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SmartVFD HVAC, BYPASS, NXL, NXS Introduction PowerPoint Presentation
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SmartVFD HVAC, BYPASS, NXL, NXS Introduction

SmartVFD HVAC, BYPASS, NXL, NXS Introduction

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SmartVFD HVAC, BYPASS, NXL, NXS Introduction

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  1. SmartVFD HVAC, BYPASS, NXL, NXS Introduction

  2. Honeywell SmartVFD – Today and tomorrow SmartVFD HVAC 480 VAC – 1.5-250HP 230VAC – 1–125HP 575VAC - 1-150HP Graphic Interface Std fieldbus protocals SmartVFD BYPASS SmartVFD HVAC Disconnect 2-Contactor 3-Contactor Auto-Bypass & HOA SmartVFD COMPACT 480 VAC .5-7.5HP 208/230VAC, 1~in, .25-3HP 208/230VAC, 3~in .25-3HP 115VAC, 1~in .15-1.5HP 575Vac, 1HP-7.5HP NEMA1 Kit Modbus Std

  3. SmartVFD HVAC Intuitive Interface Easy Commissioning Standard Communication Reliable Protection Effective Operation/Monitoring The SmartVFD for Smart Buildings

  4. Intuitive Interface High resolution Intuitive commissioning Manual in keypad Help screens Real time clock Local/Remote Button Memory in keypad Intuitive, Effective, Consistant SMART

  5. Easy Communications Standard RS485 BACnet N2 Modbus Ethernet Modbus/TCP BACnet/IP Option Cards LonWorks Profibus CANopen DeviceNet Ethernet Built-in Communications

  6. Built-In Protection DC Choke Built in resistors for upfront protection Varnished boards RFI filter standard Built in Fan NEMA12 extra fan Harmonic, RFI, Environmental Protection

  7. SMART Software Start-up Wizard – Pump/Fan Power loss ride through Fire mode Pump and Fan Cascade Ramp Time Optimizer Maintenance Counters Pump Soft Fill 2 PID Controllers The SmartVFD for Smart Buildings

  8. SmartVFD BYPASS Low total installed cost Compact size Easy component access NEMA 1, 12, 3R All configurations Disconnect 2-contactor 3-contactor 3-contactor with AutoBypass, HOA

  9. Features

  10. Bypass Options

  11. Smart VFD HVAC Mechanical Construction MR4 Panel Main DC Fan IP54 Fan Rectifying , brake and IGBT Heatsink DC Choke Control assembly Power Board IP21 or 54 Plates and sealing DC Capacitor GND Plates

  12. Smart VFD HVAC Cabling • Sealing • No throughput clamps needed in IP21 • No throughput clamps needed in IP54 • EMC • 360 % grounding with easy clamps inside the drive (consertrig) • Input cables • MCMK no shield needed • Motor cables • Max lenght • MR4 100m • MR5 and MR6 150m • MR7 200m • C2 MCCMK and C3/IT MCMK • Grounding • 2 PE wires needs to be connected to ground to fulfill EN61800-5-1. • Fuses and cable sizes MR4-9 • Chapter 4.1.1.X in installation manual

  13. Smart VFD HVAC Fieldbus RS-485 RS485 2 Wires always included in Vacon 100 HVAC: BACnet N2 Modbus RS485 4 Wires Keypad PC Tools RS-485 4W RS-485 2W

  14. Smart VFD HVAC Fieldbus Ethernet Ethernet module is integrated to the main processor Supported General Protocols TCP/IP (basic protocol) DHCP, AUTOIP, IPConfig FTP (Future Option) HTTP, simple web browser interface (Future option) Supported Industrial Protocols Modbus/TCP BacNet IP Vacon HMI protocol (for PC tool usage) Ethernet/IP and Profinet (Future option) Cable max lenght 100m (to switch) Ethernet

  15. Smart VFD HVAC Control Board ARM9 Processor (200MHz) Flash Memory 32Mb RAM Memory 128Mb