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Office for Domestic Preparedness

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Office for Domestic Preparedness. Frank Disimino, Preparedness Officer State & Local Government Coordination & Preparedness (SLGCP) National Disaster Medical System Conference April 30 - MAY 4, 2005. ODP Mission.

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office for domestic preparedness

Office for Domestic Preparedness

Frank Disimino, Preparedness Officer

State & Local Government Coordination & Preparedness (SLGCP)

National Disaster Medical System Conference

April 30 - MAY 4, 2005


ODP Mission

Effective March 1, 2003, the Homeland Security Act of 2002 transferred the Office for Domestic Preparedness (ODP) to the Border and Transportation Security Directorate within the Department of Homeland Security, and assigns ODP with:

“The primary responsibility within the executive branch of Government to build and sustain the preparedness of the United States to reduce vulnerabilities, prevent, respond to and recover from acts of terrorism,”

Prior to transfer to DHS, ODP was part of Department of Justice


ODP’s Expanded Responsibilities

The Homeland Security Act assigns eight expanded responsibilities to ODP:

  • Incorporate the national strategy into planning guidance.
  • Support risk analysis and risk management activities.
  • Direct and supervise federal terrorism preparedness grant programs.
  • Coordinate preparedness efforts.
  • Provide training for federal, state and local agencies and international entities.
  • Coordinate and consolidate communications relating to homeland security.
  • Cooperate closely with FEMA.
  • Consolidate terrorism related elements of FEMA’s Office of National Preparedness.
odp merger with oslgc
On January 26, 2004, Secretary Ridge provided written notification to Congress of his intent to merge the Office for Domestic Preparedness (ODP) and the Office of State and Local Government Coordination (SLGC) to form a new Office of State and Local Government Coordination and Preparedness (SLGCP)

As part of this merger, selected grant functions previously under EP&R and TSA were to be transferred to SLGCP

Merger was effective March 26, 2004

ODP merger with OSLGC



Deputy Secretary

Executive Secretary

Commandant of Coast Guard

Legislative Affairs

Inspector General

Public Affairs

Citizenship & Immigration Service Ombudsman

Director, Bureau of Citizenship & Immigration Services

General Counsel

State & Local Gov’t Coordination and Preparedness

Civil Rights and

Civil Liberties

Special Assistant to the Secretary

(Private Sector)

Director of the Secret Service

Privacy Officer

Chief of Staff

National Capital Region Coordination

International Affairs

Small & Disadvantaged Business

Shared Services

Counter Narcotics

Under Secretary Information Analysis and Infrastructure Protection

Under Secretary Border & Transportation Security

Under Secretary Emergency Preparedness and Response

Under Secretary for Management

Under Secretary for Science and Technology

state administrative agencies saa
State Administrative Agencies (SAA)
  • Each state / territory has a governor-appointed contact that is responsible for managing all ODP programs
  • The SAA should be the main point of contact as they are the initial recipient of all grant awards
  • Kansas - Col. William Seck
  • Capt. Mark Bruce Kansas Highway Patrol
state homeland security strategy
A homeland security preparedness planning tool

Develops baseline for capabilities and needs

Formulates comprehensive strategies

Assists states and federal government with targeting resources and refining existing programs

Grant Funds are tied to the Strategy

Program Components


State Homeland Security Strategy

Homeland Security Assistance Plan (HSAP)

Grant funding in support of process

Over $9 B from FY99 to FY 04

State Homeland Security Strategy
state homeland security strategy1
State Homeland Security Strategy

A strategy for the state's homeland security needs based on risk and threat assessment data

Each strategy includes specific homeland security goals and objectives addressing topics such as:

  • Prevention
  • Response
  • Recovery

Strategy submission and approval is required for a state to receive grant funding in FY 04 & FY 05

FY 04 and beyond: Spending plans/local allocations must be consistent with strategies

odp programs
ODP provides equipment grants, training, exercises, technical assistance, and other resources to State and local emergency responders.

ODP has sponsored over 700 combating terrorism exercises to date including the Top Officials (TOPOFF) exercise series.

Since 1998, ODP has trained over 725,000 emergency responders.

ODP has made available over $9 billion in grants for equipment acquisitions, training, exercises and planning.

ODP Programs
odp fy 2005 appropriations
ODP FY 2005 Appropriations

FY 05 Total: $3,984,846,000

Formula Grants to states and territories: $1.1 B

Law Enforcement Terrorism Prevention: $400 M

Urban Areas Security Initiative: $1.2 B

- UASI Formula ($885M)

- Port Security ($150M)

- Non Profit grants ($25)

- Transit/Rail ($150M)

- Inner City Bus ($10M)

- Trucking ($5M)

Citizen Corps: $15 M

Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program: $715M

Emergency Management Performance Grants: $180M

Metropolitan Medical Response System: $30M

fy 2005 award to florida
FY 2005 award to Florida

State HS Program - $44,728,450

Urban Area Program - $30,885,716

Law Enforcement Terrorism Prevention - $16,264,891

Citizen Corps - $567,828

Emergency Mgt. Performance Grant - $7,244,714

Metro Medical Response System-$1,593,144

TOTAL Homeland Security Program- $101,284,742

flow of grant funding
Governor appoints an SAA as SPOC with ODP

State/Local allocation: 20/80 %

SAA decides mechanism for local distribution

Priority/strategy based

Funds must flow through local unit of government

States may divide funds equally among jurisdictions

States may use a competitive subgrant process

Local subgrantee selects vendors/contractors

Flow of Grant Funding
grant cycle
Appropriations are annual due by September (fiscal year)

Congress decides funding amounts, formulas, discretionary grants, category of recipient to be funded, time-frames, grant period

Grant period: varies 2-3 years for current solicitations

Grant periods overlap


Sept-Oct: appropriations announced

ODP: 2 weeks to put solicitations together

Grantees: approx. 2 weeks to apply

ODP: 2 weeks to act on the application

Grant package processed for approval & award

Grantee has 60 days to develop/submit a work/spending plan (ISIP)

Grant Cycle
odp equipment programs
ODP Equipment Programs

States may purchase first responder equipment in the following categories:

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Detection Equipment

Decontamination Equipment

Interoperable Communications Equipment

Terrorism Incident Prevention Equipment

Explosive Device Mitigation and Remediation Equipment

Physical Security Enhancement Equipment

Medical Supplies/Pharmaceuticals

CBRNE Logistical Support Equipment

CBRNE Incident Response Vehicles / Aircraft / Watercraft

CBRNE Search & Rescue Equipment

CBRNE Reference Materials

Agricultural Terrorism Prevention, Response & Mitigation

Cyber Security

Intervention Equipment

Citizen Corps specific equipment

odp equipment programs1
ODP Equipment Programs
  • Responder Knowledge Base

  • Installation costs
  • Warranties
  • Construction
  • Aircraft/Watercraft
odp planning
ODP Planning
  • Establishment and development of mutual aid agreements
  • Development or enhancement of response and recovery plans
  • Coordination of citizen and family preparedness plans and programs, including donations programs and volunteer initiatives
  • Development or enhancement of continuity of operations and continuity of government plans
odp planning categories
ODP Planning Categories
  • Conducting cyber risk and vulnerability assessments
  • Contractors may be hired to accomplish planning tasks
  • Lessons Learned Information Sharing

odp training program
National Domestic Preparedness Consortium (NDPC)

Center for Domestic Preparedness (CDP)

New Mexico Institute for Mining and Technology (NMIMT)

Louisiana State University (LSU)

Texas A&M

U.S. Department of Energy’s Nevada Test Site

State Sponsored training

Existing Federal partner training

Courses developed locally (requires approval)

Contractors may be hired to develop or provide training

ODP Training Program
odp training program1

Categories of courses:



Non-ODP approved, non-federal (institutionalized)

Non-ODP approved, non-federal (non-institutionalized)


ODP Training Program
odp exercise program
ODP Exercise Program
  • ODP provides assistance in design, development, conduct and evaluation of combating terrorism exercises, and delivers:
  • Exercises must follow HSEEP Doctrine
    • Exercise grant funding and direct support to States to establish exercise programs and conduct exercises.
    • Contractors may be hired to assist with the design & Conduct of Exercises & HSEEP Training
    • A National Exercise Program, including:
      • Top Officials (TOPOFF) Exercise Series.
      • Regional Exercise Program.
      • National Security Special Event Exercise Program.
odp exercise program1
ODP Exercise Program
  • ODP has supported conduct of over 700 combating terrorism exercises to date.
  • New in FY05 – Direct Support application
      • Designing scenarios
      • Assistance with AARs
      • Exercise Condust
      • IED scenario
      • NIMS
odp technical assistance programs
ODP Technical Assistance Programs
  • ODP-sponsored technical assistance programs include:
    • Equipment Support (DPETAP)
    • Enhancing Grants Management
    • Interoperable Communications
    • Emergency Ops Plans/Terrorism Annexes
    • Citizen Corps
    • Terrorism Early Warning Groups
    • COOP/COG
    • Prevention
    • UASI Port & Mass Transit
grant reporting
Grant Reporting
  • Grants Reporting Tool (GRT)
  • Project-based reporting
  • Data calls from Capitol Hill
  • Standard Reporting Format
  • Replaces Budget Detail Worksheets

July 31st

March 14th

Mid April

Early June

Early December

GRT open for FY05 ISIP


FY05 ISIP deadline

GRT open for

2005 BSIR June submissions

2005 BSIR June submissions deadline

GRT open for 2005 December


Grants Reporting Tool (GRT)2005 Schedule

new in fiscal year 2005
New in Fiscal Year 2005
  • Grant application combines six programs:
  • State Formula Program
  • Law Enforcement Terrorism Prevention Program
  • Citizen Corps
  • Urban Areas Security Initiative
  • Emergency Management Performance Grants
  • Metropolitan Medical Response System
  • All are administered through the states and territories
new in fiscal year 20051
New in Fiscal Year 2005
  • Transportation Infrastructure Security Division
  • Buffer Zone Protection Program
  • National Initiatives
new in fiscal year 20052
New in Fiscal Year 2005
  • Closer coordination with HRSA and CDC
  • Grant kit notes: “..if they have not already done so, states shall establish during FY 2005 a single advisory committee of senior officials overseeing assistance programs from ODP, CDC, HRSA, and other federal agencies providing homeland security assistance. The purpose of this advisory committee is to enhance the integration of disciplines involved in homeland security, including public health and medical initiatives”
national incident management system

National Incident Management System

“…a consistent nationwide approach for federal, state, tribal, and local governments to work effectively and efficiently together to prepare for, prevent, respond to, and recover from domestic incidents, regardless of cause, size, or complexity.”


national response plan

National Response Plan

The National Response Plan is built on the template of the National Incident Management System. It provides the structure and mechanisms for coordinating federal support to state, local and tribal incident managers …

And for exercising direct federal authorities and responsibilities.


Relationship: NIMS and NRP

  • NIMS
  • Aligns command, control, organization structure, terminology, communication protocols and resources/resource-typing
  • Used for all events



  • NRP
  • Integrates and applies federal resources, knowledge, and abilities before, during and after incidents
  • Activated for Incidents of National Significance


letter to the governors 9 8 2004
Letter to the Governors – 9/8/2004
  • Minimum 2005 NIMS requirements
  • Training
    • ICS
    • IS-700, IS-800
  • Adoption of NIMS
  • Establish NIMS baseline (NIMCAST)
  • Establish Timeframe
  • Institutionalize ICS
more about nims
More about NIMS
  • Exercises
  • Regionalization
  • Mutual Aid
  • Resource Typing
  • EOPs
  • Credentialing
  • ODP Help Line (800) 368-6498