Summer opportunities for high school students
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Summer Opportunities for High School Students. Broaden your horizons Immerse yourself in a different culture Learn more about a particular subject Internship/job opportunities Learn what it’s like to attend college Learn another language Take a college class Add to your resume.

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Reasons to participate in a summer program

Broaden your horizons

Immerse yourself in a different culture

Learn more about a particular subject

Internship/job opportunities

Learn what it’s like to attend college

Learn another language

Take a college class

Add to your resume

Reasons to Participate in a Summer Program

Types of summer programs
Types of Summer Programs

  • Academic/College Credit

  • Workshop

    • Can be for credit or non-credit

    • Many different types according to your interests

  • Internship

  • Study Abroad

    • Many are for academic credit, language immersion, or community service

What kind of experience are y ou looking for
What Kind of Experience Are You Looking For?

  • Size

  • Location

  • Distance from home

  • Interest/ Specialty

  • Cost

    • Many programs offer financial aid either in whole or in part!

NYU, New York City

Claremont McKenna College, Claremont, CA


  • Getting adjusted to campus

  • Awareness of resources available on a college campus

    • Writing center

    • Science and math tutoring

    • Career center

  • Meeting new friends from areas and walks of life

Academic pre college

  • Allows you to “try on college before you buy it”

    • Can take 1-2 college courses for credit

    • Students can get the feel of college courses and can request transcripts of their grades to use for college admissions

      • Proves that you have had previous success handling college-level academic work

      • Demonstrates motivation and ambition



  • Can be a great way to gain valuable career experience

  • Resume booster

  • Research possible career field you’re interested in


Internship programs can help you prepare for a career you may be interested in.

Some programs can even match your interests and find an internship for you to test drive a career!

Travel abroad
Travel Abroad

  • Explore a new country

  • Learn a new language

  • Embark on new and exciting challenges

    • Some programs are single or multi-country

    • Can have multiple or single focuses


  • Geared towards service missions and community involvement

    • Education

    • Community Development

    • Environmental

    • Public Health

    • Wildlife Care

Liberal arts





Graphic Design

Liberal Arts

Creative writing and reading
Creative writing and reading

Summer Investigative Reporting Workshop for High School Students, Boston University


  • There are several opportunities close to home, for students who want to experience college life but do not want to be far from home (or even leave home)

  • These opportunities provide students with several different avenues, from academic college courses and workshops

Science engineering

  • Programs geared towards technology, research, and science-based workshops and classes

    • Robotics

    • Mechanical Engineering

    • Computer coding/hacking

    • Many more!

Science and engineering
Science and engineering

  • New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, Sorocco, New Mexico

    • Group research project to determine the orbit of an asteroid, and participants study college-level astronomy, physics, calculus and programming. Students also attend guest lectures and go on field trips

  • Boston University, Research in the Biological Sciences

    • Learn about molecular, microbiological and cell biological techniques being used in modern laboratories through a project-based curriculum, learning basic practical lab techniques and applying them to independent group projects that are presented at the end of the course

    • Several students each year are also invited back the following year to work with a University of Chicago research scientist

Affordable summer opportunities
Affordable summer opportunities

You don’t have to spend a lot to get your money’s worth!

Many summer opportunities offer financial aid, but some offer scholarships that cover tuition, housing, and meals

Few offer a stipend for attending

Other opportunities
Other opportunities

Model United Nations, Mercy College, Dobbs Ferry, NY

Jewish Discovery Summer Program, Brandeis University, Waltham, Mass.

US Military Academy Summer Program, West Point Academy, West Point, NY

Other opportunities1
Other opportunities

The Flying Fish Extreme Sports Summer Program

Gap year summer programs

  • What is a gap year???

    • A gap year is a break typically taken between high school and college that might include travel, work, study, volunteering, or research

    • Can provide a break in routine and the perspective a student may need to refocus and succeed in college and beyond

    • Students can spend time becoming proficient in a foreign language

    • Opportunity to experience another culture, build confidence, and grow before he or she enters the next stage of his or her life

  • If you are having trouble deciding if college is right for you, which college to go to, or have an interest in seeing what life has to offer, then a gap year may be for you!

Gap Year summer programs

Sample gap year programs

  • CIEE Gap Year abroad

  • Thinking Beyond Borders

  • ISA

  • Interim Programs

  • Teen Life

  • Why Students Take a Gap Year

At a glance sample summer programs
At a glance: Sample Summer Programs

Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, NY

  • Small, selective , Liberal Arts college in upstate New York

  • 5 week intensive program

  • Courses in liberal and studio arts

  • College credit and non-credit workshops

  • Fantastic weekend trips

  • Thriving campus with literary, visual, and performance arts events through the summer

  • Historic location

  • Picturesque Adirondack setting

At a glance sample summer programs1
At A Glance: Sample summer programs

  • One of the nation’s oldest and most prestigious universities

  • Academic and cultural immersion

  • 6 week, intensive program that offers a semester’s course work

  • Special lectures by expert professors in their fields

  • Cultural day trips

  • Internship placement at 30 different companies and organizations

  • 120 courses delivered in English

  • Meet 1400 students from 30 countries

At a glance sample summer programs2
At A Glance: Sample summer programs

  • Prepares motivated high school students for successful careers in the thriving industries of business, finance, and the global market

  • 3 week, intensive, pre-college prep

  • Briefing for application to American universities and colleges

  • Focused learning in the field of business in a global context

  • Interactive field trips in the world’s most noted business centers

  • Students will have networking opportunities with industry insiders and likeminded high school students from across the world

What you can gain from attending a summer program

  • Students who participate in a summer program before attending college:

    • Better understand what is expected of them while in college

    • Gain a better understanding of self by living away from home and adapting to new environments

    • Develop better note-taking skills, study skills, and organizational habits

    • Better understand the collegiate academic structure

What You Can Gain From Attending a Summer Program

How to find out about summer programs

  • Internet attending college:





  • Word of Mouth

    • Friends/Peers

    • Former students

    • Testimonials

  • Counselors/Teachers/Coaches

How to Find Out About Summer Programs

When do i apply

  • Usually mid-late spring (March through mid-April) attending college:

    • Some have deadlines as early as January or February, so start researching now to get ahead

  • Each program has a different due date, some have separate dates

    • Early decision

    • Regular admission

    • Apply earlier to be considered for financial aid and for more competitive schools/programs

When Do I Apply?

Do colleges even care if i attend a summer program

  • “Admission counselors love to hear about the activities you’ve found engaging over the summer, but there aren’t any particular activities we look for on applications. We realize that a variety of options are available to each of you—what we love hear about is how you’ve learned from the experiences you’ve had and how you’ve grown, both as a student and as a person.”

    • Vice President of Enrollment and Dean of Admissions, University of Chicago

Do colleges even care if I attend a summer program??

In conclusion

You are your own best judge of what type of college/career experience you want to have

Do research on what programs interest you!!

Talk to your guidance counselor, teachers, parents, other students, etc. to find out more information about summer programs!!

Visit colleges you’re interested in and find out if they offer a summer program!!

Brochures are available in the Career Center and online!!

In conclusion…