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To describe how Big Wig has vanished: PowerPoint Presentation
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To describe how Big Wig has vanished:

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To describe how Big Wig has vanished: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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To describe how Big Wig has vanished:. Like fleas on a dog Like ice in the sun Like smoke in the wind like ants in a crack Like a snake down a hole . SIMILE EXPERT GAME . THE HUNT FOR THE MISSING MR TAN On 29 MARCH BETWEEN 9.45AM AND 10AM

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We pretended that our English teacher, Mr Tan, was missing

from class. He vanished like ice in the sun after teaching us

similes. We were very worried and decided to look for him. We

had to look out for him and spy what he was doing between

9.45 and 10am. However, we must not call or alert him. We

needed to inform the Form Teacher with evidence that he had

disappeared from class without a reasonbecause we care and

are concerned for him.


We decided to divide our tasks so that some of us could

  • have our recess break first while others tried to hunt
  • for him and later switched our roles. We wrote down
  • whatever observations we made in our investigations
  • using our notebook so that we could compare notes with
  • each other and put up a class writing for Mdm Ng.
  • First, we snooped around the school canteen. We
  • spotted him at the round table holding two books.

Then he got up and walked in the direction of the staircase.

As quiet as a mouse, we followed him up to the second

level. He stopped by at the water cooler at 9.52am and

thirsty like a camel in the desert, stooped to drink some

water. Then he walked towards the library as sure-

footed as a goat.


After depositing the two books into the drop-box, he

headed for the staff room. However, he met a lady at

the entrance and paused to exchange some words with

her at 9.56am. We could not hear what they were

talking about because their voice was soft like a whisper

but we could see Mr Tan’s face was beaming like sunlight

after the brief conversation.

We had so much fun that we wanted to play the game again.