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Shops and shopping

Shops and shopping. 1.Do you often go shopping? 2. What do you like to buy? 3.Who works at the shop? 4.What do you like to buy? 5.What would you say if you did shopping in Britain and went to a supermarket to buy some food? 6. Do you like to buy presents?. Game “Word-Chain”.

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Shops and shopping

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  1. Shops and shopping

  2. 1.Do you often go shopping?2. What do you like to buy?3.Who works at the shop?4.What do you like to buy?5.What would you say if you did shopping in Britain and went to a supermarket to buy some food?6. Do you like to buy presents?

  3. Game “Word-Chain” • To revise the words introduced at the previous lesson lets play the game. • Take turns to say the words corresponding to the suggested topic: every other word should begin with the last letter of the previous word.

  4. e.g.shop-price-expensive-egg-grocery, etc.

  5. Pronunciation drill

  6. In order to improve your pronunciation and to be able to speak with proper intonation when shopping abroad lets learn a new chant.

  7. “Store” is an American variant of the “shop”

  8. Match the pictures to the food items in the list.

  9. There are some other ways of keeping and selling food in Great Britain and in the USA.

  10. I'd like to add that if you're going to buy chocolate, you'll ask for a bar of chocolate.

  11. If you want to buy eggs,ask for a dozen of eggs.

  12. If you want to buy grapes,ask for a bunch of grapes.

  13. Match up the two lists of things you may want to buy:

  14. To feel well and confident at a British or American shop buying food you should be acquainted with units of weight measurement.

  15. Knowledge of the Monetary System is just as important.

  16. Imagine that you're doing shopping in Great Britain.You’ve got 10 pounds.You want to buy:

  17. Word-building

  18. Make at least one new word with each base word using a suffix.

  19. Usually, tinned,various, manager,holding, cashier,customer, buyer,cheaper, expensive,assistant, grocery.

  20. Do this exercise in pairs.Imagine that you two have met in the supermarket to prepare Christmas dinner. You are walking around looking for necessary food products and asking each other about how much/many you're going to buy.

  21. -How much/many…do you want?-How much/many…do you need?-Are you going to buy…?-How much?-How much/many…would you like to buy?

  22. Game “Scrambled dialogue”.There is one dialogue hidden in the five sentences below.Construct a dialogue.

  23. Use the following phrases for your talk with the shop-assistant.

  24. Read and translate the phrases which can be heard in a shop or at the department store.

  25. Find the mistakes.The group gives their arguments to prove that it's better to do shopping.

  26. Write suitable questions for the following answers.

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