien DNA Extraction Lab Learning transcription and translation without notes! Rest of the period to complete this lab Raise hands for any questions