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Organizing & Training Your Volunteer Recruitment Team

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Organizing & Training Your Volunteer Recruitment Team - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Organizing & Training Your Volunteer Recruitment Team. Ami Neiberger, APR UF/IFAS 4-H Youth Development Office. What is the role of a Volunteer Recruitment Team?. GOAL: TO SUPPORT THE VOLUNTEER CAMPAIGN

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organizing training your volunteer recruitment team

Organizing & Training Your Volunteer Recruitment Team

Ami Neiberger, APRUF/IFAS 4-H Youth Development Office

what is the role of a volunteer recruitment team
What is the role of a Volunteer Recruitment Team?
  • Responsibilities:-follow up with media about using 4-H PSAs-assist with other needs to support the campaign-distribute fliers, stand with display at community festival, etc.-2-4 hours per week commitment.
who should be on a volunteer recruitment team
Who should be on a volunteer recruitment team?
  • Youth & Adults
  • People who don’t hate the media.
  • People who have time to help.
  • People who can follow through on a task.
  • People who are helpful and don’t make more work for you.
training your volunteer recruitment team getting ready
Training Your Volunteer Recruitment Team – Getting Ready
  • How are you going to get this team fired up and motivated
resources needed for first meeting
Agenda for the Meeting

-Call to Order

-Discuss Volunteer Campaign’s Importance and Goal for County

-Review County Action Plan

-Role-play media approach, poster ask, display table hangout.

-Assign tasks and agree on next meeting date.

Resource Materials Needed

-County Action Plan

- Media List for your county (draft)

- Role-Playing Activity

Resources Needed for First Meeting
four step pr process
Four-Step PR Process
  • Research
  • Planning
  • Communicating
  • Evaluating
the pr wheel and us
Research-Focus Group in 2000-Larry Reese & FDACS

Planning-state plan for campaign-today’s meeting-volunteer recruitment team meeting

Communicating-stuff we do to make the campaign work

Evaluation-media reporting-ES-237 reports-self-evaluation of success of County Action Plan

The PR Wheel and Us
county action plan what is it
County Action Plan - What is it?
  • A one-two page fill-in-the-blank PR plan.
  • Adaptable to your county 4-H program’s needs and resources.
  • Use to coordinate volunteer recruitment team.
  • Use to evaluate county volunteer recruitment team’s success.
county action plan outline
County Action Plan - Outline
  • Objective - one
  • Strategies - 3 or 4 at the most
  • Tactics - needed to reach the strategies
  • Evaluation
county action plan objective
County Action Plan - Objective
  • To be successful objectives must be measureable.
  • Objective: To recruit ______ number of volunteers by ______ date to enroll as 4-H volunteers in ____________ county.
county action plan strategies
County Action Plan - Strategies
  • Strategy: ways we are going to reach the objective.
  • Recommend 3 or 4 strategies at the maximum.
  • Sample Strategies to Reach Objective-Use the media to get the volunteer PSAs running in our area.-Profile current 4-H volunteers in local media. -Get the campaign visible in the community and at community events.
county action plan tactics
County Action Plan - Tactics
  • Tactics are the actual list of stuff “to-do” that you check off.
  • Help you implement your strategy and gauge progress.
sample tactics
profile 3 4-H volunteers in the weekly newspaper in the next 6 months

call 3 television stations and ask to run the PSA

coordinate overlapping media follow-up with appropriate counties.

Put up posters at 12 local businesses.

youth and adult team members send thank you notes to media running the PSAs once a month.

get media list from state office and supplement with own list.

Meet with newspaper editor about donating an ad for campaign.

Sample Tactics
evaluation for each strategy
Evaluation for Each Strategy
  • Organized for each strategy
  • This can be easier if you used numbers when you wrote your tactics
  • Use state media reports, ES-237 numbers, have 4-H media-spotters.
  • Sample: For strategy 1, we were able to get the PSA running on 3 local TV stations 6 times per month per station for 3 months and our newspaper ran an ad once. We had a volunteer profile story run on TV.
timeline for county action plan
Timeline for County Action Plan
  • List of dates for implementing your tactics.
  • List when the volunteer recruitment team will meet for the fall.
  • You may also jot these dates down next to each tactic.
  • Add National Dates of InterestNational 4-H Week, Oct. 7-13, 2001USA Weekend Make a Difference Day, Oct. 27, 2001, Natl Child Health Day Oct. 1
know your media sections
Know Your Media - Sections
  • Where does 4-H fit in this media outlet?-community section-local news section-advertising-newspaper, radio, TV, billboard -TV news stories-radio news stories
know your media people
Know Your Media - People
  • Call the right person for the right job.-call the community section editor for that volunteer profile you wrote and want to submit.-know who is the PSA director for TV and radio stations. Usually different from the news desk.-For a TV news story-assignment editor for news stories
your media contact list keep at office
Ask someone on your team to do this if you don’t have time.

Get the following info: type of medianews contactPSA contactphone, fax, mailing address, email, deadlines, special initiatives

Sources for Info:-state media guide-phone book-your TV set-note what stations are coming in through cable service.-your community-people you know-call them-PSA seminars for community groups

Your Media Contact List - Keep at Office
dealing with the media
Newspaper-for an ad call the advertising dept, not a news reporter.

Best time to call television or newspaper-morning.

Never call a TV station or a newspaper in late afternoon.

Respect their deadlines.

Don’t be a pest.

Build relationships.

Realize that they are people trying to do their jobs. They are human beings.

Thank them for coverage and for their time.

No gifts.

Dealing With the Media
why should the media run our public service advertising

Because we are trying to identify and recruit capable caring adults who want to make a difference in the lives of kids.

Because our PSAs are professional, beautiful, to the point, and in the formats they need.

Because we follow their PSA policies and are not an inconvenience or a pest.

Because we thank them for running it.


Because they are required to.

Because they never do positive coverage of kids.

Because we are nice people who deserve it.

Because we have no money to pay for it.

Because they do it for somebody else.

Why Should the Media Run Our Public Service Advertising
why should the media write news about us
Because it is timely, interesting for their viewers/readers.

Because they got a press release from us inviting them to an event that spelled out what a great story it was with visual and photo options and a clear contact number

Because it links to other things the station or paper is doing. E.g. the Children First campaign with ABC.

Because we involve hundreds of young people in their community and make a difference every day in the lives of kids.

Why Should the Media write news about us?
things to keep in mind when asking
Things to Keep in Mind When Asking
  • Is this the best time to call this person?
  • Am I organized?
  • What am I asking this person to do?
  • How will this thing I am asking for get me to the objective?
  • Are there other things this person could do to help with the volunteer recruitment campaign?
role playing exercises
Role-Playing Exercises
  • How to approach a PSA director and ask them to run the PSA.
  • How to approach the grocery store manager and ask them to place posters up about the campaign.
  • How to manage a community display table exercise.