The health promotion model
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The Health Promotion Model. Created by Dr. Nola Pender, PhD, RN, FAAN

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The health promotion model
The Health Promotion Model

Created by Dr. Nola Pender, PhD, RN, FAAN

The Primary Focus of the Model is to maintain conditions of healthy interaction between self and the environment. Health professionals intervene only after people develop acute or chronic disease and experience compromised lives. The health promotion model “Puts Prevention into Practice.”

Hpm assumptions
HPM Assumptions

  • Persons seek to create conditions of living through which they can express their unique human health potential.

  • Persons have the capacity for reflective self-awareness, including assessment of their own competencies.

  • Persons value growth in directions viewed as positive & attempt to achieve a personally acceptable balance between change & stability.

  • Individuals seek to actively regulate their own behavior.

Research in this model
Research in this model

  • Exercise adherence in adolescents & young adults

  • Computer-based physical activity counseling intervention for adolescent girls

  • Purpose-to promote increased physical activity among sedentary girls between 10 & 14 yrs of age by use of a computer-base program

Hpm application to nursing
HPM Application to Nursing

  • Public Health & Occupational Health Nurses devote their time to organizing various programs to educate the public & Health Care Employees.

  • Health screenings (blood pressure monitoring, blood glucose testing, tuberculin skin test), immunizations (flu vaccine, MMR, hepatitis series, etc.), & counseling are used as preventative care in nursing.

Application to nursing cont d
Application to nursing Cont’d

  • Health promotion advocates- multidisciplinary group advocating for increased emphasis and funding for health promotion.

  • A nationwide campaign designated to promote health to the vast majority of the public is the healthy people initiative 2020.

Healthy people 2020
Healthy People 2020

  • The healthy people initiative uses statistical data to form indicators and then measures progress in promoting health.

  • Healthy People 2020 presents objectives to improve the health of Americans by the year 2020.

  • Some indications selected: Physical activity, overweight & obesity, tobacco use,

Healthy people 2020 cont d
Healthy People 2020 Cont’d

  • Substance abuse, responsible sexual behavior. Mental health, injury and violence, environmental quality, immunization, access to health care, etc.

  • Objectives are national, not solely federal

  • Achievement of these objectives is dependent in part on the ability of health agencies at all levels of the gov’t & non governmental organizations to assess objective progress.

Application to my practice
Application to My Practice

  • In the acute care setting, health education is important to make live style changes.

  • Pts. Can benefit from diabetes education, making the right food choices and exercising to prevent obesity and heart disease. Smoking cessation programs can prevent pts. from cancer, stroke or other deadly diseases.





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