everyone needs a bear n.
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Everyone needs a bear! PowerPoint Presentation
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Everyone needs a bear!

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Everyone needs a bear! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Everyone needs a bear!
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Presentation Transcript

  1. Everyone needs a bear! By Sahar Rashed

  2. Under the bed, in the playroom, under the chairs… Nope Not here

  3. I searched Far and Near, Here and There, Far Near Here There

  4. I searched everywhere for my bear.

  5. But alas, my bear was lost.

  6. Yes. LOST!

  7. My cute, cuddly teddy bear, my dearest companion, my best friend, was lost.

  8. I found my bracelet, but not my teddy bear.

  9. I found my harmonica, but not my teddy bear.

  10. My Mommy said, “Its ok, big girls don’t need teddy bears”.

  11. My Daddy said “Don’t cry, teddy bears are only for babies”.

  12. But, but that’s not true. Everyone needs a bear.

  13. I just know it.

  14. Big or small, plush & soft, brown or black, a cute and cuddly teddy bear is what everyone needs.

  15. I walked with hope to my friend Claire’s house. I knew she would agree with me about my need of my dear lost bear.

  16. But when I got there, I was surprised to hear her praise her new Barbie doll to heights of glory in comparison to any stuffed toys.

  17. But, but that’s not true. Everyone needs a bear.

  18. I just know it.

  19. I didn’t even mention thesad story of my lost teddy bear and walked out.

  20. No one was searching for my bear, no one was agreeing with me about how important it was for me, I felt lost, not just my bear.

  21. I decided I could walk to my grandma’s house, she always knew how to cheer me up. The thought made me happy. I skipped and ran and went to grandma’s house.

  22. To my grandma, I was like a teddy bear by itself. =

  23. She hugged me and kissed me when she saw me. I was in high spirits already. I almost forgot I lost my teddy bear.

  24. Then I told her the story of my lost bear. She told me that if I answer her one question she would give me a surprise.

  25. I thought curiously, a surprise? That sounded exciting!

  26. She asked” Why does everyone need a bear?”

  27. I knew the answer to this question.

  28. This was what I was trying to tell everybody but no one had heard me earlier. I recited out the answer with enthusiasm,

  29. “Teddy bears are good for warm hugs when you are feeling blue! When you are lonely and need a hug your bear will comfort you.

  30. Your bear is your best friend, and always there for you. It’s good for play time, dress up and picnics too!

  31. You can hug it, squeeze it or make it do tricks. TA-DAH!

  32. Love it and take care of it like a brother or sister. It’s family too!

  33. Remember that your teddy bear loves you too! That is why everyone needs a bear.”

  34. She smiled and said,” oh, how true. Everyone needs a teddy bear, you are my teddy bear and I have found yours”

  35. She pulled out her surprise from behind her back. There was my cute, cuddly teddy bear, my dearest companion, my best friend!

  36. I will always love my bear, just like my grandma will always love me, forever and ever, and ever…….

  37. THE END!