Alternative energy sources
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Alternative Energy Sources. Fossil Fuel Usage By Hanna Pd 2. What’s the Problem?. The Problem is that the world needs more efficient alternatives for energy than fossil fuels because it is a hazard to our environment.

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Alternative energy sources

Alternative Energy Sources

Fossil Fuel Usage

By Hanna

Pd 2

What s the problem
What’s the Problem?

The Problem is that the world needs more efficient alternatives for energy than fossil fuels because it is a hazard to our environment.

Fossil fuel burning is a big issue
Fossil Fuel Burning is a Big Issue

Alternative energy sources is an issue all over the world. In the United States, certain cities use more fossil fuels than others. Los Angeles and New York City are two examples.

Did You Know?

-According to MSNBC, most of the counties on the “Top Ten Most Polluted Counties” list are in California.

The smog is so bad in Los Angeles, you can barely see the city!

This picture was taken in 2005. Then, China was the most polluted country in the world.

1940 s

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

Fossil fuel usage really takes off!

Because of the second World War, the government decided to use fossil fuel as a primary source of energy! It is being used to run homes, cars, and almost everything else.

Effects of fossil fuel emissions
Effects of Fossil Fuel Emissions

Fossil Fuel feeds Air Pollution, which creates acid rain. The results are drastic to forests.

Global Warming is affected by Fossil Fuel because harmful gases are released into the air.

Here is some good news
Here is some good news…


The use of wind power has sharply increased since 1990. By 2030, the US government wants 20% of energy to be wind energy.

Why is alternative energy use improving
WHY Is Alternative energy use improving?

More and more people are using alternative energy to fuel their lifestyles.

Why alternative energy
Why Alternative Energy?








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